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30 April, 1997
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This edition of the newsletter is the second in a series of three issues
which will provide extensive data concerning the villages being researched by
the bunch.

BURGENLAND, AUSTRIA- TOWNS & VILLAGES ((with a few Hungarian border villages)

HALBTURN; (Fe'ltorony, Moson Megye); 0 21 72; 7131-District of Neusiedl. N,
to the E of the Neusiedler See. 4 km from Hungarian border. SE of Neusiedl.
Market community. Pop. 1896, houses 634. Post office, school, police station,
municipal office. Bu"rgermeister names from 1921, Kiss, Gro"ss, Langenberger,
Kno"bl, Lang, Schwo"glhofer,, Samson, Steiner, Thury, Braunschmidt, Stadler,
Graf, Jezik, Wagersreiter, Brunner. There were two emigrants as early as
1880. LDS 0700861-2; 0700271-4.

HARMISCH; (Hova"rdos);0 33 66; 7512-District of Oberwart. Part of Kohfidisch
( combined with Badersdorf, Kirchfidisch). 12 km SE of Gu"ttenbach, 12 km NW
of Eberau. Was in district of Gu"ssing when part of Hungary. Went to church
at ST. KATHREIN im Burgenland. Early emigrants, 8 in 1901.

HEILIGENKREUZ im Lafnitztal; (Ra'bakeresztur); 0 33 25; 7561-District of
Jennersdorf. Combined with Poppendorf. S, on the E66 on the Hungarian border,
just N of Szt. Gotthard in the region of the Lafnitz river. Market community.
Pop. 1408, houses 506. Post office, school, police station, municipal office,
Main E-W border crossing point (customs station). Catholic church. Combined
with Poppendorf. Aristocratic family, Batthyany, Draskovich. Many records
destroyed through fire (1937) and WWII artillery damage (1945).
Bu"rgermeister names from 1945, Rabel, Beutl, Mahr, Aufner, Takacs.
Secretaries, Pregler, Wechu"tz, Fritz, Kerstinger,
Zwickl. Mentioned in records as early as AD1428. Probably founded in AD 1157.
First emigrant to US was Johann Vollman to Allentown in 1893. LDS 0700718.
See Eltendorf for civil.

JENNERSDORF; (Gyannafalva); 0 31 54; 8380-Bezirk, Stadt (city). Includes
Grieselstein, Henndorf, Rax. S, on route 57, SE of Fu"rstenfeld, Styria. Pop.
4125, houses 1409. All services. District and municipal offices. High school,
Polytechnic Inst., RR station. Bu"rgermeister names from 1914, Dax,
Hirtenfelder, Fiedler, Maurer, Thomas, Bru"ckler. Secretaries, Neubauer,
Reiger,Dirnbeck, Silberbauer, Scheuhammer, Faustenhammer, Werkovits. District
of Jennersdorf includes Deutsch Kaltenbrunn, Eltendorf, Heiligenkreuz,
Ko"nigsdorf, Minihof-Liebau, Mogersdorf, Mu"hlgraben, Neuhaus a. Klausenbach,
Rudersdorf, St. Martin a. d. Raab, Weichselbaum. Records as early as AD 1183.
Roman graves. LDS 0700669-70; 0700294-9.

KLEINMU"RBISCH; (Kis Medves); 0 33 22; 7540-District of Gu"ssing. 6 km S of
Gu"ssing. Pop. 263, houses 90.Combined with Inzenhof, Grossmu"rbisch and
Tschanigraben. Bu"rgermeister names from 1921, Dex, Nikischer, Semler,
Guttmann, Hammerl, Fru"hwirth, Ecker, Frisch. Early immigrants went to
Coplay, PA. Attended church in St. Nickolaus, later (post 1896) in Gu"ssing.
Mentioned in records as early as AD1599. First emigrant was named Hammerl,
who settled in Coplay, PA. Also Karoline Eker, to Allentown, PA in 1894.

KOGL im Burgenland; (Kupfalva); Pilgersdorf 0 26 16; 7441-District of
Oberpullendorf. In middle Burgenland, 2 km E of the Styrian border, NE of
Bernstein, W of Pilgersdorf. Combined with Pilgersdorf (Bubendorf, Deutsch
Gerisdorf, Lebenbrunn, Salmansdorf, Steinbach im B.) LDS 0700682. See
Pilgersdorf for civil.

KOHFIDISCH; (Khofu"zes); 0 33 66; 7512-District of Oberwart. 7 km S of
Grosspetersdorf, 5 km W of Eisenberg. Market community. Includes Harmisch,
Badersdorf, Kirchfidisch. Pop. 1862, houses 708. Municipal office, police,
post office, high school. Bu"rgermeister names from 1898, Enzenberger,
Holzer, Polzer, Simon, Lang, Wagner, Wo"lfer, Gabriel. Early emigrant to CA
1894. Try LDS 0700659-60 (church recs for Kirchfidisch-(Egyha'zasfu"zes).

