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Subject: Re: [BRITISH-JEWRY] Woolfson Manchester
Date: Thu, 7 May 2009 07:32:35 -0700 (PDT)

Nice to make your acquaintance.

Yes, these Woolfsons (aka Wolfsohn) are my maternal ancestors. Samuel (1835-1885) and Jeanette (1841-1901) are my great-great-grandparents. Samuel Wolfsohn was a Sheffield police constable. I am descended from Isaac Wolfsohn (born in Sheffield in 1862),

The Lewis Woolfson you ask about was his brother, born in Sheffield in 1864. The family moved to Manchester in about 1870 and lived in Fernie Street, Stangeways. According to family stories Lewis Woolfson worked as a carpenter. He was blond and just didn't fit in with the appearance of the "typical" Jewish immigrant of this period. Once he was working in a house and perhaps the lady of the house wasn't satisified with his work, and assuming he was a gentile, she began cursing him in Yiddish. He continued his work and after finishing turned ot this women and answered her back in Yiddish wishing her that all the curses she'd piled on him should fall upon her! Lewis Woolfson was living in Manchester as late as the 1930's and I have relatives who remember him. I didn't have any information on his children, but it makes sense he would call his son after his father Samuel.

I would be interested to hear more how your family connection to the Woolfsons as I have been extensively researching this family's history, especially Samuel Wolfson in light of his most untypical Jewish occupation. Regards, Steven Frais

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Recently someone mentioned the Woolfsons from Manchester, and I have become
interested in a Samuel Woolfson, born in 1893, I think the son of Louis
Woolfson (son of Samuel and Jeanette Woolfson from Sheffield).  Does anyone
know anything about him? Do you know where his family lived in Manchester? I
am not related but trying to fit together some bits of a mystery about my
Russian journalist great uncle Joseph Petrikovsky, who disappeared sometime
between 1913 and 1917 probably to Russia.  Samuel Woolfson married Mabel
Yeowell in 1919 in Hackney and had a daughter Jeanette.

Thanks, Ruth

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