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Subject: Re: [B&D] Betty and Betsy and other derivatives
Date: Sun, 11 Jan 2009 19:56:34 -0500
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Hi Listers,

I still find this topic very intesting. Sometimes there is absolutely no
reason for a "nickname". My mother was born Elsie Edith May but as she was
raised by her grandmother (mother too busy) she was given the name "Billie"
which followed her all her life. Most people never knew her real name, lol.

I met an Irishman in London when I was living there who could never remember
names, so when he met a person for the first time, he gave them a name that
he could remember. I was Gabrielle.

Then there was my first husband's uncle who called every lady "Susie"
because he couldn't remember names either.

All this makes for very interesting hunting when looking for your ancestors
if their nicknames stuck. I'll have to wait for the 1922 Census to find out
how my mother was enumerated.

As for Raymond, (which was my father's name) my guess would be his name was
something feminine, like Shirley or one of those other British names that we
North Americans associate with girls, lol.


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Subject: Re: [B&D] Betty and Betsy and other derivatives

> Mike Palmer wrote:
>> From: "Charani" <>
>>> Martha is a name in its own right *but* the derivation of it is Patty.
>> Well I never! I always thought Pat and Patty were short for Patricia!
>> I've just found this website:
> That's an interesting site.
>> Biddy for Obedience? Goodness me! Plenty of others to muse over there.
> Biddy is often also a petname for Bridget or Margaret although I had
> an Aunt Kathleen who was always known as Biddy.
> The best one was a cousin whose nickname was Raymond. Unless you
> actually knew what his real name was, you'd never guess it.
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