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From: Annette Young <>
Subject: [British Jewry] Naturalisations
Date: Mon, 02 Feb 2004 13:13:55 -0800

Dear Angie,
Moses Cohen had changed his name to Morris Cohen when I found him on 1881
Census. I know he had children in Poland in 1862, 1867 & perhaps 1869 and
then in Germany 1877. His youngest daughter, Esther is shown as being born
in Manchester area in 1880 but haven't been able to find a birth record for
her. I searched Morris Cohen for naturalization records at Kew several
years ago but didn't find the right one. I'm grasping at straws for the
1860 one, thinking maybe he returned to Poland for an arranged marriage as
they were married in 1861.
Thanks for your interest,

Annette Young

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