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Subject: Re: [BRE] Hardshell Baptists (was Re: Brethren,Gentry County Missouri)
Date: Sat, 26 Mar 2011 16:00:54 -0500
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That is very interesting as we are descended from Elder John Wise of the
Brethren church. He was married to a definitely Brethren Grable and had a
Garber ancestor. Elder John Wise was one of three brothers who were
Brethren ministers. So I think the term may be more generic than indicated
in that. I do know that when my great grandmother died she was a member of
the Nazarene Church. I do not believe there was a Brethren church in that
little town of Caney, KS in the 1940's.

I always thought as a girl, and knowing my grandmother, that he meant hard
nosed, narrow minded! Maybe he did, kids do pick up on things. Who knows
what my grandchildren might think of me, although I don't think it is that.

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From: Ginni Morgan
Sent: Saturday, March 26, 2011 3:25 PM
Subject: [BRE] Hardshell Baptists (was Re: Brethren, Gentry County Missouri)

A very quick Google search seems to indicate that the term hardshell Baptist
refers to the Primitive Baptists. I'm sure others will have more
information on the connections between the Brethren and the Primitive

Catholic Encyclopedia: Baptists: Minor Baptist Bodies

"(6) The Primitive Baptists, also called Old-School, Anti-Mission, and
Hard-Shell, Baptists constitute a sect which is opposed to missions, Sunday
schools, and in general to human religious institutions. They arose about
1835 (126,000 communicants)."

Essay on Essential Baptist Principles™ (2002)
Editor : Elder Claude Mckee 1497 Bailee Way S. W. Jacksonville, Alabama

"Since the early 1800’s the only group of Baptists in America which have
held to the doctrines and practices of the Apostles have been called
Primitive Baptists. This came about because of the great departure from the
truth by many Baptists in the early 1800’s. Those that opposed the
departures were labeled hardshell or Primitive Baptists"

>From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Primitive Baptists are a group of Baptists that grew out of the missionary
/ anti-missionary controversy that divided Baptists of America in the early
part of the 19th century, with Primitive Baptists following the
anti-missionary position.[1] Those currently denominated Primitive Baptists
consist of descendants of churches and ministers that opposed the Baptist
Board of Foreign Missions (organized in 1814).[citation needed] Primitive
Baptist churches are characterized by "intense conservatism".[2] Since
arising in the 19th Century, the influence of Primitive Baptists has waned
as "Missionary Baptists became the mainstream".[1] Primitive Baptist
churches are found in their greatest numbers in the southeastern United

Ginni Morgan

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>From: Dan Flyger <>
>Sent: Mar 26, 2011 8:15 AM
>Subject: [BRE] Brethren, Gentry County Missouri
>Does anyone know anything about the Long Branch Church and cemetery located
>SW of Darlington, MO?
>When was it organized? What became of it?
>The names in the cemetery of definately Brethren names: Hartman, Gish,
>Harris, Oyler, Funk, Snook . . .
>Our ancestors are buried there for a couple generations. We know that at
>least the Hartmans, Gishes and Harris families came from Roanoke, VA area.
>What became of this church? I visited with one old man in Albany, MO who
>was in his 70's and said he was raised in the Long Branch Church and that
>they were "hardshell Baptists"
>Our family left in the very early 1900's and went to SE Nebraska.
>Any information would be greatly appreciated,
>Dan Flyger
>Freeman, SD
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