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From: Delia Robertson <>
Subject: [BP] Help with baptism in Drakenstein I
Date: Sun, 08 Mar 2009 05:42:39 +0200

Hello Lorna,

Hope you are well.

I am seeking help with a baptism entry that appears in Drakenstein I,
the CD of Drakenstein baptisms and marriages published by the
Drakenstein Heemkring.

The Excel transcripts include on 1695-12-14 the baptism of
Marie-Madeleine DE PERONNE, daughter of Louis DE PERONNE and Marie LE FEVRE.

The linked page of images to that baptism, i.e. -25.
06.1695.jpg, is incorrect. To start with that page ends too early for
her baptism.

However, the page with the correct date, i.e. -
14.12.1695.jpg does include an entry that refers to the baptism of a
unnamed child of Louis DE PERONT.

I am still trying to completely decipher the entry but I am pretty sure
it does not refer to the child in question. If you could help with the
transcript, I would be grateful, but as far as I have got, it says there
were baptisms of two babies on the day, one of Louis Peront, the other
of Cobus Vandray . . . and something about adding them to others in the

Was something left off the CD - perhaps another page - where that entry
was completed? Otherwise, how do we know who either child was. I see
the Vandray child has not been named.

Thanks for the help.

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