KO"NIGSDORF; (Kira'lyfalva); 0 33 84; 7563-District of Jennersdorf. S, on
route 57, 2 km SW of Eltendorf. Combined with Eltendorf, now independent.
Pop. 794, houses 250. Municipal office shared with Eltendorf. Catholic Church
(Hl. Stephan). Aristocratic family, Batthyany. Bu"rgermeister names from
1919, Duld, Blaukowitsch, Leitgeb, Trinkl, Fischl, Eckler, Rauscher, Frenz,
Peischl. Mentioned in records as early as AD1428. Roman grave sites. First
emigrant name, Josef Lamm, 1881. LDS 0700675-6. See Eltendorf for Lutheran
and civil records.

KUKMIRN; (Kukme'r); 0 33 28; 7543-District of Gu"ssing. S, to the W of
Gu"ssing, NE of Rudersdorf. Market community. Includes Eisenhu"ttel, Limbach,
Neusiedel bei Gu"ssing. Pop. 2115, houses 668. Municipal office, post office,
police station, school.

Catholic and Lutheran churches (AD1600's & 1700's). Aristocratic family,
Kottulinszky, then Batthyany. Bu"rgermeister names from 1919, Reichl,
Hu"tter, Lackner, Hoanzl, Kemetter, Krautsack, Zotter, Fiedler. Mentioned in
records as early as AD1283. Over 1000 emigrants to US, many to Allentown, PA.
Early emigrant, Franz Duld, 1893, to Allentown, PA. LDS 0700678-81
(Lutheran); 0700677 (Catholic); 0700325-9.

LACKENBACH; (Lakompak, Sopron Megye); 0 26 19; 7322-District of
Oberpullendorf. Middle Burgenland, on the R62, 5 km E of the junction with
route 50. W of Deutschkreutz. Pop. 1106, houses 467. Municipal office, post
office, police station, high school. Bu"rgermeister names from 1921,
Weninger, Messerits, Tiefenthaler, Scheiber, Hlavin, Wukovits, Horvath,
Stocker, Lehner, Dorner. See Hungary-Sopron- Lakompak in LDS locality catalog
for church records. LDS civil are 0700345-9. Jewish, 0700801.

LACKENDORF; 0 26 19; 7321-District of Oberpullendorf. On the R62, 8 km E of
the junction with route 50. W of Deutschkreutz. Includes Raiding. Pop. 613,
houses 203. Post office, school.
Bu"rgermeister names from 1919, Egreschitz, Karall, Gubitsch, Horvath,
Wehofschitz, Heinzl, Bader, Raidl, Frantschitz, Schostarits, Friebe. 11
emigrants to Argentina in 1928.

LEBENBRUNN; see PILGERSDORF. 239 RC in 1873. Went to church in Kogl.

LOISDORF; (Ober & Unter);(Felsolaszlo, Sopron); 0 26 11; 7451- Just north of
Koszeg (Hungary), at the junction of Austrian routes 55 & 61. Near
Rattersdorf. District of Oberpullendorf. Made up of Unterloisdorf and
Oberloisdorf. and administratively part of
Mannersdorf an der Rabnitz. Mannersdorf includes both Loisdorfs, Mannersdorf,
and Rattersdorf-Liebing. About 1166 houses and population of 2816. Was in
Sopron Megye rather than Vas Megye. Burgermeisters' names from 1880 are
Weber, Schermann, Hofer, Frhwirth, Felber, Oriovits, Hotwagner, Krutzler,
Wanger, Glatz, and Trenovatz. LDS 0700773, see Mannersdorf (Kethely) for
Civil, LDS 0700499-502.

MANNERSDORF; (Kethely, Sopron Megye); 0 26 11; 7444- (see Loisdorf), LDS

MARKT ST. MARTIN; (Szentma'rton, Sopronszentma'rton, Sopron Megye);
7341-District of Oberpullendorf. On route 50 W of Deutschkreutz. Includes
Landsee and Neudorf. Pop. 1195, houses 562. Municipal office, police station,
school. Bu"rgermeister and Richter names from 1914, Prunner, Schunerits,
Draxler, Mohl, Menyhardt, Wagner, Heinz, Schu"tz, Mittermann, Gabriel,
Schmid, Horvath, Hahnekamp, Laffer. LDS 0700830-40; 0700557-9.

MOSCHENDORF; (Ne'metsa'roslak, Nagysa'roslak); 0 33 24; 7540- District of
Gu"ssing. S, on route 56, W of Gu"ssing, 1 km from the Hungarian border. In
the valley of the Pinka river on the "Pinkataler Weinstrasse". Combined with
Strem (Deutsch Ehrensdorf, Steinfurt, Sumetendorf). Only a field of grain
separates this village from Pinkamindszent (Allerheiligen), Hungary.
Mentioned in records as early as 13th Century under the name "Lak". Named
Saroslak in 1482. Wine museum and wine tasting facility "Vinothek
Su"dburgenland" (we spent a "wet" afternoon here in 1993). Birth place of
folk author Stefan Mittl. Early emigrant, Georg Reinisch, 1893 to Nazareth.
LDS 0700689. See Strem for civil records.

