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> Thank you Merle. Each year I write a book for my family about one line.

Do I remember that you are of the Philip Jacob Miller line?

I think I have a location for his burial. He died in Campbell Co KY.
(Aug 1799). I found that the Twelve Mile Baptist Church might have
originally been a Baptist Brethren Church (several of their founding
members were children of the Brethren Minister, George Tarvin - who had
come to Maysville KY about 1795). Twelve Mile Creek is east (and
slightly south) of Alexandria KY and flows east into the Ohio River.
There was an early cemetery on the island that was in the mouth of the
creek there. The whole island was washed away in an Ohio River Flood.
I do suspect that Philip Jacob lived in that area, and was buried in the
island cemetery. I could locate no other burial for him.

His children came across the river to the Obannon Church. Sons: David
and Daniel lived about 2 miles almost due south of Goshen OH. David had
200 Acres, with Daniel having 110 Acres adjacent. This was easy to
located on William Lytel's Plat Map of the Virginia Bounty Lands Survey
(1802, as). It is at the North East corner of Goshen Road and Woodville
Pike. The old log Obannon Church Building (c1823) was at the Stoddard
Cemetery, about a mile east of the south edge of Goshen - so these
families were in the immediate Church area (my Gabriel Karns was a
deacon, and lived about a mile on east of the Millers, on Manila Pike -
the old Indian Road). They were forced to move north (1805, Dayton
area, Montgomery Co OH) being forced off the Bounty Lands. Daniel was
put into the ministry at the Obannon Church.

.Philip Jacob bought 2 tracts of land from William Lytle - 2000 acres,
at $1.10/acre (so they did have money - "a dollar was a days wage" - if
you had money). It was north of Goshen, and straddled the
Clermont/Warren County Line, reaching from Modoc to Cozadale. This land
was divided among the 10 surviving children (dau Sarah Nephong had died
in Campbell Co Kentucky about the same time as Philip Jacob). This
would have been near the north edge of the Obannon Church area.

Abraham (son, wife Catharine Maugans)) lived just west of Loveland,
possibly in the Little Miami River lands, or possibly a couple miles on
west on Duck Creek (Custer and Kessler families lived there). Several
of Philip Jacobs daughters remained on the 2000 Acre lands, just north
in Warren Co: Esther (wife of Gabriel Maugan); Christena (wife of Henry
Snell); Mary (wife of John Cramer); and Hannah (wife of Arnold Snider,
2/m Samuel Shepley).

Besides Daniel (wife Elizabeth Ulrich) and David (wife Magdalina
Maugans), Elizabeth (wife of Jacob Sheets; Susannah (wife of Daniel
Ulrich) and Magdalenia (wife of Daniel Cripe) moved to Montgomery Co.
Susannah and Magdalena families then moved on from Montgomery Co OH to
Elkhart Co IN about 1830 (the Daniel Cripe farm is the site of Goshen
College, Goshen IN).

I was born up there, my Rummel family lived SW of Goshen, near
Nappanee. While my dad moved away when I was little, I have been back
many times to visit, and know that area fairly well.


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