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Subject: Re: [BRITISH-JEWRY] Solomon London query
Date: Sat, 14 Oct 2006 13:42:15 +0100 (BST)
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Hi Carolyn, You have been busy! I don't suppose there were any references
to the Solomons of Canterbury in your researches? Jeff

On Sat, 14 October, 2006 1:21 pm, Carolyn Hahn wrote:
> Hi, all. I got a burst of geneological energy and started working on my
> Solomon roots in London. Came up with some good stuff, and wonder if I'm
> any closer to connecting to anyone here.
> I splurged and spent the money for 24 hour access to the Jewish
> Chronicle archives. I searched for news of my ancestors, Benjamin Levy
> and his wife, Esther Solomon. I knew she had a brother (Emanuel) and I knew
> he had a brother (Solomon, who ended up in NZ and was the late Clyde
> Hurrel's ancestor) as well as a sister, Elizabeth (Betsy) Levy
> Hart. Knowing the date Benjamin died (1853-4) I quickly found something
> interesting--4-5 months of pleas in the Jewish Chronicle for donations for
> the widow, whose husband had died "in her arms" of a burst blood vessel on
> the ship from Panama to California with six little ones and far into
> prgenancy (with my great great grandmother, b SF 1854). Weirdly, the
> timing of this notice was that the oldest was now nearly 11 and the baby
> was 8 months old (((How the heck did she survive in SF?!)
> In the first notice, among those who offered to take subscriptions
> (donations) were "S Solomon and J Solomon, brothers of the widow" (DING
> DING DING!) and later notices gave their names as Joseph and Samuel
> Solomon, with their addresses. Interesting to me was that her brother
> Emanuel is not listed, although an E Solomon gave a few shillings. He
> had a young family, maybe he was too poor, or maybe they didn't need every
> member of the family to volunteer. Whatever. I now had a list of every
> person in England who cared enough to give money for this family--some,
> like "a poor orphan girl" gave a shilling or two, some, like "A LADY" or N
> Solomon who had the school in Edmunton, gave a pound
> or two, and the final notice mentioned that with donations and the help of
> the British Consulate, the widow had moved back to London and was now at a
> London adddress (and still seeking help).
> Armed with this list of maybe 25 donors and their addresses, I ran
> searches on Jeffrey Meyer's London Jews database (pre-1850 Jews and also
> London traders) for the name and then the address of EVERY DONOR. If a
> donor was at Leadenhall street, I ran a search in "any field" for the word
> Leadenhall, or Cree/Creed (Church lane). I could see from this if
> donors lived near each other, or near other known family addreses. For
> example, John Levy/Levi, clock/watchmaker and probably father of Benjamin,
> et al, is at 28 Minories circa 1818 and various Solomons come up at 26
> Minories (Morris/Maurice Solomon is a family name, and he comes
> up as printer, stationer, engraver there in 1830. At any rate, one of the.
> One of the widow's brothers lives at Alie Street, it's near the
> Jew's Hospital where all the Levi/Solomon children were helped ((((there
> is a Samuel Solomon who is the "secretary" of the Jew's Hospital, as well
> as a bookseller--could my Samuel Solomon be that Samuel Solomon? My Joseph
> Solomon is listed as an ENGRAVER (like his uncle back on 26
> Minories?) at 2 Alie Street and Samuel is later listed at Back Church
> Lane as a curiousity seller, though--how fancy a job would the secretary
> of the Jew's Hospital be? Anyone want to guess whether one would have to be
> highly educated for that? We know Solomon Levy of NZ was well enough
> educated there to be able to teach Hebrew in Wellington, NZ in his later
> years, at least).
> I looked up streets of donors using the search function of the Old
> Bailey criminal records (and of course I ran the names through to see if
> anyone was every in a crime or a witness--mainly it helped in establishing
> the flavor of the area and it showed the street on a map, so I could see
> that "Cree" or "Creed church was a tiny lane off Leadenhall (so the family
> would use either or both to refer to the address, and I could see that one
> donor was a butcher who lived down the street from where the Solomon
> family was listed as living circa 1836, etc. The widow resettled at 8
> Government Buildings, Commercial
> lane--gosh, that's half a block from her brother Joseph on Back Church
> Lane, where she also lived at the age of 13 (thank you, Pigot's) with
> Emanuel Levy, "Umbrella Maker." Is this her father or an older brother,
> Emanuel? Who knows--but I know before she left for New Zealand, she and
> Elizabeth (Betsy) Levy, her future sister in law, gave that as their
> address. Clyde would have found that interesting--that his ancestor's
> sister was living with the Solomons--no living Levy relative in London?
