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Subject: Re: [B&D] Snowden buildings & Convent of the Good Shepherd
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 2009 23:29:18 +0100
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I think that Convent of the Good Shepherd at Knowle was probably the one at
Arnos Court Brislington and it later became a Reformatory School for Girls

See under Brislington.

I found this on a page about missing ancestors
Later called St. Joseph's Girls Reformatory School, Arno's Vale.

Certified 22nd April 1856 for 90 girls. Re-certified 29th March 1912 for
100 girls and in 1924 for 80 girls.

A specially built school, adjoining a Magdalen Institution. Became St
Joseph's Approved School, Arno's Vale from 1933.


1866 - Miss Ann Parrish, Superior of the Convent

1867 - Miss Ann Parrish, Superior of the Convent

1868 - The staff consists of the sisters of the order of the Good
Shepherd; Miss Trumpler; formerly at Dalbeth, taking the principal charge of
the school teaching.

1872 - Sister Superior Miss Parrish; and Sisters of the Order of The Good

1884 - Superioress Miss Weld, and 10 Sisters of the Order of the Good

1900 - The sisters of the Good Shepherd; Miss Haley lay teacher

1903 - The sisters of the Good Shepherd; The schoolroom Sister Kate Nolan


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Subject: [B&D] Snowden buildings & Convent of the Good Shepherd (was -
Valueof going back beyond illegitimate children.)

>I too believe in researching every line - without those ancestors we
> wouldn't be here today discussing them. Every so often I get stuck on a
> particular line so I leave them to rest and come back to them probably
> months or years later and often, suddenly, things fit into place. All the
> time there is new info coming into the Records Offices or on line, it's
> just
> that we are not so patient these days...we have broadband, emails, wifi
> and
> iPods and we expect everything to land in our laps just
> isn't
> like that.
> I noticed today that there is a young woman (on the tree) born on
> Christmas
> Day 1907 in Snowden Buildings, Bristol. She was illegitimate. Sarah Jane
> LEE was born in Bolton, Lancashire in 1886, her Mum died in 1897 leaving
> two
> daughters and a son - one daughter died a few months' later. In 1901
> Sarah
> was living at the Convent of the Good Shepherd, Knowle described as a
> school
> girl. Was this for orphans or for naughty girls? Might her father have
> been unable to cope with a daughter when his wife died? He kept his son
> with
> him. I think Sarah kept in touch with her father because Sarah, her
> husband
> (married in 1911) and the children used to go up to see family in Bolton.
> She didn't seem to be short of money, the family say they think someone
> supported her...was it the father of the child or did her father send
> money?
> Liz
> OPC for Street, Somerset
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