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Subject: Re: [BRE] Love feast in a sod house in N. Dak. 1900
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Morning List,

The "Petrie" mentioned below is Stephen Stump Petry. After spending many,
many years in North Dakota, he would move to Washington where he spent the
remainder of his life.

>From research into several Brethren documents, some 30 in all, I would
surmise, taking into account various census enumerations, that Stephen
dropped out of the ministry sometime about 1923 or 1924. It was either
shortly before or after his removal from the ministry that he and his family
moved to Washington state. He may have for a time served a congregation in
Alberta, Canada.

Furthermore, and this is contrary to statements made in The Brethren
Encyclopedia (1983), he was not ordained in 1904 in the Palestine, Ohio
congregation. Whom ever created the article in the Brethren Encyclopedia
made a grievous error and did not check their sources.

Taking this one step further, it is my belief, after having looked thru my
library, that Stephen S. Petry was not elected to the ministry in 1884.
Why? I base this partly because he does not appear in the almanacs until
1898. This, taken into context with his not appearing in any of the Gospel
Messenger newspapers to 1889, signifies that he was not elected in 1884. He
does not appear as a correspondent, as a deacon or as a minister!

To quote, in 1888, "This congregation is in a prosperous condition... is in
the care of Eld. Jesse Stutzman, assisted by brethren Geo. Stump [S. S.
Petry's uncle], Moses Hollinger and David Hollinger, all in the second
degree, and a goodly number of deacons." I leave it up to the rocket
scientists to ascertain when S. S. Petry was elected, it was not in 1884. I
have changed it to when I believe he was elected.

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> Subject: [BRE] Love feast in a sod house in N. Dak. 1900
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> The Gospel Messenger Aug. 4, 1900 page 493 Vol. 38 No,. 31
> Love Feast in a Sod House.
> Bro. A. S. Culp closed a series of meetings last Friday night,
> preparatory to our love feast. We hope and trust there was much good seed
> sown for the cause of Christ.
> We met and had our Communion last Saturday, July 21. Brethren, we didn?t
> meet in the big stone basement under the large churchhouse which occupies
> a pleasant as well as a prominent situation on the sloping green hillside,
> overarched by the drooping branches of the large forest tress, but it was
> in Bro. John Leshe?s big sod house, one-half miles southwest of town,
> which hasn?t the stream of fresh, cool water going rippling by, as some of
> your eastern churches have, but is surrounded by nature?s far-outreaching
> sod. Bro. Henry Longanecker preached to a well-filled house in the
> afternoon, at which time five were received by letter.
> Brethren Longanecker and Petrie as minister have found a welcome
> location, as well as others who have or will come and unite with us in
> reaping the golden grain for the one who has truly said. ?The harvest is
> great, but the laborers are few.? Ocia C. Lanham. Bowbells, N. Dak.,
> July 24.

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