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Here is the article, in its entirerty. I hope it gives you what you need.
(My fingers are crossed! <G>)

The Biographical Cyclopaedia of American Women, Vol.1, p.365

The genealogy of Sarah (Powel) Gittings is most ancient, being derived from
Gwraldeg, King of Garthmadryn (now Brecknock) Wales, who is said to have
lived towards the end of the first century.16 The line is continued through
his daughter and sole heiress, Morfydd (Morvytha), who married Teithall
(Tathall) ap Annwn Dhu (Antonius Niger), about 260 A.D., and whose son,
Teithin (Tydheirn), grandson, Irith y blawd, great-grandson, Teidfallt
(Teithphaltim or Teithwalch), and great-great-grandson, Tydor (Tudor or
Tewdrig), were all kings of Garthmadryn. The latter's daughter and sole
heiress, Marchell (Marcella) married Aulach (Aullech, Afalech, or Olave),
buried before the church door at Llanspyddid, the son of Cornach McCarbery
(Cormac MacEurbre Gwyddel), King of Ireland. Their son, Brychan Brecheiniog
(Brychan Yrth), King of Garthmadryn (since called Brecheiniog or
Brecknock), began his reign in 400 and died about 450. His daughter, Gwen
(Gwenllian) married Llyr Meryny (Molwynen),17 lord of Gloucester. Their
son, Cradoc Fraich Fra (Caradoc of the Strong Arm), lord of Gloucester,
knight of the Dolorous Tower and King Arthur's Round Table, married Tegay
Ayruton, daughter and coheiress to King Pelynor. Thence the line is
continued through four kings of Ferreg and Brecon, Cawrdaf, Caw ap Cawrdaf,
Gloyw, and Hoyw, and thence through Cynvarch ap Hoyw, Cyndeg ap Cynvarch,
Teitwalch ap Cyndeg, Tegyd ap Teithwalch, Anharawd ap Tegyd, Gwendy ap
Anharawd, Gwungy ap Gwendy, and Hydd Hwgan (Huganus), to Dryffin (Sir
Driffin ap Hwgan), who married Crusilla, daughter of Idwal ap Meuric. Their
son, Maenarch (Maenyrch), prince of Brecknock, married Elinor (Elen),
daughter of Einon ap Selyff, lord of Cwnwd and Cantreffselyn, who was
himself fifteenth in descent from Cradoc Fraich Fra above. Their son,
Bleddin ap Maenarch, who lived in the time of William Rufus of England, was
the last independent sovereign Brecheiniog. He was slain in battle by
Bernard Newmarch, who seized the greater part of his lands, and he was
buried by his sons in the abbey of Strata Florida in Cardiganshire.18 He
married Elinor, daughter of Tewdwr Mawr and sister of [p.366] Rhys ap
Tewdwr, prince of South Wales. Their son, Gwgan (Gwrgan), married
Gwenllian, daughter and heiress of Phillip ap Gwys, lord of Gwyston
(Wiston), Pembrokeshire. Their son, Trahaern, lord of Llangorse, married
Joan, daughter of Bleddin, lord of Cilsant. Their son, Howel, married
Gwenllian, daughter of Griffith ap Ivor ap Inon, lord of Sanghenith. Their
son, Rhys of Aberllynfni, married Catherine, daughter of Griffith Gwyr of
Gower. Their son, Einon Sais, married Joan, daughter of Howel ap Mredith,
lord of Miscin. Their son, Einon, married Lettice, daughter of Cadwaladr ap
Griffith, lord of Upper Gwent. Their son, Howel Fychan, married Malt,
daughter of Llewelyn ap Howelhen. Their son, Llewellyn, the last of the
princes of Wales, was slain by the troops of Edward I of England, December
10, 1282. He married Malt (Matilda), the daughter of Jeuan ap Rhys ap Ivor
of Elvel. Their son, Howel, married Margaret, daughter of Gwilim Philip
Thomas ap Elydr, and was the founder of the family of Powel (ap Howel) of
Castle Madoc, Brecknock. Their son. Gwilym dew, married Mary, daughter of
Jenkin Richard Jenkin of Aberyscir. Their son, Howel dew, married Maud,
daughter of Roger Madoc Richard David. Their son, Gwilym, married
Catherine, daughter of John Rees Jenkin of Glynnedd. Their son, Howel of
Argoed, married Margaret, daughter of William John Havard. Their son.
Thomas Powel, Esq., married Sibil, daughter of Sir William Vaughan, Knight.
Their son, William Powel, Esq., of Castle Madoc, married Matilda, daughter
of Griffith Jeffrey of Glyntawe. This William Powel, according to the
inscription on a carved stone over the entrance, rebuilt the present castle
in 1588. It replaced a castellated mansion with a keep for prisoners, built
in 1045 by Madoc ap Manarche. William Powel's son, Hugh, who died in 1624,
married Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas Gwyn of Trecastle. Their second son,
Hugh Powel, born about 1555, married for his first wife, Ann, who died in
Stratford-on-Avon, in July, 1614.19 For his second wife, he married, July
10, 1615,20 Elinor Sadler, who died, aged about eighty years, January 31,
1622. From a memorial tablet above her grave by her pew in Salisbury
Cathedral we learn that "This Ellihonor was the wife of Hugh Powell, Esq.,
High Sheriff Of Breckhock in South Wales, and Principal to Thomas Sadler
the Elder Esquire of the Body to the King's most excellent Maiesty that now
is and one of his Highnesse' Justices of the Peace and Quorum within this
country who likewise has been register to six reverend and worthy Bishops
of the same."21 William Powel, gentleman, the eldest son of Hugh and Ann,
was a subscriber to the London Company that financed the settlement of
Jamestown, Virginia, in 1607. He arrived in Jamestown in 1611 and
represented the town at the first legislative assembly in America, held at
Jamestown in July, 1619, under the Presidency of the Royal Governor, George
Yeardley, who brought over laws formulated by Parliament for the government
of the colony. William Powel was chairman of the committee to examine these
laws and select such as were desirable, the Assembly enacting other laws to
replace those that were not fitting.22 Later, William Powel was appointed
Captain in command of the soldiers and fort at Jamestown, and, after an
Indian massacre in 1622, in which his kinsman, Nathaniel Powel23 and family
were killed, he pursued the Indians and was himself murdered by them on the
Chicahominy River in 1623.24 As he left no heir in the colony, his property
was confiscated by Governor William Berkley at the court held in November,
1643.25 John Powel, Captain William's youngest son, came to Virginia the
following year and at different times brought thirty-eight persons to the
colony for whom he received many land grants.26 His son, John Powel,
settled in North Carolina, and died there, January 13, 1709.27 His eldest
son, George Powel, died March 24, 1735.28 George's third son, Lewis Powel,
moved to [p.367] Georgia,29 and his third son, Thompson Powel, married
Charlotte Hardy Bridges, a daughter of two of Virginia's earliest and most
influential families, originating in Stratford-on-Avon, England. They were
the parents of Sarah (Powel) Gittings.
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: << Thompson POWEL, married Charlotte Hardy BRIDGES, a daughter of two of
: Virginia's earliest and most influential families, originating in
: Stratford-on-Avon, England. They were the parents of Sarah (Powel)
: Gittings.
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: Leslie,
: I am sitting here with my mouth open. These have got to be mine. My
: BRIDGES was the son of Cherry POWELL BRIDGES, and nephew of Hugh and
: Where did you obtain this information, and do you have any dates to go
: the names?
: Julia French Wood

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