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From: "heartseas" <>
Subject: [B&D] The Cock Road Gang
Date: Wed, 28 Nov 2007 12:01:08 +1100

Hello from Sydney Australia

I am hoping someone can help me please.
I used to have a copy of THE COCK ROAD GANG written by I WYATT .
Earlier this year my Computer crsshed and I lost a lot of my research and now I cannot access the Cd's I had.
Can some kind person PLEASE send me a copy of the article THE COCK ROAD GANG written by I Wyatt ?
Either by attachment or snail mail. I am willing to pay costs. If by snail mail i shall send you my home address privately.
I hope I am not making any typing errors in this email as I have Bell's Palsy and am not feeling very well at the moment. Shall have to go over it with the spellchecker.
Best Wishes from
Marie in Sydney Australia

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