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Hello Liz and listers
I want to thank you for the tip about the old newspapers and relate one
success story.

A family tale, unconfirmed, was that my great grandfather Thomas Bindon, a
farmer in Brislington, was either stabbed and killed by a poacher or he was
actually the poacher (depends on who told the story). His death in 1902 was
from TB so I had discounted the story.

However, The Bristol Mercury and Daily Post of September 10, 1892 contained
a lengthy article concerning the plight of Thomas Bindon, a farmer of
Brislington. He was beaten and stabbed in the face by a poacher who was
stealing a large quantity of mushrooms from his land. Fortunately, some of
Thomas' brothers were nearby and the poacher was caught, held for the police
and later convicted.

An interesting tidbit to add to my family story.
Thanks again
Diane in Montreal

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>From another list I am on.

This is a free trial of 19th Century British newspaper searching available
for about 3 weeks.

The Advanced Search option lets you narrow. you can choose People
(birth/marr/death) or News or Notices or a combination, or you can choose
All. You need to have Cookies allowed to be able to access. There are
Bristol newspapers there!!

OPC for Street, Somerset

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