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From: "Liz" <>
Subject: [B&D] AYRE - Bristol in the 1850s
Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2008 17:14:30 -0000

I have a real obstacle! Well, that's why we are all here...and if we don't
"ayre" (sorry about the pun) our ancestors no one is going to find them!

I feel there's something rather strange here.

John AYRE was born in South Moulton, Devon c.1818.
His wife was Mary Ann (surname probably Johns - taken from her mother living
with them at one stage).

I can find no marriage for them whatsoever.
Mary Ann came from Bristol around 1828.

John AYRE and Mary Ann have six children but I can only find a registration
of the last two children. This makes me wonder if there was another wife or
the first 4 children were "adopted". John was described as a solicitor in
1861 and then dies and in 1871 Mary Ann is a fundholder.

Children as follows:
Kath b.1848 in Clevedon
Mary B. b.1851 Widecombe, Bath
John Herbert b.1853 St Michael's, Bristol
Sydney A. b. 1854 St Michael's, Bristol
Leonora Jessie (sometimes Jessie Leonora) 2nd Q 1858 Clifton
Ada Gertrude 4Q 1859 Clifton

Why did I think of looking for this family today? It's all Josephine's
fault because she mentioned the Post Office!!!

Leonora Jessie AYRE married Henry RIGHTON who was the Assistant
Superintendent of the General Post Office in Bristol.

So, you see how one comment jogs the mind and makes you stop and think.


At the same time I just have to tell you what happened this morning. My
granddaughter's 5th cousin 4x removed is staying and he met 3 of his
relations at my Tuesday morning gathering. He couldn't work out how his
Irish great grandfather met his future wife from Cornwall in those far off
days. I hadn't been able to find them on the 1871 census...then, this
morning we found them in London (wrongly transcribed of course!) and the
Irishman was an engine driver. In 1861 the Cornish wife had been working as
a waitress in the Station Hotel in Penzance! Train driver drives his train
down to Penzance, stops and has a meal in the Station Hotel where he meets
the young waitress...and that was that! As Josephine always tells us, the
answers are out there somewhere...but sometimes we are just not looking.
Unfortunately at the moment we can't find their marriage but as the Irishman
was Catholic and all the children were baptised in the Catholic Church then
we presume the marriage just been left off in error.

OPC for Street, Somerset

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