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Andrea, this is in reference to your 09/16/02 mail. I want to list three Martha's but they do not tie to your date.

Martha Bryant born 1846 Cocke County, TN
Martha Bryant born 1865 Cocke County, TN
Martha Bryant born 1653 Stafford County, VA

The first two I am related to - - the first one is d/o my g g uncle, James Bryant of Cocke County and then TX. The second one is the d/o William Morris Bryant and Mary "Polly" Mantooth; William was a g g uncle. The Mantooths was part Cherokee. My g g grandmother was Elizabeth Mantooth. The patriarch was called Thomas "Cherokee Tom" Mantooth and was born 1760 in VA. The name first was Monteith and the first over from Scotland was Thomas Monteith born in 1694 and settled in Stafford County, VA. Both names continue. There is several tales of why one clan - Thomas Mantooth - changed name but I am not sure. The most common is that he married into the Cherokees and they started calling him Mantooth. I don't know.

I am working on connections to the Dr. Richard Bryant, born abt. 1634 and married into the Powhawtan Indian Tribe. This was in what is now Stafford County, VA. This Richard's father, born about 1608, married a Keziah Arroyah, d/o of a chief and they were kin to the the clan that Pocahontas came from.

You may well know all of this written above. If not and I can help further please let me know. Sincerely, John Bryant -

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Today, I received my first digest listing from this list, though I subscribed two
or three weeks ago, so I gather it is not always very active.

My brick wall is a woman by the name of Martha Jane Briant/Bryant, born
reportedly in Virginia on August 3, 1772. She had a son with a man named Robert
Robertson, who was born in Elliston, Augusta County, Virginia. The child,
Solomon George Bryant, was born March 19, 1795, in Virginia. They were not
married because his family, wealthy, influential persons in Virginia, disapproved
of her. Why is not known.

This information is gleaned from a family Bible, though the link between
Robertson and Solomon Bryant is also established in probate records.

I have found no other record anywhere of Martha Jane Bryant.

The only other Martha Jane Bryants I found, one born within a day of this one,
were in the family of Morgan Bryan (the Bryans who settled Kentucky with Boone).
Morgan's son, Thomas had a daughter, Martha Jane Bryan, also born in August 1772.

Solomon being a Biblical name, I did not look first at the Bryant/Indian
connections I saw here and there, and what I did see contained no Martha Jane
Bryant. However, the absence of any records does lead me to wonder if there was
an Indian connection. Many families have family legends about Indian blood or
Indian princesses. Ours is no exception. There was one family story that Martha
was an "Indian princess". Indian blood might be one reason for family
disapproval of Martha as a wife for Robertson. There might also be other
reasons, not presently known.

Has anyone seen any record of a Martha Jane Briant/Bryant, in the late 1700s or
early 1800s in Virginia or Kentucky?

Robertson moved to Red Banks, Henderson County, Kentucky. A Billy Robertson
owned a saltworks at Red Banks, and Robert Robertson worked there in the late
1790's and became an early surveyor in the region. Robert Robertson died in
Providence, Hopkins County, Kentucky in 1837.

A Thomas Briant was on the Hopkins County census in 1810 and 1820. I don't know
who he was or if he is connected.

Solomon Briant/Bryant and family moved on to Indiana a few years before Robertson
died, but Robertson remembered them in his will. The family, most of it,
eventually moved to Texas.

Failing a direct answer, does anyone know any experts in records concerning
Indians in the Virginia area in the late 1700s?

Andrea Ramsay

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