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From: "Liz" <>
Subject: Re: [B&D] Map of Queen Square and its surroundings, Bristol 1789
Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 19:54:52 +0100
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Thank you Kate. I think you are more clever than me! In fact I don't
download Google Earth onto my computer (laptop) because it takes up so much
space and slows everything down...we can't have everything in life! Yes, I
have another computer but it's upstairs and I can't connect it to the
Internet at the house is made of granite and the network just
doesn't work! I gather there are now new ways to make connections through
the electricity so I must investigate further when I have time.

Glorious sunshine here in Cornwall all day!!!!

OPC for Street, Somerset

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Subject: RE: [B&D] Map of Queen Square and its surroundings, Bristol 1789

> Hi Liz
> You can superimpose an image in Google Earth. It's a little bit fiddly,
> but
> worth it as long as the old map is reasonably to scale. If you want more
> information, let me know.
> Best wishes
> Kate
> in chilly damp Devon, UK

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