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From: "Nancy Frey" <>
Subject: Re: [B&D] Value of going back beyond illegitimate children.
Date: Wed, 19 Aug 2009 18:23:23 -0400
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Hi Liz,

More valid points! I've found a few of those as well -- a child popping up
from nowhere at 12 years of age. Sometimes they are even shown on one
census having a different surname before being amalgamated into the family
and taking on the surname of the adoptive parents.

I have one right now where they were kind enough to point out that he was
adopted. Should I bother to find out who his real parents were? I think
not as he is not in my direct line. But an interesting exercise for when I
run out of real rellies to trace.

But the children registered as a child of the couple shortly after its birth
isn't going to be easy to detect. What are the clues? I have one family
where after the marriage took place, the husband never seems to be there at
census time. A coincidence? Or are the five children not his? The
clergyman actually wrote in the parish registers that one of them wasn't,

Thanks for your input, Liz.


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Subject: Re: [B&D] Value of going back beyond illegitimate children.

> But that's not quite true either! I spent a Christmas afternoon looking
> at
> my friends' family. The two ladies concerned were sisters in their 80s
> and
> 90s so I had to handle the result quite carefully as it transpired their
> great aunt was actually their grandmother! Fortunately they had a
> suspicion
> and this just confirmed the fact.
> So often families took responsibility for grandchildren when their
> daughters
> or even sons were not actually married. On occasion they even took the
> children of neighbours, especially if they couldn't have children...they
> would then go down to the Registrar and have them registered as their
> own...well, there wasn't legal adoption until late 1920s. There are
> numerous reasons why you cannot even accept that the mother is the mother!
> Think about those children in your own tree, especially those in the
> middle,
> where you can't find the birth, has it occurred to you that this child
> didn't originate in that family!
> Liz
> OPC for Street, Somerset

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