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Subject: BREWERs & Indian Heritage
Date: 23 Sep 2004 14:05:19 -0600

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Hi everyone! I am attempting to sort out the BREWERs listed on various Indian-related websites. If you recognize any of these people, and can add any data, would you please let me know?? Thanks! Gloria Brewer Jones

Index to the Applications Submitted for the Eastern Cherokee Roll of 1909 (Guion Miller Roll) : Department of the Interior. Office of Indian Affairs. Record Group 75: Records of the Bureau of Indian Affairs The index includes the names of all persons applying for compensation arising from the judgment of the United States Court of Claims on May 28, 1906, for the Eastern Cherokee tribe. While numerous individuals applied, not all the claims were allowed. The information included on the index is the application number, the name of the applicant, and the State or Territory in which the individual resided at the time the application was filed.
I.T. = Indian Territory Gdn. = Guardian
41225 Breuer, Mrs. Nellie MO
6278 BREWER, Carrie Ann MO
30170 BREWER, Carrie B I.T.
44164 BREWER, Carrie & Lottie TN
25417 BREWER, Charley GA
12679 BREWER, Cherokee R . I.T.
26718 BREWER, David B I.T.
12736 BREWER, Delilah I.T.
27362 BREWER, Dolly AR
8589 BREWER, Dora E. F. et al VA
20942 BREWER, Eliza C NC
685 BREWER, Eliza E I.T.
25417 BREWER, Elma GA
3256 BREWER, Emma C I.T.
26552 BREWER, Fanny A I.T.
12678 BREWER, George W I.T.
36500 BREWER, Hattie M & Jessie MO
26331 BREWER, Jack W I.T.
18353 BREWER, James G AR
8589 BREWER, John Gdn. VA
5933 BREWER, John W I.T.
_4300 BREWER, Lena S I.T.
36189 BREWER, Lewis D TN
12971 BREWER, Mack I.T.
35064 BREWER, Madison A TN
39598 BREWER, Malissa I.T.
28449 BREWER, Mary Etta Isabell SC
31226 BREWER, Modenie TN
8590 BREWER, Nancy M VA
36500 BREWER, Nannie Gdn. MO
10782 BREWER, Oliver P I.T.
35552 BREWER, Ross Meigs TN
27814 BREWER, Senny I.T.
24788 BREWER, Thirza I.T.
29008 BREWER, Thomas F I.T.
27363 BREWER, Vina AR
12677 BREWER, Walter P I.T.
28618 BREWER, William D I.T.
8590 BREWER, William G Gdn VA
5671 BREWER, William S I.T.
16438 Bruere, Lydia J I.T.

“Cherokees, Choctaw, Chickasaw and Creek 1896 Applications” Index of people who were NOT recognized by the Cherokee Tribe and subsequently made application to be considered for citizenship. ‘On the 54 rolls of this microfilm publication, M1650, are reproduced applications for enrollment of the Five Civilized Tribes under the act of 10 Jun 1896.”
Name Tribe Appl #
BREWER, Elmer Choc 2
BREWER, Emma Choc 2
BREWER, George E Cher 4378
BREWER, Hattie Cher 2718
BREWER, James Cher 52
BREWER, Mary A Cher 89
BREWER, Mary F Cher 4378
BREWER, Mary R Cher 271
BREWER, May Catherine Choc 2
BREWER, Melissa Cher 629
BREWER, Sandy Cher 50
BREWER, Susan Cher 2730
BREWER, Wesley (N? B?) Cher 4378
BREWER, William O Cher 4378

1880 Cherokee Census The census of 1880 was authorized by an act of the Cherokee National Council Senate Bill No. 33 on 1 Dec 1879. This is a transcription of the index for Sched One and includes all 9 districts. This index can be found through the LDS organization on microfilm #989204. National Archives also has a microfilm index for this census: Roll # 7RA07.
N cher = Native Cherokee A col = Adopted colored or Negro
Illinois Dist:
77 BREWER, Cherokee N cher 40 M
78 BREWER, Samuel N cher 22 M
79 BREWER, Mattie N cher 18 F
83 BREWER, Perry N cher 14 M
84 BREWER, George N cher 12 M
99 BREWER, Andrew A col 40
100 BREWER, Seenie A col 17
99 BREWER, Jack A col 13
100 BREWER, Nannie N cher 12
102 BREWER, M S N cher 36
BREWER, Nan N cher 10
103 BREWER, Thomas N cher 6
104 BREWER, Jack N cher 6 mo
105 BREWER, David Brown N cher48
106 Brady, LouN cher15
107 BREWER, Mary EN cher14
108 BREWER, Gano N cher 12
109 BREWER, MattieN cher10
110 BREWER, BelleN cher54
Canadian Dist:
58 BREWER, R MN cher2 moM
59 BREWER, R EN cher30F
142 BREWER, O PN cher50M
143 BREWER, D AN cher46F
144 BREWER, M VN cher22F
145 BREWER, J DN cher20M
146 BREWER, T H N cher 16 M
147 BREWER, Cherry N cher12F
148 BREWER, Oliver Perry N cher9M
149 BREWER, John C N cher 71M

