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Subject: [B&D] Bristol - Terrific Thunderstorm 26 August 1853
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 17:35:01 +1000

Hi Listers

Another interesting article.

This morning, at half-past 4 o'clock, a terrific storm of thunder,
lightening and hail passed over this city and neighbourhood, causing a great
destruction of property and although it was brief in its duration, such was
the violence of the gale, or rather tornado, that grave apprehensions as to
serious casualties being occasioned by it are excited. At Moorfields, near
this city, two trees were blown down. One of them struck a man who was
passing and felled him to the ground and a sustained a compound fracture of
both legs. Between Boulton and Cambridge-batch and on the road from
Pensford to Bristol, the utmost damage has been inflicted on the growing
crops and trees have been blown down in every direction. From accounts
which have reached this city today, it appears that the main force of the
storm was expended at the adjacent villages of Westbury and Abbot's Leigh.
At the latter place no fewer than 50 trees were blown down. The gale
appeared to take a direction up Channel from Portishead, passing over
Shirehampton to Westbury, Peals of thunder were most terrific. Near Combe
House, the seat of Mr FRIPP, 7 large elm trees were blown down, falling
across the roadway and thus obstruction the ordinary traffic. One oak tree
in an adjoining field was also shivered to pieces. One of the elm trees
mentioned fell right across the entrance of Mr FRIPP'S house so that all
exit from it was barred till workmen had cleared it away. A field of wheat
belonging to Mr GRANGER was completely spoilt, a large mulberry tree in Mr
FRIPP'S ground was split in two pieces and an arbutus tree was torn up by
it's roots. Besides this considerable damage was done to the various
gardens in the neighbourhood. In the vicinity too as proof of the
tremendous force of the gale, it may be mentioned that a substantial stone
wall was levelled with the ground. The gale, as we before stated, was short
in its duration but throughout the day we have been visited with some smart

I just love the vocabulary used in the newspaper reports of the time.
Obviously this reporter was obsessed by trees.

Sydney, Australia

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