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From: "Debbie Bozkurt" <>
Subject: [BRITISH-JEWRY] ISAACS Family from Wolverhampton and Birmingham
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2008 19:01:23 +0100

Dear all

I am trying to trace a family of ISAACS from Wolverhampton and the
Birmingham area. I will give a brief story of what I have found so
far, its quite complicated as each sibling appears to change his name
to something different over the years.

In 1863 Lewis ISAACS married Louisa NATHAN in Wolverhampton, Louisa
were from London originally, I have traced Louisa NATHAN as her mother
lived with her in later years an Esther NATHAN, down to Whitechapel
living with a family of LEVY'S, nothing else known about Louisa or
Esther. In 1871 only Louisa ISAACS is on the census at 42 Great Berry
Street, Wolverhampton with her mother and Aunt and 4 children,
Catherine (7) (maybe Caroline on Index), Joshua (4), Annie (2) (maybe
Hannah) and Solomon (1m). In 1881 she has moved to 21 Marshall Street
Birmingham and she has one more child John (7) a total of 5 and is now
a widower and employed as a Clothes Dealer.

The sibling I am most interested in is Joshua ISAACS born in 1868
Wolverhampton. He disappears off the census after 1881 ( have tried
various sites etc.) and the next we know of him is when he marries
Dora HARRIS in 1906 Birmingham. On his wedding certificate it says
widower but I can not find a marriage for him before that date. Have
traced through the couple on the index in London and they are not him,
I guess he may have travelled abroad but where to, have tried USA and
parts of Australia. He has a son in 1908 called Lewis Leslie ISAACS
who official changes his name in to Leslie Lewis HYDE (1940s) and
although doesn't appear to follow his faith both Leslie and Joshua his
father were buried in a Jewish Synagogue. I am trying to find out what
happened to Joshua ISAACS between 1881 and 1906 and did he only have
one son and what happened to Leslie Lewis HYDE. Two marriages have
been found for Leslie Lewis HYDE in the 40s and 50s and we know when
he died but nothing in between.

I have tried tracing the siblings of Joshua without much luck, there
was a John HINDES with a Kate ISAACS mother (right age and place of
birth) with a sister called Louisa, wonder if they mixed the names up
on the 1901 census for Wolverhampton, Drapery seller in Markets. I
have looked for change of name and can't find anything.

I think Solomon may have married a Rebecca in 1895 and have found him
in 1901 census but no trace at all of the family after this.

They all appear to have disappeared into a vacuum!

I can't even trace a Lewis ISAACS backwards as I have no other details
for him except he was a Tailor and born in London, will need to send
off for marriage certificate but don't hold out much hope.

I know its a tall order but does any of this ring a bell as to this
family or any other ideas how I can trace them

Any help gratefully excepted

Regards Debbie Bozkurt in the Outer Hebrides

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