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Date: Thu, 6 Aug 1998 19:27:42 -0500

Dear Brookshire Researchers.

I am going to send Mark my GedCom File but first I need your help in
trying to determine who were the parents of Farley Brookshire?

As you probably know Barbara Brinkley () and I share the
same ancestor which is Farley Brookshire. My great grandmother, Lucinda
Brookshire Medlin and her great grandmother Sarah Prudence Brookshire
Morrow Allen were own sisters. Now they had a half brother Mannerring
Brookshire and a half sister Elizabeth R. Brookshire. So it is obvious
that Farley was married at least twice.

In Glena Beck's 1984 Brookshire Family Book she has a Farley Brookshire
listed as born September 19, 1795. He was the son of William II and wife
Mary Ann. Now then here is where we hope you can help us. I don't think
that our Farley is the Farley who was the son of William and Mary Ann.
1. We have never been able to find a record of any kind of a Farley
Brookshire before 1834 until recently when I found one in the Probate
records of Davidson Co., TN. This Farley Brookshire died in Nashville, TN
in 1823-24 and his estate was Adm. by Enoch Brookshire.
2. Our Farley shows up on a tax record in 1834 for St. Francis Co., AR.
3. 1840 he appears on the Census for Randolph Co., AR age 30-40 with a
wife and two daughters, which would be Elizabeth R. "Betsy" and Margaret F.
4. There is a marriage record on file in Randolph Co., AR. for Farley
Brookshire and Lavina Breeden (7th Jan 1822). Their ages are given on the
Marriage Li. Farley Brookshire born 21 February 1803 and Lavina Breeden
the 7th of Jan 1822.
5. A Bible Record - gives the names and birthdates of Farley and Levina
(Luvica) and all Farleys children. Except the last two, Sarah Prudence and
Mary Nancy. Record gives Farley's birthdate as Farley Brookshire was
borned February the 21st 1800 and Luvica Brookshire was borned January the
7th 1821.
6. Mortality Schedule for San Saba Co., TX 1880 list Farley's age at time
of death as 80 born in NC, Father b. NC, Mother b. NC.
7. All Census records list Farley as being born between 1800 and 1802.
8. The names of Farley's children maybe another clue. they were
Elizabeth R., Margaret Froundlis, Mannarring, Farley Waid, Lucinda Waid,
Seth Waid, Robert W., Sarah Prudence and Mary Nancy.
I lean to the idea that Farley was a son of Mannerring and Elizabeth
Sluder. He named his first Dau. Elizabeth R. and his first son Mannerring.
I think the Farley born in 1795, son of William and Mary Ann is the one who
died in Nashville, Tn in 1823.
Shouldn't there be some record some where for a man born in 1795 before he
was 40 yrs old? Thats how old Farley son of William and Mary Ann would be
before there's a trace of him. Another things there is not male in the
household of William Brookshire II that would fit Farley born either in
1795 or 1800-01.
Do any of you have in your files anything that would help us solve this
With the evidence I have presented to you what would you determine?
Could our Farley be a son of William and Mary Ann Brookshire?
Any help or any ideas you might have would be very welcome.
Margaret Rainwater

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