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Subject: BRUCE, Margaret Ancestors Part 1
Date: Thu, 4 Sep 1997 23:56:54 -0400 (EDT)

Below is the first six generations of the ancestors of Margaret BRUCE.
Additions and corrections are welcome. Sources will be posted with the last

1. Margaret BRUCE1 died in 1651/52.2,3,4 She was born WFT Est 1571-1590.2
Youngest daughter.
2. Sir George BRUCE of Carnock5 died on May 6 1625.2 He was born WFT Est
1526-1554.2 Third son. He was married to Euphame PRIMROSE WFT Est
1547-1593.2 Frequently reported to have married Margaret daughter of
Archibald PRIMROSE of Burnbrae but this was corrected by Paul.
3. Euphame PRIMROSE. Sir George BRUCE of Carnock and Euphame PRIMROSE had
the following children:
i.George BRUCE died in 1643.6 He was buried in Culross.7
ii.Alexander BRUCE of Alva died about 1638.8 He had an estate probated on
Jun 12 1638.9 His brother George was served as heir to him in several
iii.Robert BRUCE of Broomhall10. Ancestor of the Earls of Elgin and
iv.Anne BRUCE.
v.Magdelen BRUCE.
vi.Christian BRUCE.
vii.Nicola BRUCE.
1viii.Margaret BRUCE.

4. Sir Edward BRUCE of Blairhall was born in 1505.2 He died in 1565 in
Blairhall.2,11 He was married to Allison REID WFT Est 1522-1552.2
5. Allison REID was born WFT Est 1501-1520.2 She died WFT Est 1526-1605.2
Sir Edward BRUCE of Blairhall and Allison REID had the following children:
i.Robert BRUCE of Blairhall was born WFT Est. 1503-1584.12 He died WFT
Est. 1527-1659.12
ii.Sir Edward BRUCE was born in 1548.13 He died on Jan 14 1610/11.14 He
was buried in 1611 in Rolls Chapel, Chancery Lane, London.
2iii.Sir George BRUCE of Carnock.
iv.William BRUCE died before May 24 1609.15 He resided at Cothill and
Collestoune in Aberdeen.16
v.Margaret BRUCE17.
vi.Bessie BRUCE18.
6. David PRIMROSE died before 1574.19 He was married to Janet BLAW.20
7. Janet BLAW21 died after 1574.22 Said to be of the Castlehill family.
David PRIMROSE and Janet BLAW had the following children:
i.Henry PRIMROSE died on Aug 31 1621.23
ii.Archibald PRIMROSE died in 1629.24 He was buried in Aug 1629.25
iii.James PRIMROSE died on Feb 21 1640.26
iv.son Gilbert? PRIMROSE.
v.Katherine PRIMROSE.
3vi.Euphame PRIMROSE.

8. Sir David BRUCE of Clackmannan was born in 1497.27,28 Incorrect. He
received a Crown charter of Clackmannan on September 11, 1497 He died in
1550.29,12 He was married to Jean BLACADDER WFT Est 1480-1523.2,30
9. Jean BLACADDER was born WFT Est 1463-1486.2 She died WFT Est 1508-1574.2
She was also known as Janet Blackadder.2 Sir David BRUCE of Clackmannan and
Jean BLACADDER had the following children:
i.John BRUCE died before Feb 14 1550/51.31 He was born WFT Est.
4ii.Sir Edward BRUCE of Blairhall.
iii.David BRUCE32 was born WFT Est. 1477-1547.12 He died WFT Est.
1514-1624 in Green.12 He was the ancester of the Bruces of Kennet, Lord
Balfour of Burleigh.
iv.Robert BRUCE of Lynmylne33. The Swedish Bruces ennobled in 1668 were
probably descended from him.
v.Patrick BRUCE of Valleyfield was born WFT Est. 1474-1547.12 He died WFT
Est. 1497-1624 in Valleyfield.12
vi.Elizabeth BRUCE.
vii.Marion BRUCE signed a will on Jun 18 1575 in Dysart.34 She died in
Jul 1575.35 She had an estate probated on Aug 11 1575.36
viii.Agnes BRUCE.
ix.Alison BRUCE.
10. John REID of Aikenhead37. John REID of Aikenhead had the following
5i.Allison REID.
ii.Robert REID Bishop of Orkney38.
12. Henry PRIMROSE Earl of Rosebery was born by 1490.39 Henry PRIMROSE Earl
of Rosebery had the following children:
i.William PRIMROSE died on Dec 2 1592.40
ii.Archibald PRIMROSE died on Mar 2 1593/94.41
iii.Duncan PRIMROSE.
6iv.David PRIMROSE.
v.Mause PRIMROSE died in Nov 1570.42

16. Sir David BRUCE of Clackmannan died about 1500.43 He was born WFT Est
1414-1457.2 He was married to Mariota HERRIES WFT Est 1440-1493.2
17. Mariota HERRIES was born WFT Est 1421-1460.2 She died WFT Est
1454-1544.2 Sir David BRUCE of Clackmannan and Mariota HERRIES had the
following children:
8i.Sir David BRUCE of Clackmannan.
ii.Alexander BRUCE.
iii.Margaret BRUCE.
iv.Christian BRUCE.
v.son (of Ham) BRUCE.
vi.son (of Standstill, Caithness) BRUCE.
18. Sir Patrick BLACADDER of Tulliallan was born WFT Est. 1410-1492.12 He
died WFT Est. 1446-1567.12 He was also known as Blacatir.44 He was married
to Elizabeth EDMONDSTONE WFT Est. 1435-1436.12
19. Elizabeth EDMONDSTONE. Sir Patrick BLACADDER of Tulliallan and
Elizabeth EDMONDSTONE had the following children:

32. John BRUCE was born about 1425 in Clackmannan, Scotland.45 He died WFT
Est 1414-1508.2 He was married to Elizabeth STEWART WFT Est 1402-1463.2
33. Elizabeth STEWART was born WFT Est 1382-1433.2 She died WFT Est
1414-1514.2 John BRUCE and Elizabeth STEWART had the following children:
16i.Sir David BRUCE of Clackmannan.
ii.Robert BRUCE46 was born about 1450 in Cultmailindie, Perth, Scotland.47
He died in 1508.48 Ancestor of the Burces of Cultmalundie in Perth and of
Muness in Zetland.
34. John HERRIES of Terregles. John HERRIES of Terregles had the following
17i.Mariota HERRIES.
38. Sir James EDMONDSTONE of Tulyalone died about 1485.49 Sir James
EDMONDSTONE of Tulyalone had the following children:
19i.Elizabeth EDMONDSTONE.
ii.Margaret EDMONDSTONE was also known as Jonete, Lady Edmondistoune of

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