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From: Lance and Ginny Miller <>
Subject: [BNE] FW: Simon Brooks, b. 20 MAR 1789, CT removed to PA
Date: Tue, 1 Sep 2009 19:12:17 -0700
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Subject: RE: [BNE] Simon Brooks, b. 20 MAR 1789, CT removed to PA
Date: Mon, 31 Aug 2009 10:09:50 -0700

Sorry for my tardy reply to the post of 6/21/09, however, I have been traveling this summer and unavailabe.

Yes I still monitor BNE and still have a deep interest in Simon Brooks, born May 20,1789, MA

My records show Simon's father, Aaron, (Aaron, Thomas, Noah, Joshua, Thomas (Capt) was born in Lincoln, Middlesex Co., MA 07 Jan 1765. Aaron died 04 Aug 1823 in Rindge. (Farmer's Cabinet 1823-08-23 page 3)

Aaron along with his brother Stephen, born 22 Mar 1759, both removed to New Ipswich and Rindge, Aaron after his first wife died.

Aaron married twice. He married Polly (Mary) Austin in Westminster, MA Est 1785. Polly died Est. 1795 in Westminster, MA and is buried in Triangle cemetery in Lincoln, MA.
Aaron and Polly had at least 3 children,
Simon Brooks born 20 Mar 1789
John Brooks born Est 1791
William Brooks born Est. 1793.

He then married Mary Taylor born New Ipswich 22 June 1777, sister of bro Stephen Brook's wife Rachel Taylor, daughters of Thaddeus or Samuel Taylor, according to IGI. Aaron and Mary had at least one son, Aaron Jr. born Sept 1798

According to the "Genealogical Register" page 457 line 27, "Aaron Brooks, brother of Stephen, after a short residence in New Ipswich, removed to Rindge 1798, where he resided until his death, Aug 4, 1823, aged 58. His widow, Mary, resided upon the farm several years after his death." The 1798 move involved his brother Stephen and him exchanging farms, Rindge and New Ipswich.

There is evidently much confusion among genealogists as to which Mary is which, however, Mary Polly Austin is buried in Triangle cemetery in Lincoln, MA and I assume that Mary Taylor would be buried near Rindge NH. I have not been able to find the evidence to back this up.

Meanwhile, Simon Brooks, born in MA 20 Mar 1789 married Sarah Littlefield (descendent of Francis Cooke (Mayflower fame) in Colraine, Hampshire Co 25 Apr 1813.

The marriage of Simon Brooks and Sarah Littlefield brought together 2 pre-eminent families of colonial New England and started a slow but steady migration westward for branches of both families. Married in 1813, by 1818 they had moved their family and other branches of the Brooks and Littlefields to Chandless Valley, Warren Co PA, including Sugar Grove. Many of the family are buried there in Valley Cemetery in Chandlers Valley but many of the children, both Brooks and Littlefields came west to WA via MI.

Any and all replies or corrections to this gray area in my family tree would be greatly appreciated. I can be reached either thru the list or at

> From:
> To:
> Date: Sun, 21 Jun 2009 12:52:40 -0400
> Subject: Re: [BNE] Simon Brooks, b. 20 MAR 1789, CT removed to PA
> These sorts of biographies, where a grown child of the subject
> wrote up the family history for publication in a county history,
> are usually pretty reliable.
> In this case, I was in contact with a Lance Miller back in 2000
> who reported this Simon as an ancestor, gave his parents as
> Aaron/6a Brooks and Mary/6 Taylor, and placed his birth at
> Colrain, Franklin County, MA. Lance Miller specifically
> referenced the Littlefield surname in his emails so he was
> clearly referencing the same man included in the county history.
> I haven't found a record for Simon's birth. He's not in the
> Ricker Compilation, which basically upgrades the Barbour
> Collection of CT vitals, nor is his birth recorded at Colrain.
> What makes me uneasy is that I consider either of these
> birthplaces geographically incompatible with Aaron/6a Brooks, who
> descended in a line that was at Lincoln, MA (formed from Concord)
> for 7-8 generations. The Lincoln Brooks families were comfortable
> to affluent farmers. Indeed, Lincoln, today remains one of
> Greater Boston's poshest and greenest suburbs, complete with
> horse farms.
> Colrain, on the other hand, was marginal land out in Franklin
> County, western Massachusetts, and first settled largely by
> Scots-Irish immigrants in the 18th century as I recall. (I think
> Maura Amrich, who just resubscribed, might be the correspondent I
> had some years ago who was looking for a Brooks ancestor from
> Colrain, and if so she might know more about the town's history.)
> The Lincoln Brookses, when they went anywhere, tended to go north
> across the border to New Hampshire towns like New Ipswich and
> Mason, which were, like Lincoln, what I'd call "gentry" (as
> opposed to frontier) farming towns.
> In short, this seems like an absolutely valid biography of a real
> individual, but I'm not comfortable in connecting him to parents
> Aaron Brooks/Mary Taylor in the absence of a bible or vital
> record or better documentation. I'll copy this message to Lance
> Miller at the email address he had in 2000 (or perhaps he's
> subscribed here), and ask what additional evidence he can share
> for Simon's parentage.
> Thanks again, Dave, for sending this along.
> BTW, Mary Taylor, wife of Aaron Brooks, was b. 22 Jun 1777 at New
> Ipswich, d/o Thaddeus Taylor and Bridget Walton. (Which accounts
> for the given name Walton in descendant lines.) I have the Taylor
> ancestry and can send it along to anyone interested.
> Chris
> ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
> Christopher Brooks
> BROOKS Families of New England
> ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||
> Dave Felzke wrote:
> || Have him tentatively with parents Aaron Brooks b. 7 Jan
> || 1765, Lincoln, Middlesex County, MA and Mary Taylor, b.
> || 1769, unknown.
> ||
> || PA Roots
> ||
> ||
> || Brooks, Simon
> || Posted by Carol Eddleman
> || Carol Eddleman
> || Brooks, Simon
> || November 15, 2008 03:29PM Admin
> || Registered: 3 years ago
> || Posts: 66,603
> || Brooks, Simon, Chandler's Valley p.o., Sugar Grove, was
> || born in Connecticut March 20, 1789, and married Sarah
> || Littlefield April 15, 1813; she was born in
> || Massachusetts October 13, 1791. They came to Sugar Grove
> || in 1817. They had a family of nine children; two --
> || Sally M. and John -- were born in Vermont, and seven in
> || Sugar Grove. William, Dexter G., Mary Jane, and Hiram
> || are now living. Mrs. Sarah Brooks died July 10, 1875;
> || Simon Brooks June 10, 1875. John Brooks married Fanny
> || French in 1841; she was born in Vermont in 1818. They
> || have two sons: Perry L., born in 1844; John F., born in
> || 1857. Perry L. enlisted in the army August 9, 1862, and
> || was discharged June 5, 1863; re-enlisted September 3,
> || 1864, discharged June 2, 1865. He married Addie
> || Crandall. John F. married Emma T. Brooks.
> ||
> || (Source: History of Warren County, Pa.:With
> || Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of some of its
> || Prominent Men and Pioneers, ed. J. S. Schenck, Syracuse,
> || N.Y.: D. Mason and Co., 1887.)
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