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The original book was published by The Caxton Publishing Company Ltd.
in 1922. Edited by Rev. Michael Adler.D.D.S.,S.C.F., B.A., and
organised by Max R.G.Freeman. Just 3000 were printed - I have a
numbered copy, signed by the Joint Managing Director of Caxtons.

The Alphabetical Index of Nominal Rolls lists 106 separate regiments
and then there is a further list of names that were received too late
for classification. These also include the Royal Navy and Royal Air
force (Royal Flying Corps)

The Nominal Rolls (regimental lists) only give the soldier's number,
rank and name, no other detail except for those who lost their life,
indicated by an asterisk. Such persons are also listed separately,
together with the name and address of the next-of-kin. There are also
lists of persons who were awarded medals for gallantry, as Bryan
Diamond has already said.

The Rolls list the names in alphabetical order of the initial letter,
but thereafter they are not, so that Barnett, where there is more
than one, may be well mixed randomly within the 'B's'..
Furthermore,the book does not list EVERY Jew who served in the armed
forces in WW1. Many of my own family are listed, but some are missing
from the book.

Your Jacob Barnett way have enlisted in a local regiment for local
recruiting was often the responsibility of local personalities. But
there was also much movement between regiments due to losses.

There are very many Barnetts listed of whom there are 25 with the
initial J. and three of those have an additional initial. These are
the J.Barnetts who survived the war. The book does contain some
double entries and a possible example is in the Training Reserve
where there is No.38644. L/Cpl/ Barnett.J. 111th Btn. and 33644 L/Cpl
Barnett.J. 111th. Btn. which seems to be an error in transcribing the
soldier's army number.

This shows how careful you have to be in researching. Quite frankly,
I feel that you should do all you can within your own family first of
all, to find out as much as you can about Jacob's army service (if
any), before you spend many hours finding a copy and then
researching. Once you have his number and regiment, then go to the UK
National Archives in Kew (London) to find his medal roll details.
(There should be two medals or possibly three).

The following list should get you started:

234954 Pte.Barnett.J. R.F.A. (Royal Regiment of Artillery)
1280 L/Cpl. Barnett.J. Royal Engineers
457650 L/Cpl Barnett.J. Royal Engineers
19994 Cpl. Barnett J. 2nd. Bn. The Queens Royal Surrey Regt.
65665 Pte. Barnett.J. 9th.Bn. The King's (Liverpool) Rgt.
4820 Pte. Barnett.J. 2/5th Bn. The Suffolk Regt.
203942 Pte. Barnett.J. 1/5th Bn. The Hampshire Regt.
22313 Bglr. Barnett.J. 2nd.Bn.Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire Light Infantry.
5987 Pte. Barnett.J. 2/9th Bn. The Highland Light Infantry.
9979 Rfm. Barnett.J. The Rifle Brigade.
Rfm. Barnett.H.J. The Rifle Brigade
173798 Pte. Barnett..J.V. Machine Gun Corps.
12505 Pte. Barnett J.S. Training Reserve.
441299 Pte.Barnett.J. 833rd. Lab.Coy. Labour Corps.
120048 Pte. Barnett J. 14th Lab.Bn. Labour Corps.
498089 Barnett.J. Lab. Centre. Labour Corps.
177570 Pte. Barnett.J. 170th.Lab.Coy. Labour Corps.
79330 Pte. Barnett.J. 133rd. Lab.Coy. Labour Corps.
54622. Pte. Barnett.J. 7th.Bn. London Regt.
4472 Pte. Barnett.J. The London Regt.
5602 Rfm. Barnett.J. 1/17th Bn. London Regt.
SS/803 S/Sgt. Barnett.J. 14th Div.Train. Royal Army Service Corps
169148 Dvr. Barnett.J. Royal Armey Service Corps.

These should keep you busy!

Anyway, I hope this helps. They are all the Barnetts with the Initial J.

Stan Rose.
Bucks. UK.

At 16:34 28/06/2008, you wrote:
>Thank you, Bryan.
>Let's see, as I understand it, this book has lists called "Nominal Rolls"
>broken down for each Regiment, and those rolls ostensibly include
>every Jewish
>person who fought for England in World War I, whether they died or not. Is
>that correct?
>For us, the individual in question--Jacob BARNETT--was definitely not
>killed, as he died in 1970. Nor do we know of any injuries. We're not even
>certain if he was in the War to End All Wars, but we had heard that
>he was. If I
>correctly understand what is being said in all these emails on this
>topic, we
>should be able to determine if he did fight in World War I by going through
>this book, regiment by regiment, looking for any BARNETTs
>and hoping there is
>only one Jacob BARNETT. Is that a proper understanding of what this book
>Does it give additional information, such as age or citizenship? Our Jacob
>would have been about 31 when the war broke out, and he had been in the UK
>since sometime before 1907 and after 1901. From at least 1907 on,
>he lived in
>Swansea, South Wales. <==Hey! That could be a clue as to the
>regiment--right? Wouldn't he be associated with some Welsh regiment?
>Brian Neil Burg
>Fullerton, CA, USA
>In a message dated 6/28/2008 6:42:44 AM Pacific Daylight Time,
> writes:
><I have a copy of the "Book of Honour", 1922. It has a list of those
>killed, Officers then men,alphabetically, then those awarded medals,
>then from p 189 the Nominal Rolls by each Regiment.
>Finally at pp 611- 636 an index to the following Illustrations
>[portraits], and the captions to these give the regiments, so this
>index is my first resource and may likely lead to the regimental list.
><The index includes the portrait of my father Claude Diamond at plate
>303 and my uncle Wallter at Pl 28.
><Bryan Diamond
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