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From: "Ted & Magi" <>
Subject: [BHC] Punyer & West of Scotland Orphans Home
Date: Tue, 7 Jul 2009 18:01:51 +1000

Quite a bit is coming out of my search for the Punyer children of Dundee.
It seems that when the father William died in 1925, the stepmother took the three youngest children Robert, James and Richard down to the local orphanage and said " I'll be back in a couple of weeks" ! ...never seen again...
James at age of 15 was sent to Fairknowe Home Ontaria and later went to Calgary and raised a family. I found them etc etc.
Now the children believed their name was Penner although the orphanage did have their correct name. If you say Punyer with enough of a Glasgow/scottish accent it does sound like Penner. The father William Punyer who was ex "Royal Scots" was known as english Bill Penner.
Richard "Penner" wrote a book published in 1960 called "Stern and Wild" memories of Dundee slums, a tyranical father and the RAF. I've just managed to get a copy, should be interesting.
I hoping the book will fill in the lives of the children. Older siblings Mary 1900, Gwendoline 1905 John 1906 I'm slowly collecting information about.
Gwendoline it seems went to Canada as well. The record shows her as a domestic paid for by the ESA, I'm not sure who they might be, although there is an entry on the Canadian record for another immigrant as Emp. Sett. A. Could it be empire Settlers Association or something similar. I'll Google it and wee what comes out. Gwendoline was on her way to the government Hostel as Regina Sask.
The very youngest child William Ramsey Punyer born just before the death of the first wife Agnes was given out to adoption. I don't know if this was an official adoption or just a baby given away. does anybody know of an adoption register for Dundee around 1914.
The eldest daughter Mary Ann appears as a reference for two travellers to Canada, for Gwendoline in 1925 , her address is given as 77 north Frederick St Glasgow. A couple of years later she appears as reference for brother John E as Mrs M Adams living in Tonbridge, Kent. I haven't found a marriage record for her yet.
Anyway this all came about from one email to this list, so thank you list, if anything in this helps anybody else find their relatives etc then I as pleased to help.

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