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Subject: [BROWN] more brown familes
Date: Mon, 12 Feb 2001 14:44:57 EST

THOMAS BROWN (b. 1733), of Freehold, N.J.; removed to Charlton, N.Y.; m.
Lydia Barclay (b. 1740).

JOSEPH BROWN (1763-1845), m. 1st, Esther Taylor (b. 1771); m. 2d, Catherine
Taylor (1770-1864) both daughters of James Taylor, m. Lydia VanKirk.

CHARLES TAYLOR BROWN (1794-1830), m. Wilmont Conde Boyd.

CAPT. NATHAN HOLLISTER BROWN (1815-84), capt., Co. H, 77th N.Y. Vols.,
1861-62; m. 1840, Amanda Hall (1815-76).

CHARLES HALL BROWN (1849-1926), of Detroit, Mich.; m. 1867, Georgiana Newcomb
Allen (1838-81), organist, artist and singer.

CHARLES FREDERIC BROWN, b. Detroit, Mich., 1868; m. 1893, Caroline Washington
King (1873-1903), dau. of George W. King, of Plymouth, Mass.

HENRY BROWN, killed by the Indians nr. Salem, Va., ca. 1757.

HENRY BROWN (ca. 1731-1799), of ‘Ivy Cliff,’ Bedford Co., Va.; m. Alice

COL. DANIEL BROWN (1770-1817), m. Mary Hancock.

JAMES LEFTWICH BROWN (1815-72), first pres. Franklin Literary Soc.
Randolph-Macon Coll.; founder Hill City Masonic Lodge; tabocconist; m. Mary
Virginia Early.

JOHN BROWN (1628-1714), from Eng., settled at Redding, Mass.; m.; m. 2d,
1681, Sarah -.

CAPT. NATHANIEL BROWN (b. 1688), Killingly, Conn.; m. 1713, Deborah Briant.

BRYANT BROWN (b. 1717), Killingly; m. 1739, Hepzibah Chandler.

ENS. JOSEPH BROWN (1749-1812), Thompson, Conn.; Am. Rev.; m. 1774, Elizabeth

JOSEPH BROWN (1784-1877), of Thompson; m. 1810, Abby Morse.

JOHN BROWN (1601-37), from Hawkden, Eng., in the ‘Lion,’ to Boston, Sept.
16, 1632; m. Dorothy -.

JOHN BROWN, the ‘Scotsman’ (1631-ca. 1697), m. 1655, Esther Makepeace.

DEA. JOSEPH BROWN (1677-1764), m. 1699, Ruhama Wellington (1681-1772).

JONAS BROWN (1711-72), m. Hannah Monroe (b. 1713).

EBENEZER BROWN (1752-1834), minute man at Concord fight, Apr. 1775; corpl. at
siege of Boston; m. 2d, 1787, Lydia Cogswell.

RUSSELL BROWN (1791-1871), m. 1819, Calrissa Waite.

RICHARD BROWN (d. 1661), from Eng. in the ‘Mary and John,’ with his
brother, George, 1634, settled at Newbury, Mass., m. Edith - (d. 1647).

JOSHUA BROWN (1642-1719), admitted freeman, Newbury, 1673; m. 1669, Sarah
Sawyer (1651-1732).

TRISTRAM BROWN (1672-ante 1756), removed to Norwich, Conn., 1715; m. Mary -.

ABRAHAM BROWN (1704-49), removed to Canterbury, Conn., 1736, thence to
Coventry, 1739; m. 1730, Abigail Dike or Duke, of Newton, Mass.

BENJAMIN BROWN (1740-1809), of Manchester (now East Hartfrod [sic]), Conn.;
m. 1763, Sarah Keeney (1745-1815).

BENJAMIN BROWN (1767-1857); removed to Keeney Settlement, in central N.Y.,
1795; m. 1787, Dorinda Webster.

EDMUND BROWN (1799-1874), physician, of Burdett, Schuyler Co., N.Y.; m.
Harriett Henrietta Woodward.

REV. EDMUND WOODWARD BROWN (1831-1902), minister and writer; m. 1860, Martha
Day Coit (1840-1920).

JOHN BROWN (1811-1847), m. 1829, Eliza Ann Carpenter (1808-49).

JOHN LITER BROWN (1838-1913), from Oldham Co., Ky., to Plano, Collin Co.,
Tex., 1858; pvt., Co. C, Martin’s Regt., Tex. Cav. (Fifth Partisan Rangers),
later Co. I, C.S.A.; m. 1868, Mary Susan Lunsford (1841-1917).

JOHN WILLIAM BROWN (1870-1915), Allen, Tex., in mercantile firm Brown &
Nelton; sec. bd. of trustees, Independent Sch. Dist.; m. 1892, Nannie Neal
Angle (b. 1870).

WILLIAM LaFAYETTE BROWN, b. Allen, Tex., 1893.

ROBERT BROWN, (of Irish descen [sic]), of Ind.

ROBERT ETHERTON BROWN, of Ind.; moved to Newark, Ill., 1840; m. aet. 17, Jean

JOHN WESLEY BROWN (1840-86), of Newark, later mem. Chicago Bd. of Trade; m.
Jan. 30, 1862, Helen Alcesta Barnard.

ROBERT CARLTON BROWN (1863-99), mem. Chicago Bd. of Trade; m. 1882, Cora
Lovisa Brackett (b. 1861), of Charlotte, Mich.

