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I don't know what the thieves do with old stones unless they are statues, but the gates were stolen from a cemetery that we maintain.  The local deputy said they they would probably end up in an architectural antique supplier's establishment.  That was five years ago, they were not found in this area so we suppose that someone in another part of the country has a nice set of wrought iron gates.  When we purchased new ones the iron artist designed the letters for the name of our cemetery into the gates.  Hopefully no one with need gates that say Bethany Cemetery.

Cemetery vandalism and theft is quite frequent in our area.
 George and Sherry IN GOD WE TRUST

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The other problem is theft.  In Green Township in Shelby County, Ohio, there are two cemeteries in the town of Plattsville.  The active cemetery is well kept, but the pioneer cemetery is in disrepair.  The irony of both situations is that, while the pioneer cemetery has become the victim of tombstone theft, the active cemetery just recently had the iron fence stolen. 

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I also live in Ohio.  Townships are responsible for cemeteries.  What
happens to the records and other responsibililties concerning the
cemeteries, when the township is disolved, i.e. becomes part of a city?
This happend in Madison Twp (Montgomery County) when it "became" part of
Trotwood, Ohio.  Is this situation covered by the law?
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> FYI:
> I Live in Ohio and was once involved in Township Government. One of the
> responsibilities (by law) of the Twp. trustees was to maintain cemeteries,
> both  open and closed, and or their records. Even if the cemeteries are on
> private property or not, a Twp. trustee is appointed a "sexton" to
> maintain
> these cemeteries and their records.
> 3 Years ago, I located my ancestors' cemetery near Marietta, Ohio. The
> "church" and cemetery (1806-1980)were still there, in disrepair, and I was
> able to locate the Sexton, and he did in fact have the cemetery records.
> The
> property had been sold to a private citizen, but the TWP. trustees still
> maintained the property.
> I did some research and discovered that it is possible to start a
> foundation to preserve these cemeteries. I believe there was some
> government
> funding available for this. Regrettably I have never followed through with
> this.
> Perhaps when I can retire, this will become a passion for me.
> Usually the local Historical Society can be very supportive.
> I know that often, the responsibility of the Sexton is forgotten, and/or
> not enforced. They are lax in their duties. But if you get after them,
> most
> are  able to dig up these records.
> Sarah


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