> And among the donors to the widow--not a single Levy....her husband's
> family was truly out of London.
> One very useful tool was a "London AZ" street finder I picked up for
> fifty cents at the thrift shop (but if you don't have it, you can probably
> get it on Amazon or somewhere). For anyone who sits around asking this
> patient list "where's Brixton?" as my poor late relative Clyde and I used
> to do--no longer. Between the maps on the Old Bailey site and my new trick
> of enlarging, say, map 63 of the London AZ (East London), names and
> relationships of streets like ":Great Prescott
> Street/Lemon/Alie/Leadenhall, etc" are now much easier to see and figure
> out. I have also used this to check addresses for circumcisions in Myer
> Solomon's list, where I found both my great great great Grandfather,
> Benjamin Woolf Levy, and his brother, Solomon Levy, sons of Jacob/John
> HaLevy/Levy/Levi (there's another Jacob HaLevy having children on this
> circumcision list circa 1816-1825, but he's at Little Queen Street (sponge
> merchant) and the my Jacob (clockmaker) is at Holywell--again, the maps &
> directories helped establish the two distinct families.
> I have also found (((I think))) the marriage record of Esther's
> parents, but who knows--in the records of Hambro synagogue in May of 1820,
> Emanuel Solomon, Hebrew name Menachem Mendel, married Elizabeth
> (Beila) Lazarus, daughter of Joseph Lazarus of Cree Church Lane. He is
> the son of Asher, son of Nathan, he is a member, no other info. I know my
> Solomons named everbody in the family Emanuel--Esther's brother was
> Emaunel, they each had sons named Emanuel, plus, Esther's Ketuba gives
> her father's name as Emanuel, Hebrew name Menachem Mendel. I looked up
> every Lazarus I could in Jeffrey Mayer's pre-1850 London Jews/Commercial
> Traders database, I also cross checked in the Old Bailey records and my
> handy dandy AZ street finder and came up with the following: NO Lazarus
> donors were listed for the widow, circa 1854. Hmmm. But of course "Cree
> Church" and Leadenhall are in the thick of this tiny Jewish community.
> Of the relevant Lazarus names: Joseph Lazarus, 7 Cree Church Lane,
> Leadenhall, died 1817, Lazarus Lazarus, at 77 Leadenhall, tobacconist,
> mentioned in several Old Bailey trials as a witness or giving character
> references for defendents. At that address, 7 Cree Church, there's Esther
> Lazarus, "pocket book manufacturer" from 1819-1825, and
> "dressmaker" in Robson in the 1830's. Who is this Esther? Joseph's wife,
> Elizabeth/Beila Lazarus's mother? If so, the fact that Elizabeth Lazarus
> Solomon named her daughter ESTHER after her mother makes sense. Although
> as Clyde Hurrel would have said, I have no proof the Emanuel Solomon who
> married in Hambro in 1820 is my ancestor, I believe I am getting close to
> proving it through names and addresses.
> So that's where I'm at. I know Esther's sister in law, Betsy Levy Hart
> went with her to NZ in 1841, disappears for a while, and reappears, married
> to London born David Hart in Victoria, BC by 1860, so I looked up every
> Hart I could as well (or rather, noted them when I did a street
> or donor search). So far, a few Harts at close addresses, but no proof
> Anyway, long rambly note, but...if anyone can help me with that Hambro
> marriage, etc...say hi, and otherwise, hope my wacky search methods help
> some other insomniac out there. My husband sees me doing this and asks
> gently if I am "resurrecting dead jews, " to which the answer is "yes."
> Our website is at
> We update regularly. Let us know if you have ideas
> to offer.
> is the address to use for help.
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