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From: "Geoff Blaxall" <>
Subject: Re: [BRIT] Old Games
Date: Sun, 23 Jun 2002 19:33:17 +0100
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"Sir Roger" is "Sir Roger de Coverley" an old "long-ways" country dance
bowdlerized by Cecil Sharp and taught, together with similar dances to
schoolchildren of my era (1930s).

I have, myself, organised Grand Marches at Socials in the 1950s & 1960s in
order to get everybody on the floor for (eventually) "Auld Lang Syne".

Start off with couples, side by side holding hands, all facing one way with
men on the outside forming a large circle.
Get them marching round and round the hall to any old music with a marching

Once they are all marching in time, interrupt the circle at the head of the
hall and turn the line of marching couples down the centre of the hall
towards the foot end.

Have an assistant at the foot end or belt down yourself to get to the foot
end of the hall before the first couple get there.

If the rest of the marching couples have passed by - all well & good
but usually - especially if you have been successful in getting everybody on
to the floor, some couples will still be marching by - in which case make
your leading couple mark time (just march up & down with out moving
forward ).

When the end of the procession has marched by - now comes the tricky bit -

Send the first couple off to your left - and then force the second couple
off to your right - they will naturally want to follow the first couple -
but you must persuade them that they are the new first couple ! (very hard I
assure you !)

Make the third couple follow the first couple - make the fourth couple
follow the second couple

Make the fifth couple follow the third and make the sixth couple follow the
fourth. And so on...

Leave an assistant in charge at the foot end of the hall and belt up to the
head end where you have two columns of couples marching towards each other
round the two sides of the hall heading for a grand collision at the head
end - which you avert by standing with your back to the head end wall -
grabbing the free hands of the head couples as they approach you - pulling
your hands together so as to join the two couples together and pushing so as
to send a "line of four" down the centre of the hall.

Do the same with the following couples until you see the first line-of-four
nearing the bottom end of the hall.

Belt down to the bottom end - make the first line-of-four mark time until
the last of the line -of-two's has passed when you can start sending the
lines-of-fours alternately left and right.

Belt up to the head of the hall and start sending lines-of-eight down the

Depending of your ability and, of course, the number of people present you
can get up to lines-of-sixteen - but It's difficult - I only ever did it
once !

You now have the entire audience/company in lines abreast across the width
of the hall - just right for a Palais Glide - Knees up Muvver Brown and Auld
Lang Syne.

Geoff Blaxall
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> I have a hand-written document, written by Mr GROVES in his role as Choir
master when organising the Choir Social in 1909 in Portsmouth, England, if
anyone can shed any light on the "activities/games" I would be very
interested. Perhaps it might also get others reminiscing about games they
used to play
> Programme
> Choir Social 1909
> 1. Tagg
> 2. Jolly Miller
> 3. Wooden Heads
> 4. Musical Half Hour
> Miss Cissie FRADD ....... Soprano
> Mr R FISHER...................Tenor
> Master Archie WOOODS.........Elocutionist
> Master PALMER
> 5. Rejection
> 6. Refreshments
> 7 Balloon Polo
> 8 Follow the Huntsmen (ladies)
> 9 Vacant Chairs (gents)
> 10 Air Ball Race (ladies)
> 11 Basket Competition (gents)
> 12 Catch as Catch can
> 13 Musical Quarter Hour
> 14 Fruit &?
> 15 Push the Business On
> 16 Grand March
> 17 Auld Lang Syne
> I also have documents for 1913 and 1919 which include some of the above
but also
> Cock and Hen Fight - Tenors v Bass
> Dens
> Dutch School A & B
> Down with Them
> Musical Gentlemen
> A Bright Idea
> Sir Roger
> Potato Race
> Musical Grab
> Race to Berlin
> Swiss Country Dance
> Regards
> Derek Ive

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