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From: "Sherry Landa" <>
Subject: [British Jewry] Fw: LMA Anglo-Jewish Archives.
Date: Tue, 22 Jan 2002 17:19:20 -0000

This was received from Pauline <> who attended a
talk last week the précis of which is below:

The lecture at SOG about Archives of the Anglo-Jewish Community held
at: LMA was given by the archivist who wrote their information leaflet
number 16. There are about 20 -30 collections with cataloguing ongoing.
I get: the impression that she, as a gentile, is doing her very best to
maintain a good rapport with the depositors of the records.

She stressed that although LMA holds the records access to many records
is strictly controlled. So, if you wanted to search the Marriage
Licences for late 19thC at the East London Synagogue, you would have to
get permission from Adler House for you or your representative to view
them. Details of records deposited by Board of Deputies are here with a link to a
printable application form for Permission to View

A copy of the LMA leaflet is available at:

Regarding Naturalisation and Denization Indexes. I am willing do free
look-ups in the Naturalisation indexes for names if an approximate date
and place are given. For example Maurice Rose from London 1900 -1925.
This will give the certificate number and Oath of Allegiance number.
Generally naturalisation certificates run to 3 or 4 pages and contain:
basic information. The Oath of Allegiance can contain much interesting
information. I have the O of A for an ancestor from Denmark that runs
to 28 pages and another from Roumania that contains 20 pages. I shall
be at The Public Record Office in a couple of weeks time and will be
able to look at a few names in the Naturalistion and Denization Index.

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