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From: "Dale Landon" <>
Subject: [BRE] Plunks Doubt
Date: Wed, 14 Apr 2010 07:21:37 -0400

Frederick County Circuit Court

Land Survey, Subdivision, and Condominium Plats

MSA S1590: (Patents, FR, Tract Index)

Index by Reference

Patent Record BC and GS 1, p. 148 1754 Resurvey On Plunks Doubt, Acres
1550, Certificate 0 0 MSA S 1590-6906

From: KATHY <>

Subject: History of Brumbaugh Family # 4

Date: Thu, 19 Jan 2006 08:02:46 -0800 (PST)

Page 155 Saml. Ulry and [C3] Mary2 received œ500, paid by [C7] Henry2--they
assign to [C7] Henry2. [C6] David2 Brumbaugh and [C8] George2 Brumbaugh of
Washington Co., Md., receipt for œ1200 by [C7] Henry2 Brumbaugh.a Lodwick
Camerer of Westmoreland Co., Pa., deeds to David2 Brumbaugh [C6] of
Washington Co., Md., 17 Nov., 1805, for œ500, 122 1/s a, "Beech Spring" and
part of Resurvey "Plunks Doubt" part of "Garden of Eden."b Jacob2 Brumbaugh
[C2] and wife Catharine of Washington Co., Md., deed to Thos. Sprigg, 15
March, 1806, for $800, 3 parts of "Resurvey on Clelland's Contrivance"
patented to Jacob1 Brumbaugh [C1] the elder deceased, beginning at "Sprigg's
Paradise," 13 1/2 a, also "Tegerden's Delight," 9 1/4 a.c Jacob2 Brumbaugh
[C2] and Catharine his wife deed to Henry2 Brumbaugh [C7] all of Washington
Co., Md., 23 Oct., 1806, for $1,000. Resurvey on "Clelland's Contrivance"
beginning at "Garden of Eden" also Resurvey on "Long Meadow Enlarged."d Nov.
13, 1!


Daniel Schnebly was appointed Administrator of [C2] Jacob2 Brumbaugh and in
1817 made distribution of his personal estate amongst his widow and children
as given below:e Children (5) of [C2] Jacob2 Brumbaugh:

[C 9] + Joseph3, b Nov. 16, 1783; m Elizabeth Angle.

[C10] + John3; m Elizabeth Cokenour.

[C11] + Jacob3.

[C12] + Margaret3; m David Angle.

[C13] + David3; m Susanna Emrich.

Henry Schnebly and Elizabeth his wife of Washington Co., Md., on 28

Jan., 1791, for £28 deeds to John Brumbaugh [C4] of Franklin Co., Pa., 8 a,

situate in Franklin Co., Pa., and 13 a in Washington Co., Md.— a Resurvey

on Plunks Doubt, 106 a, showing a lack of 13 a. (Book G, p. 308, Hagers-

town, Md.)

John 2 Brumbaugh [C4] and Mary Elisabeth, wife, of Franklin Co., Pa.,

13 April, 1801, deed to Jacob Speigler of same for $2,665.65 Resurvey on

Plunks Doubt granted by patent Lord Baltimore to Henry Schnobly then in

Frederick Co., Md., and now in Franklin Co., Pa., and partly in Washington

Co., Md., 1814 a, exclusive of allowances.

Witnesses: Johannes Brumbach [Seal]

Wm Lee Mary Elizabeth X Brumbach [Seal]

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