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Subject: Re: [B&D] Mulberry Trees (was Bristol -TerrificThunderstorm26August 1853)
Date: Thu, 30 Aug 2007 20:18:35 +0100
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According to a nursery near me that sells fruit trees, one variety of mulberry tree called *King James*, is descended from a tree which is said to have been planted in the early 17th Century in Swan Walk, London (now the Chelsea Physic Garden) on the orders of King James I. During World War II, this one remaining tree had to be chopped down to make way for the an air raid shelter, but cuttings were taken to continue the line.

It's such a shame mulberries aren't hardy enough to be sold in shops cos they are just gorgeous. I had one about a year ago - rather naughtily, my best friend & I were going around a fruit orchard & there were signs saying NOT to pick the fruit. Well, we'd never had a mulberry, so we both tried one & swooned (!) with pleasure !! :o)) :o)) wondering if she has room in her garden for another tree !!
A Maid of Kent, UK.

There is a beautiful mulberry tree in the garden of the blind poet Milton
in Chalfont St, Giles, Bucks. (where he completed Paradise Lost)

This was grown from a cutting he took from a mulberry tree which had been
planted in the year of his birth (1608) in the Fellows' Garden at Christ's
College where he was an undergraduate.

1608 was the year James I, to help the growing silk trade, arranged for
10,000 mulberry trees to be planted across England - but he made a mistake
distributing a poor type for feeding silkworms!

If anyone wants to grow a mulberry now there are plenty widely
available on the market.

A Clutton friend of mine was given two small trees a few
Christmases ago. I was waiting for them to become established before
taking cuttings from them - sadly she is no longer with us - but I believe
the trees are flourishing.


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