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Date: Tue, 16 Mar 1999 18:07:02 -0700

Youngstown Vindicator, Sun. Dec. 21 1969
by Mairy Jayn Woge
MERCER, PA - Eight hundred descendants of a Mercer County farmer who
expected to share in a $8 million inheritance before the end of 1969
not get the money. There is no William Henry Harrision Buchanan Estate.

Inquiries by The Vindicator and attorneys hired by hopeful heirs during
the past six months have found the bonanza does not exist.

New York law firms alluded to be tied in with distribution, the White
House, offices of Sen. Hugh Scott and U.S. Rep. Joseph Vigorito and the
Congressional Library confirm this.

Coaxed into a Hoax
The Buchanan bubble is a complicated, almost tragic story of a family
coaxed into being hoaxed, cheated and swindled. It dates back to the
beginning of the United States and to the dawn of middle class
speculation in land deals just before and after the Revolutionary War.

Veiled by time is the origin of the rumor that Revolutionary soldier
Buchanan had purchased undeveloped tracts in New York City before moving
west. Income from the holdings was to be distributed among his heirs 99
years after his death in 1831, family tradition says.

As early as 1881, Buchanan's were spending money to file in New York
State courts an instrument to break the will and collect revenue from
the land.
On Sep. 23, 1914, the 63rd Congress was petitioned to grant transfer of
$700 million to a fund belonging to the Buchanan heirs. The matter was
referred to a Committee on Claims.

Around May 10, 1930 the expiriation date of the 99 years, family members
were asked to file claims if they were descended from William Henry
Harrison Buchanan, many complied.

Now, as in 1930, it appears there is no estate, no land, no will and no

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