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Subject: Re: [B&D] How do I look up Bristol Workhouses in 1871 Census
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Re Bristol Workhouses.
It's strange how one's memories are revived :over this past week or so, with
questions about Stapleton Workhouse , I keep recalling places which even as
late as the 1920s were called STAPLETON and when mentioned, usually meant
the Assylum.~~Hospital, located on Manor Road and also Blackberry HIll,
Fishponds, same thoroughfare but having 2 the bend and start of the
hill.leading down to Snuff Mills on the River Frome: However from about
1945 it was known by other names, `Stapleton Hosp. Manor Park Hosp and I
think now called Blackberry Hill Hosp. This should NOT be cofused with
FRENCHAY Hosp, a few miles away.. I mention this only because throughout
many years, the name Workhouse conjured up different ideas re it's
residents; ie, down and out scroungers, `lower class poor who needed food
and lodgings~~this wasn't a freebie, they had to repay, by doing some work
to partially offset costs (hence Workhouse), One must realise, the CLASS
System was rampant and an accepted way of life. ~~You have it, good : You
Don't have it ~~Tough Luck.

But those Workhouses also had a hospital, where not only the poor or`down
and outers' were admitted but anyone who might need Medical help and this
is where the Class Distinction came in, It was frowned upon by the so
calleed `Upper Classes. although it doesn't mean some weren't admitted.
So don't give up re the loss of Stapleton Wokhouse, try Hospital instead..


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> Re > After years of searching, I untangled her sons life, he was left at
> the
> house where he was born, 11 Rose St, with a Diana LONG, and he lived with
> her until his marriage, He was called Thomas Morgan WILLIAMS, son of Mary
> Hello Pat.
> I don't know if this is of any help.
> In the 1871 census there is a Mary A LONG living at home with her mother
> Charlotte WILLIAMS in Temple district.
> Wonder if this might lead to something?
> Will send a copy of the image off list.
> Cheers,
> Fee, Bristol
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