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My name is Beverlee (Brockway) Claeys. I am tracing my family
history. My
Great Great Grandfathers name is Avery Brockway who was born in Ohio
1831. He married Margart A. about 1855. They had 4 children:
Able H Brockway born about 1858 spouse Eliza F.
Brian Brockway born about 1861
Martha Brockway born about 1863
Harvery Eugene Brockway born March 1876. He married Mary
Chapman on 8 Jan. 1890. They had 5 children:
Lawrence E. Brockway born April 1891
Harvery E. Brockway born 26 Feb. 1894
Hazel L. Brockway born Aug. 1895. spouse Vernon Gary
Fern M. Brockway born 1901 spouse Edward Robinson
Lloyd Louis Brockway bron 17 April 1902. He married Elsie Frana
Rosolack on 30 Sept. 1925. They had 8 children:
Irene Marie Brockway bron 13 Jan 1927 spouse Frank Twiss
Lola Mae Brockway born 25 Oct 1928 spouse Joe Trombly
Lucille Mary Brockway bron 8 March 1930 spouse Earl Dull
Edward Harvey Brockway born 17 Sept 1931
Evelyn Louise Brockway born 1 Oct 1937 spouse Charles M. Santee
Eleanor June Brockway born 12 June 1939 spouse Jack Couchman
Thomas Wayne Brockway born 27 Dec 1943 spouse Merlene
Merle Alden Brockway born 18 Sept 1935 He married V. Darlene
they had 2 childern:
Philip Scott Brockway born 23 April 1958 spouse Teresa Hamper
Beverlee Jeanne Brockway born 11 Oct 1960 spouse Jerry Claeys.
If you are descened form brothers or sisters, or are in any way
to any of the above mentioned people, I would very much like to hear from
Thank you for your time and help. If you are intersted I would be
to share any information I have about the family with you.
Beverlee Claeys


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