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There's no evidence Henry Sellers attended church in Illinois, either Brethren, Primitive Baptist, or anything else before he died in 1848.

When I started genealogy in the 1950s, there were elderly people living who remembered first person accounts of the 1840s/1850s from previous senior members of their family. Jake Bost, patriarch of Bost family of Montgomery County, said Henry Sellers spoke only German, and that was my first inkling of the Sellers' true background.

Jake Bost said when Henry Sellers died, he had told his wife Barbara that he should be buried on a high bank looking down at Hurricane Creek. There's no idea where that high bank might have been, or if it washed away in a downpour over the years.

I failed to mention in my earlier email that I believe there was a Grisso among the Ohmart group from Ohio that moved into Montgomery County, IL in 1843.

Frank S.
Falls Church, VA

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The list of Montgomery County, Illinois, land purchases sheds light on a
umber of unanswered questions I have had about the children of Christian
hmart (1768-1835) of Ohio. It now appears that five of the Ohmart
hildren's families bought land in Montgomery County, Illinois, at the same
ime (following the deaths of the parents back in Ohio). You mention Henry
ellers and wife Barbara Ohmart. But, thanks to you, we now know that the
hmart families group also included Joseph Sherman and wife Hannah Ohmart,
amuel Ohmart, Sarah Ohmart, and Mary (Polly) Ohmart. The latter three
hmarts were the three youngest children, and the two daughters (seemingly
nmarried at the time) have been mystery children (included in undocumented
ists but otherwise unknown). If you add Jacob Moomaw and wife Elizabeth
hmart, there might have been as many as six Ohmart-sibling families in that
rea in the early 1840s.
As for the Hurricane Creek church, I suspect that there was a non-Ohmart
roup from Indiana as well as the Ohmart group from Ohio, and that they did
ot live all that close together. Church buildings were not built until
ecades after the organization of the congregation, and the ministers would
ravel around to where the members lived, meeting in people's homes, etc. I
ouldn't worry about where the meetinghouse was finally built. It was
ypical of the early Illinois congregations to have the membership scattered
ver two or more counties. Another Ohmart sibling (Christian Jr.) lived up
n neighboring Macoupin County, and his Otter Creek membership was spread
ver parts of five counties.
The Ohmart group certainly didn't hang around Montgomery County for very
ong. They moved back east to Indiana and Ohio or to other parts of
llinois. Your Sellers/Ohmart family was an exception. As you mention, the
idow Barbara moved to Indiana with one of her sons (definitely Brethren),
ut the rest remained in Montgomery County, Illinois, for some time. I
onder if the Sellers children were conflicted between the Brethren and the
rimitive Baptist religions. Was old Henry Sellers a Primitive Baptist
efore he died, as well as his sons who stayed behind?
P.S. I descend from sibling, Anna Ohmart, who married John Frantz in Clark
ounty, Ohio, in 1821. They were Brethren and never left Ohio.

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ou are right that I hook into some of these people. Henry and Barbara
hmart Sellers are my great-great-grandparents.

have visited at the Hurricane Creek Brethren Church, and I have the 1950
istory of Hurricane Creek Church. You are right. "Skimpy" about covers
t. But I think I have taken a step toward rewriting what is recorded in
he 1950 history.

hile I think my family connects to the Hurricane Creek church, the
nteresting thing is the year it was formed coincides with the year Henry
oved from Clark County OH to land at the southern edge of Montgomery
ounty IL with his wife Barbara Ohmart and their sons. Others in the group
raveled from Ohio were named Ohmart, Frantz, and Sherman. Since Barbara
hmart and the others came from a long line of Brethren leaders, I think
hey would have moved to where they could associate with others of the
rethren Church in either a new congregation or an existing one.

small correction is needed in the 1950 history, and the earlier one also
f the same words were used. The 1950 Brethren history says "In the early
840s a number of Brethren families moved from Indiana and settled about
ive miles south of Mulberry Grove, near Hurricane Creek." I think the
bout Indiana is mistaken, and it should say Ohio or at least add the words
"...and Ohio." I'm still looking for the Indiana connection.

lso, the part about settling "...five miles south of Mulberry Grove.."
oesn't fit with facts. I have the printed land patents confirming purchases
of land by Henry Sellers, Mary Ohmart, Sarah Ohmart, and Samuel Ohmart (3
urchases or three people named Samuel?) in sections 10, 11, 13, 14, and 23
on the same day of March 3, 1843. All that land was in Montgomery County,
ot in Bond County 5 miles south of Mulberry Grove.

o I'm thinking they were part of the creation of the new church with Jacob
Moomaw, a sister's husband, as one of the organizers. Since Jacob Moomaw
as credited with leading the organization of the new Hurricane Creek
hurch in association with Joseph Rench, I must have found the church they
oined. I just wish the names of the first members were written down

ot many years later, the name Sellers(ars) shows up in 3 or 4 Primitive
aptist congregations in Montgomery County. By that time, the Moomaw
as well established in Montgomery County. I don't know if Jacob Moomaw
emained Brethren. Evidently Sellers(ars) didn't.


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