“The Wallace Roll of Cherokee Freedmen in Indian Territory was created due to the citizenship of many ex-slaves (freedmen) being disputed by the Cherokee Tribe. To the freedmen, the ability to establish their status was important, not only for the sharing of the Cherokee lands, but also the payments and annuities the Cherokee Tribe was to receive in the future. “
Wallace Cherokee Last First Age Sex Residence
Clifton Remarks
932 17 Brewer Seenie 50 F Illinois 1038 Authenticated 921
933 18 Brewer Jack 27 M Illinois Said to be in jail in Leavenworth 922
946 42 Brewer Ezekiel 66 M Illinois 1658 Authenticated 935
947 43 Brewer Louisa 40 F Illinois 1659 Authenticated 936
948 44 Brewer Samuel 18 M Illinois 1660 Authenticated 937
949 45 Brewer Henry 16 M Illinois Authenticated 938
950 46 Brewer David 15 M Illinois Authenticated 939
951 47 Brewer Frances 11 F Illinois 1907 Authenticated 940
952 Brewer Catherine 7 F Illinois 1662 Authenticated 941
973 Brewer Rabb 26 M Illinois Authenticated 962
974 241 Brewer Sally 26 F Illinois 951 Formerly Lowery 963
1486 16a Brewer Andy 44 M Tahlequah 1039 Authenticated 1476
1487 16b Brewer Charlotte 35 F Tahlequah 1040 Formerly Harlin 1477
1488 7 Brewer Rabb 40 M Tahlequah 950 On Cherokee Roll Bob 1478
1489 8 Brewer Elsie 60 F Tahlequah Authenticated 1479
1528 45 Brewer Jackson 14 M Tahlequah 1676 Authenticated 1516
1529 43 Brewer Fannie 21 F Tahlequah Authenticated 1517
82 Brewer Samuel 69 M Illinois 4264 Admitted 2168
83 Brewer Alonzo 17 M Illinois Admitted 2169
84 Brewer Aurelia 15 F Illinois Admitted 2170
Wallace Cherokee Last First Age Sex Residence Clifton Remarks Office
85 Brewer George W. 11 M Illinois Admitted 2171
23 Brewer Fannie 10 F Cooweescoowee Child of #1416 See that she is not the same as #18390 3334

Kern Clifton Rolls In 1896-1897 the Kern-Clifton Roll was created to fill in the ommissions of the Wallace Roll
Roll Last First Relation Sex Age District

818 Brewer Sam M 24. Illinois
950 Brewer Rab or Bob M 46. Tahlequah
951 Brewer ,Sallie nee Looney F 22. Tahlequah
952 Brewer Zeke Son M 10. Tahlequah
953 Brewer Dennis Son M 8.0 Tahlequah
954 Brewer Clara Dau F 6.0 Tahlequah
1038 Brewer Soonie F 56. Illinois
1039 Brewer Andrew Husband M 50. Illinois
1040 Brewer Charlotte, nee Harlin F 5 0.0 Talequah
1041 Brewer Fannie Daughter of Andrew F 12. Talequah
1658 Brewer Ezekiel M 70. Illinois
1659 Brewer Louisa F 45. Illinois
1660 Brewer Sam Child 25. Illinois
1661 Brewer Francis Child 16. Illinois
1662 Brewer Catherine Child 15. Illinois
1663 Brewer Kemp Child 18. Illinois
1676 Brewer Jackson M 21. Tahlequah
1751 Brewer Sallie Child F 5.0 Illinois
4264 Brewer Sam Grown M 75. Cooweescoowee

1828 of the ‘Cherokee Phoenix’
p 3 - 20 Aug 1828 MARRIED - On Sunday 17th inst. by the Rev. John MITCHELL, Mr. JOHN BREWER to Miss ELIZABETH, d/o RICHARD TAYLOR of Chickamauga District.
(Publication New Echota, GA, Publisher Isaac H. Harris, Started Vol. 1, no. 1 (Feb. 21, 1828), Ceased with Vol. 1, no. 47 (Feb. 4, 1829), Frequency Weekly; Suspended July 16, 1828., Continued by Cherokee Phoenix, and Indians' Advocate, Printer John F. Wheeler, Jan. 14 - Feb 4, 1829, Editor Elias Boudinott, Feb. 21, 1828 - Feb. 4, 1829)

Biographies of the Cherokee Indians “One of the classic genealogy books for researching a Cherokee heritage has been Emmet Starrs "History of the Cherokee Indians."

