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From: "Peter G.Cavill" <>
Subject: [British Jewry] Places ending in "Green"
Date: Sun, 27 Jan 2002 14:11:28 +0800
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Dear Peter and Genners,
You have certainly raised a very interesting question, though the answer
is not what you might think. In a nutshell, the places you describe, were
all part of what was described as the migration of the
Jews across London.
I hope this helps Peter and other genealogists understand this fascination
aspect of British Jewry.
Jeremy Frankel
Oakland, California

Thanks Jeremy, that was interesting and informative, mate. Your mention of
Tottenham also leads to the fact that Tottenham Hotspur - The Spurs, has,,
and always has had the largest following and support of Jewish faith
supporters in the country. I have been a one-eyed Spurs supporter since
I also went to Tottenham County in High Cross from 1950-1955. In my time
there, the school had about 40 Jewish faith students/pupils.
Pete Cavill
Western Australia
ex North Middlesex/London

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