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From: Geoffrey Stone <>
Subject: Re: [B&D] Value of going back beyond illegitimate children.
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 11:54:58 +0100
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At 14:07 19/08/2009, Nancy Frey wrote:

>I'm sure you've all got one in at least one branch of your family tree --
>the illigitimate child. If you cannot find a bastardy order, or some other
>document that states the name of the father, is there any point of tracing
>that line back through the maternal line only?

Unless you have decided only to follow your father's line and his
father, grandfather and so on and nobody else then you are going to
chase the female lines with possibly equal vigour.

My Stone family tree isn't a "tree" at all but like a bamboo pole !

My father was an only child, (so no first cousins for me), his father
had a brother and sister, but they had no children (no 2nd
cousins). His father in turn was an only child (no third cousins),
and he was illegitimate. So if I didn't follow up his mum then there
would a family tree of just four people before me.

I know about his mum (Ellen), (a possibility of 4th cousins, but none
found yet), have her parents and family, her grandfather - who was
also illegitimate, but I haven't given up trying to find details of
his mother (Priscilla) who has done all she can to avoid discovery <grin>.



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