Carden, William T: Barbara Hildebrand born in TN 13 Jan 1828. Married Robert Woodard from whom she was divorced and then married William Longknife. Both her husbands were Cherokees. William & Barbara Longknife who had been living on Honey Creek in Delaware District joined the California argonauts in 1850. The caravan in which they embarked consisted of about seventy five persons, one-third of whom were Cherokees, among whom were: O. H. P. and George W. Brewer, James S. Vann, Martin Matthew Scrimsher, John Hildebrand, John Wolf, John W. Candy, Buffalo, Richard R. Keys, Thomas Fox Taylor, Return Jonathan Meigs, Mr. and Mrs. Longknife. They started from the mouth of Verdigris, going northwest over the old California trail until they intercepted the Evans route which extended westward from Westport. They traveled six months before reaching their destination. R. J. Meigs who was a son-in-law of Chief John Ross died near Salt Lake, UT on 6 Aug 1850. Mary Jane, the eldest d/o Will!
iam and Barbara Longknife was born while enroute on 18 Sep 1850. She is now living in Honolulu. The second dau, Anna Diane Longknife was b in CA 23 Jun 1859. She was educated in and graduated from the Sacred Heart Convent in Honolulu, HI in 1875. Married in Honolulu 24 Jun 1884 John Joseph Carden. He died 15 Sep 1915. They were the parents of: William Thomas, b 3 Mar 1888; John Joseph, b 25 Feb 1890; Edward Walter, b 21 Oct 1892, and Mae Mary Anna Carden, b 19 Dec 1895. William Thomas Carden graduated from the University of California with the B. L. degree and from Harvard as a L. L. B., and is an attorney. 10 and 11 Brewer Bldg., Honolulu, Hawaii. He married 23 Mar 1916 Florence Gavin Cassidy; their dau, Florence Aline Carden was b 12 Mar 1917. John Joseph Carden graduated from the University of California with the B. S. degree and from John Hopkins University Medical Dept. He is a Captain in the Medical Corps of the U.S. Army and is stationed at Carlisle Barracks, PA. Edw!
ard Walter Carden graduated from the University of California. Married
10 Aug 1918 Hazel Hunt Vinton and their dau, Barbara Vinton Carden was b 28 Mar 1921. Mae Mary Anna Carden graduated with the A. B. degree from Vassar and is living with her mother in Honolulu. Barbara (Hildebrand) Longknife's mother was named Diane Graves instead of Susannah Graves, as is given in the Hildebrand family.

Downing, George B George Brewer, s/o David & Catherine (Faught) Downing, b May 8, 1858, educated in Going Snake District. Married February 30, [sic] 1877 Arabella Wagoner, born in 1860 in Washington Co, AR. They are the parents of: David Monroe, b 2 Dec 1877; Timmie Jane, b 28 Oct 1879; Catherine Mahala, James Lewis, Effie Ola, b 20 Sep 1893; William Alexander; and Jessie Downing, b 22 Aug 1902. George Brewer is a Mason. He was appointed Sheriff of Saline District 23 Sep 1897.

James McIntosh Keys, born near the mouth of Fourteen Mile Creek in Tahlequah District 25 Mar 1843. Educated In that District. He enlisted at the beginning of the war under his cousin Captain 0. H. P. Brewer and served four years in the Confederacy. Naturally kind, considerate and of much more than ordinary native ability. He married 16 Mar 1869 Nancy Jane Mayes, b 29 Apr 1850 near Baptist, Going Snake District. She was educated at Baptist Mission. He was elected Solicitor of Cooweescoowee District 4 Aug 1879 and 6 Aug 1883. Elected senator from the same District August 3, 1891. Elected a member of the town site commission in 1881 and Chief Justice of the Cherokee Nation in Nov 1885. On the inception of statehood he was elected Senator from the twenty-ninth District.
James McDaniel and Nancy Jane (Mayes) Keys were the parents of: Dennis Bushyhead, b 15 Jul 1878; Bluford Alberty, b 12 Feb 1882 and Elizabeth Covel Keys, b 12 Sep 1885 and she graduated from Female Seminary 3 Jun 1904.
Mrs. Nancy Jane Keys is the d/o George Washington and Charlotte (Bushy-head) Mayes.

McLaughlin, William C: —William Cecil McLaughlin, b 22 Sep 1893, educated at Grove Stilwell and Muskogee, graduating in a business course from the latter. Married at Vinita 28 Mar 1919, Lehia Leone, d/o Richard Fields & Martha Adair (Brewer) Benge, born on Lynch’s Prairie 16 Dec 1892. They are the parents of Cecil Benge McLaughlin, b 10 May 1921. Mr. McLaughlin is farming near Adair.

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