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Subject: Re: [B&D] Searching for Shute's in Bristol
Date: Mon, 10 Sep 2007 11:53:54 -0600
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Hi Rose
Thanks for your reply and welcome
My Grandmother, Florence Shute, was unmarried when my mother Elsie was born.My G.Grandmother was the occupant of the house she was born in, her name was Elizabeth Steel she had remarried John Horatio Steel after James Shute died. I can find no trace of my mother untill 1906 when she was adopted by Jane Hobson.Jane lived in Northallerton Yorkshire was married but no children, it seems strange she would adopt a child in Bristol and take her back there.Jane refused to tell her anything about her birth mother and family.When my mother married she wanted to know if she should use the name Hobson or Shute and tried to get information on the adoption.It wasn't necessary to go through legal channels for an adoption then, but a young sister of Jane's told Elsie she remembered Jane bringing Elsie home and said a Miss Martins Children's home in Liverpool was mentioned.I have searched orphanages in Liverpool and Bristol but found nothing.I started this search at my Mother's request many years ago when she came to Canada to live with me.She died at age 94 before I found as much information as I have now. I started with my Mothers birth certificate issued in 1906 with" Mrs. Hobson" hand written across the top.This is getting too long so I will just tell you that I sent for the marriage certificate you mentioned, the husband is Alfred John Foxford aged 26 and Florence aged 28.My Florence would have been 32.Her fathers name was James and he was a compositor,This name was Thomas, deceased, a labourer.One thought I had is that Florence may have emigrated does anyone know how I can check this out.? Thanks again Rose and all the list for your patience in reading all this.Best wishes Doreen Johnston
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Hi Doreen

Welcome to the list and our happy little band.

You say that Elsie was adopted, is it then possible that your grandmother wasn't married at the time of her birth? A little more background information might help other listers to come forward with help.

A possible marriage, have you looked into this one?

1907 Jun Qtr Florence SHUTE Bristol Dist 6a/4.


On 9/7/07, Dot Johnston <> wrote:
Hi list, I am a newcomer and I am hoping to find someone researching Shute.
My G.Grandfather was James Shute: born 1856 in Bristol
Married Elizabeth Cook Aug 1872
Died March 11 1886 in Bristol Lunatic Asylum Stapleton.

James and Elizabeth had 4 children. Frank James Shute B. 1873
Florence Edith B.1875
Rose Beatrice B.1882
Albert B1884
Florence Edith Shute gave birth to my mother Elsie Shute on November 14 1903 at 30 Treefield Road St. Werburgh Bristol.Elsie was adopted in1906 by Jane Hobson.

I have Florence Shute's birth certificate but can't find a marriage or death certificate for her.I have more information on the family but have hit a brick wall.If anyone could give me some idea where I could look next I would sure appreciate it.
All the best, Doreen Johnston. Canada

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