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Subject: Re: [BRE] Cemetery care
Date: Mon, 15 Jun 2009 07:45:03 EDT

I am NOT an attorney, but I speak from past experiences. If the township
trustees, municipalities and/or county commissioners ignored your requests
you did have recourse. They are bound by law to maintain and care for
cemeteries, old and new; used and closed. _
( (home page) or more specifically
_ ( which states the "oath" they
take to accept funds and perpetually maintain cemeteries.
You could have filed a petition with the Probate court to enforce the law.
I believe that there is even a form you can download for this filing.
Don't get too frustrated and give up. The law is the law. These officials
should be held accountable.
I think that's the problem with a lot today. No one is accountable. From
the President on down to the lowest criminial.....

Anyway, if you want to email me off list I could explain more..... this
gets too lengthy

+pray fro peace

In a message dated 6/14/2009 8:55:33 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,

Although it may be law there is no guarantee that the Township trustee's
office will be of much help. When my wife and I visited the Murray-Welbaum
cemetery in Madison Township Montgomery County Ohio. We found that the
tombstones where laying on the ground and broken. Apparently years ago the
owners had the cemetery bulldozed so it would be more attractive for sale. We
and Gary Welbaum wrote numerous letters to Township and County offices asking
for assistance to attempt a restoration to no avail. I even offered to buy
the acreage of the cemetery. Even the fact that two Revolutionary Soldiers
are buried there did not seem to motivate any action. If any one has
suggestions about our frustration please let us know.

Ron Pancner


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