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From: "Sherry Landa" <>
Subject: [British Jewry] Need experts please
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2002 17:33:16 -0000


As you know we are working flat-out on a web site for this list. We have
some material (background) on areas of settlement for Jews in Britain. But
we need help with certain areas which we have not researched ourselves. If
anyone can contribute anything please mail me. The areas we have are:
Belfast and Northern Ireland
Birmingham and the West Midlands- Jackye has something on this (I think)
Bristol and Avon
Cardiff and South Wales- I have stray BERNSTEINs, but that is all in Wales
Edinburgh and Glasgow
Exeter, Plymouth and the South West- again Jackye knows a bit about these
Leeds, Hull and the North (East)- I kind of have this covered but would
welcome extra
Liverpool, Manchester, Salford and the North West- again I am sort of on
this but need expertise esp. for Manchester/Salford
London and the South East - I can do generals but not specifics on this

The sort of thing we need is basic geog info inc. areas of settlement if
appropriate, how to search those places specifically and links to other
sites (for example the ljgs site and GMCRO sites would go in the north west
page, the Leeds site with old photos and voting registers would go on that
page). If you have other ideas those would be welcomed too. Synagogue
listings or something might be useful. You can't send anything that is
copyright BTW.
I have missed East Anglia because I don't know anything about it at all.

Anything you submit will get your by-line (spelling)

Please let the flood gates open (off list or else everyone will have already
read the stuff and not go to our web site).
Best wishes,
Sherry Landa Joint List *Owner*

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