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Subject: Re: [BRITISH-JEWRY] Polish records from mid 1800's
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Hello Hilary,

I have just tried looking up "Neustadt Schirwindt, Poland" in a couple
of books...

The results are pretty much as you have described them.

>>> but are they the same place?

The short answer is yes.

According to the book "Where Once We Walked":
Kudirkos Naumiestis (now in Lithuania) is also known as Naumestis,
Naumiestis Kudirkos, Nayshtot Ponivez, Nayshtot Shaki, Neishtat Kudriko,
Neishtat Shervint, Neyshtat Shaki, Novoe Mesto, Vladislalov and
The Jewish popoulation before the WWII: 991 residents
It is positioned 67 km WSW of Kaunas

According to "Shtetl Finder Gazetteer":
Vlodislolov entry:
Also know as Neishtat Kudirko, Neishtat Shervint, Kudirkos Naumiestis
and Wladyslawow
W of Kovno
Located northwest of and close to Vilkavisk. Mentioned in the memorial
book Lita, 1951.

According to the Encyclopedia of Jewish Life:
Kudirkos-Naumiestis (Yiddish Naishtot-Shaki) is in the Sakiai District
of Lithuania.
Jews first settled in the beginning of 18th century. In the 19th cent.
There was a talmud torah. The Jewish population in 1835 was 3,348 (76%
of the total). The Jewish population in 1897 was 2,091 (45% of total).
Many emigrated to the US and South Africa. During WWI K changed hands
several times and the city was damaged, causing many to flee. When
Germany captured the city in 1915 70% of the Jews returned.In three
municipal council elections, Jews won four of the nine seats twice and
three seats once. With a deteriorating economy, many jews emigrated to
the west.

According to Lithuanian Jewish Communities:
Naishtut-Shaki (also known as Naishtut-Schirwint and Naishtut-Kudirka)
was a city of the Prussian-German border. The city was surrounded by
rivers ion three sides with the Scirwint river acting as a natural
border with Germany. In 1643 the Polsih Queen Cecilia Renata, wife of
King Wladislaw, granted the rights of Magdeburg to the city. I hounour
of the King, the town was renamed Vladislavov.During Czarist rule,
Naishtut was a District Capital. During independent Lithuania it was
annexed to the District of Shaki.

I hope this helps in confirming that it is the same place.

There is also the JewishGen Shtetl Link reference which will give you
further information:

In terms of determining where it is... If you look at a current map of
Lithuania, you will find Kudirkos Naumiestis on the Lithuanian side of
the Lithuania/Russia border (on the way to Kaliningrad to the East --
i.e. blocking the lithuanian access to the Baltic Sea). If you draw a
direct line between the cities of Kaunas and Kaliningrad, Kudirkos will
be on that line (about a third of the way from Kaunas).

Best of luck with your research.

Kind regards,


Prof. D. Dalcher

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Subject: [BRITISH-JEWRY] Polish records from mid 1800's

Hello Listers

Has anybody tried to find any family records from
"Neustadt Schirwindt, Poland in the Empire of Russia?"

When I received some naturalisation records from the National Archive,
this was given as the place of birth in 1863.
My attempts to find the current name have pointed me towards Kudirkos
and Vladislalov, but are they the same place?

I wondered if anyone looking for records in the same general area
had already found the answer to my question.
There's no point in re-inventing the wheel, after all!
Any help would be much appreciated.

Regards to all from
Hilary Turner
Liverpool, England

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