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From: "Sherry Landa" <>
Subject: Re: [British Jewry] Naturalisations
Date: Tue, 3 Feb 2004 07:49:54 -0000
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1, In the 1901 Census the whole family that was born in Russia are listed
as Natualised British Subjects , so I would assume that Nathan Isaac
Finerman was naturalised together with his foreign born family,.

Dependents (wife and children under 21) would have been naturalised with him
if it happened before 1901. Just because the census says NBS doesn't mean it
was so...I state again I have seen this in Leeds 1901 where the person's
papers weren't filed till 1904.

2. The name is Finerman not Fineman,definate and I have records that say so.

Spelling was not nearly as fixed as we might like. There is no such thing as
DEFINITE way to spell anything! The spelling changed from record to record.
It depended on who was writing it most of the time. Civil registrations
often only have some sort of uniformity because the registrar always wrote
the name a certain way. For example, I am transcribing some Salford births
where the registrar always spells the first name Catharine (with an a)
other areas the registrar will consistently spell it Catherine (with an e)
or Katherine (with a K). Even COHEN can be *mispelt* as COWEN and COHAN etc.

So where do I go from here?

Variant spellings, naturalisations after 1901...


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