ROBERT CARLTON BROWN, b. Chicago, Ill., 1886; m. 1909, Cornelia Lillian Fox,
b. Madison, Wis., 1884; dau. of Arthur O’Niell Fox, of Madison; m. 2d, 1918,
Rose Johnston, dau. of Robert Edgar Johnston, of Piqua, O.

JOHN BROWN, m. 1799, Margaretta Mason (1772-1838).

MASON BROWN (1799-1867), Yale, 1820; legal author; judge; sec. of state of
Ky.; m. Mary Yoder.

COL. JOHN MASON BROWN (1837-90), col. U.S.V., 1861-65; lawyer; m. Mary Owen
Preston (1841-98).

PRESTON BROWN, b. Lexington, Ky., 1872; m. 1905, Susan Ford Dorrance, b.
Meadville, Pa., 1876; dau. James Ford Dorrance, of Dorranceton (Wilkes-Barre).

JAMES BROWN, from Ireland to Carlisle, Pa., ca. 1730.

JAMES BROWN (d. 1780), member Pa. Conv., 1776, and of Gen. Assembly, 1776-78;
m. Mary McClellan.

DANIEL BROWN (1765-1846), m. Theresa Bartlett.

WILLIAM BARTLETT BROWN (1802-1852), m. Harriet Lowrie Allen.

CHRISTOPHER C. BROWN (1834-1904), lawyer; m. Elizabeth Jane Stuart (b. 1838).

STUART BROWN, b. Springfield, Ill., 1860; m. 1886, Kate Logan Hay, b.
Springfield, Ill., 1864; sister of Logan Hay.

NICHOLAS BROWN, of Eng., m. Jane Leids.

THOMAS BROWN (b. 1628), m. Mary Newhall.

ELEAZER BROWN (b. 1670), m. Ann Pendleton.

JAMES BROWN (b. 1696), m. Elizabeth Randall.

LT. JOSHUA BROWN (b. 1740), m. Joanna Rogers.

ADAM BROWN (b. 1772), m. Susannah Morey.

JOSEPH BROWN (b. Edinburgh, Scotland, 1731), of N.Y., soldier Am. Rev.; m.
Mehetable Vail.

DANIEL BROWN (1765-1838), m. Charlotte, dau. Capt. Daniel Roe (desc. Elder
William Brewster).

ALFRED NATHANIEL BROWN (1813-88), m. 1838, Mary Elizabeth Smith.

LEWIS HENRY BROWN (1840-1917), 1st lt., 1st N.Y., Vet. Cav., 1864-65; m.
Ellen Curtis (1843-1914).

CURTIS BROWN, b. Lisle, Broome Co., N.Y., 1866; m. 1890, Caroline Louise
Lord, b. Lisle, Broome Co., N.Y., 1871; dau. of late William Delafield Lord,
of Lisle.

ALEXANDER BROWN (1764-1834), from Ireland, to Baltimore, Md., 1800, founder
of the banking houses of Alexander Brown & Sons (Baltimore), Brown, Shipley &
Co. (London), Brown Bros. & Co. (Phila. and New York).

JAMES BROWN (1791-1877), head of Brown Bros., New York; m. 2d, Eliza Cole.

JOHN CROSBY BROWN, LL.D. (1838-1909), A.B., Columbia, ‘59, sr. mem. Brown
Bros. & Co., New York, Phila. and Boston, and Brown, Shipley & Co., London;
m. 1864, Mary Elizabeth Adams (1842-1918).

WILLIAM ADAMS BROWN, b. New York, 1865; m. 1892, Helen Gilman Noyes.

THOMAS BROWN (ca. 1628-1693), from England to Lynn, Mass., ca. 1631; m. Mary

JOHN BROWN (1682-1729), m. Elizabeth Miner.

ICHABOD BROWN (b. 1704), m. Sarah Chapmen.

ELIAS BROWN (b. 1733), m. Abigail Olcott.

TITUS OLCOTT BROWN (1764-1855), m. Susannah Bundy.

JOHN BUNDY BROWN (1805-81), mfr., banker, Portland, Me.; m. Ann Matilda, dau.
Capt. Philip Greely.

PHILIP HENRY BROWN (1831-93), mfr. and banker; m. Hannah Frances Clifford

PHILIP GREELY BROWN, b. Portland, Me., 1855.

WILLIAM BROWN, from Eng. after 1680, settled at Leicester, Mass., after 1721.

CAPT. JOHN BROWN, Leicester, Mass., soldier French and Indian War, many yrs.
mem. Provincial Assembly; m. Lydia Newell; m. 2d, Mary Jones.

PERLEY BROWN (1737-76), soldier Am. Rev., killed at battle of White Plains;
m. 1762, Elizabeth Wilson.

PARLEY BROWN (1775-1846), m. 1805, Hannah Stanley (1788-1878).

[...]YER DATE STANLEY BROWN (1819-87), lawyer, p.m. U.S.V., 1863-64, co. clk.
Monroe Co., N.Y., pub. Rochester Democrat and Chronicle, v.p. Rochester &
State Line R.R.; m. 1854, Mary Ann Ensign (1827-92).

ROSCOE CONKLING ENSIGN BROWN, b. Scottsville, N.Y., 1867; m. 1897, Bertha
Backus, b. Poughkeepsie, N.Y., 1872; dau. Truman Jay Backus, LL.D.

WILLIAM BROWN (1738-1833), b. Lancaster Co., Pa., soldier against Indians,
removed to Frederick Co., Va., pvt. Am. Rev., removed to Fayette Co., Pa.; m.
Mary Brown.

GEORGE BROWN (1773-1828), went to Ohio, 1804; asso. judge Ct. Common

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