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Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 20:41:57 +1000
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Burke's Peerage would have the marriage it it took place.


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> I feel almost embarrassed to post this and have ignored it for 30 years as
> being just another of those family anecdotes that gets embellished and passed
> on. But having run into brick walls in all other directions I must give it a
> fly.
> Mary Beaton was born in New Zealand in 1849 and while all siblings have been
> traced, she has disappeared from view. Family lore has it that she went to
> England where she married a Lord Someone. We have rather a nice portrait
> taken by Stuart of Knightsbridge c1890 which may be her (certainly no proof)
> in which she is wearing a wedding band, so any wedding is likely to have been
> in the 1880s or perhaps even late 1870s.
> I have checked the BDM as best I can but one of the problems with UK Marriages
> is that arguably two of the best items for reference-checking (birthplace and
> mother's maiden name) are not recorded.
> So now to my question. Can someone please advise whether there is a list or
> index of nobility from that that time, which might record a spouse's name.
> Alternatively any suggestions as to a way forward would be greatly
> appreciated.
> John Beaton
> Brisbane, Australia

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