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From: Josephine Jeremiah <>
Subject: [B&D] Small out-of-area 1901 and 1891 census look up, please
Date: Fri, 23 Nov 2007 18:34:48 +0000 (GMT)

Hi Listers,

At the wedding I attended recently, there was lady on our table who is just
embarking on her family history with very little knowledge to go on as her
mother died when she was only two and she was brought up by her paternal
grandparents far away from where she was born.

When I came home from the wedding, I found the birth registration of the
mother in London and my new friend immediately sent for the certificate.
She telephoned me last night to say that it had arrived.

The father's name and occupation on the certificate enabled me to find his
limited details in the free online 1901 census index and those of that of
the mother and also their 1891 marriage registration on the FreeBMD site.

I'd like to help my new friend further as she is just starting out, is very
new to computers, having had one only this month, and wouldn't yet know how
to cope with rootsweb mailing lists and family history sites.

However, I am feeling very much like a newbie, myself, in all this, as the
research is out of area and I have no resources other than the 1881 census
CDs for London.

So I am going to ask a big favour. Could any one do a small look up, off
list, in the 1901 London census, for which I have the basic index details
and also for the mother in the 1891 census index, please? ( The father has
a more common surname so I am not asking for that in the 1891, too.)

I have contemplated joining the London list and asking there, but I would
feel bad about joining, asking my question and then leaving.

Hope someone who has a subscription to Ancestry can help, off list, with
this small request.


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the Glamorganshire Canal.

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