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Subject: Re: [B&D] Folding certificates
Date: Sat, 17 Nov 2007 17:51:41 -0000
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Hi David

I think that is down to a mis-direction of your letter somewhere along the
line within the postal system causing it to be put back in the postal system
in France. This would also account for the length of time it took to reach

Living in Herefordshire I often get letters which have been "re-posted" in
Hertfordshire or sometimes even more exotic places but so far none of my GRO
certificates have gone astray like that.

I have to say I would rather have my certificates folded once instead of
flapping around unsupported in a larger envelope when they often get
crumpled up in all directions and sometimes even torn.

I ordered three certificates online last week and they all arrived in one
envelope this week, so it does vary.
Kind regards
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Dear Listers,
I ordered a Marriage Cert from the GRO on October 26,
2007. It arrived folded in two with the crease through "Rank or
Profession". No
problem reading this one though.

My request was processed quickly in four days but then took ten days to get
to me in the US; normally it is four to seven days delivery.

Interesting to me was that the post mark was "PRIORITAIRE PRIORITY, En cas
de distribution, La POSTE- GONESSE TIM, 95 GONESSE. PORT PAYE AUT No 98/10

Another case of outsourcing I suppose, though it seems weird that they can
save money that way when there are direct flights from near Stockport to the
East Coast. And it seems slower than usual.

All the best,

David (Beecham) PA-USA, where it is a partly cloudy dry day with
temperatures in the mid 40s. Just right for raking leaves, especially if you
like raking
leaves which I don't, but nobody else will.

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