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From: "Mike Palmer" <>
Subject: Re: [B&D] Marriage of Michael & Ann YOUNG(was-JobYOUNGbirthcertificate)
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2009 23:25:05 -0000
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Hi Liz,

I've consulted my Phillimore Atlas and index of Parish Registers, and
Winford is most definitely within the Bedminster registration area.

It seems to cover a huge number of parishes so I'll get them sorted out so
you can see what area it covers.


From: "Liz" <>

> Thank you Yvonne...I hadn't thought to look, however having looked I'm
> afraid I don't understand it! I thought Bedminster Registration district
> covered the area right up to Winford but they all seem to be in Bedminster
> churches. Certainly births in the Bedminster Registration District cover
> the area up to Winford so I am confused!

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