NEUSTIFT bei Gu"ssing; (Ujtelep); 0 33 22-25; 7540-District of Gu"ssing. on
route 57, 7 km SW of Gu"ssing. Shares services with Gu"ssing. Pop. 674,
houses 244. Post office, school. Bu"rgermeister names from 19??, Fiedler,
Mayer, Nikischer, Gro"ller, Steiner, Bodisch, Tapler, Peter. RC went to
church in Gu"ssing, AG to Kukmirn. Mentioned in records in 1604. Stone age
burial barrows found in the "Fidischwald" indicate very early settlement.
Early emigrants, Peter Prem, Mayer to Coplay, PA, 1889.

NEUTAL (Nyustal, Sopron Megye) 0 26 18; 7343-District of Oberpullendorf.
Middle Burgenland on route 50, 3 km S of Markt St. Martin. Includes
Schwabenhof, shares municipal office with Stoob. Post office and school.
Bu"rgermeister names from 1926, Eigner, Dominkowitsch, Rathmanner,
Godovitsch, Resch, Thiess. See Sopron notes under Lackenbach.

OBERWART (Felso"o"r); 0 33 52; 7400-Bezirk. Stadt (city). S, at the junction
of routes 57 and 63. SW of Pinkafeld. Includes St. Martin in der Wart. Pop.
6352, houses 1949. Municipal office, all services. Polytechnic Institute.
Bu"rgermeister names from 1920, Sisko, Vogl, Weisch, Groll, Brunner, Orth,
Asboth, Michel, Bertha, Strauhs, Lehmacher, Bo"csko"r, Hatvagner, Piller,
Racz, Schmaldienst.19 emigrants to Duluth, MN 1883 with Michael Honigschnabel
from Buchschachen. LDS 0700666 (Lutheran), 0700667 (Reformed), 070700665
(Catholic); 0700262-6.

PAMHAGEN; (Pomogy, Moson Megye); 7152-District of Neusiedl. N, in the See
Winkel. 1 km from Hungarian border. E of Neusiedler See, SE of Apetlon. Pop.
1860, houses 719. Municipal office, police, high school. Bu"rgermeister names
from 1921, Fleischhacker, Bauer, Patsch, Tschida, Graber, Ko"lndorfer,
Deutsch, Michlits, Sipo"tz, Pajer. LDS 1273171, Item 1; 1653-60
Catholic records, 0700897-9; 0700467-71. (to be continued)

The 15 most popular tourist areas in Burgenland are Bad Tatzmannsdorf,
Podersdorf, Illmitz, Mo"rbish, Rust, Neuseidl am See, Sankt Andra" am
Zicksee, Forchtenstein, Jennersdorf,
Pamhagen, Weiden am See, Bad Sauerbrunn, Mo"nchhof, Eisenstadt and Purbach am
See. Notice the number around the Neusiedler See. Bad Tatzmannsdorf is a
world class health spa; Mo"rbisch, Rust and Illmitz are popular wine regions
(also by the See); Forchtenstein's popularity is the castle and Eisenstadt is
not only the capitol, but also has the Haydn attractions and the Esterhazy
palace. Jennersdorf is a center for touring southern Burgenland wine roads
and cycling (radfahren). It has a railroad station, central location and good
restaurants and accomodations. (ranking of areas taken from the Jan.-Feb.
1997 B. Gemeinschaft newsletter).

o "Das Burgenland" by Alfred Schmeller. German language history. Published in
Salzburg in 1965. It is frequently quoted as a source in other local
Burgenland histories. (I would like to have a copy if anyone finds one, GJB)

o Have also found "Austria-a Country Study" , Federal Research Division,
Library of Congress, to be a worthwhile reference source. Not a lot on
Burgenland history, but covers Austria very well in English. It's one of the
"area handbook" series and is available from the US Govt. Printing Office,
Super.of Docs., Washington, DC 20402-9329 for $22 PPd. If your knowledge of
Austria is sketchy, this would be a good addition to your library. (courtesy
Bob Unger)

Another Burgenland ethnic element to add to those we already know about is
the possibility of children from a Turkish source. In the baptism records
(1683-1699) held by the Franciscan cloister in Gu"ssing are a number of
entries involving Turks. Some of the wording seems to imply the possibility
of rape and later death of the mother or Turkish war orphans adopted by
locals. The Turkish armies included large numbers of camp followers.

They also inhabited some of the captured cities, so their children would also
be found. It is to the credit of the Christian armies that these children
were not killed and in some cases were even given the protection of noble
families, as opposed to the Moslems who preferred to enslave women and
children, (estimated at 125M after the 2nd siege of Vienna). A Burgenland
insult, stilll heard, is "one of your ancestors was caught by a Turk"! I
imagine the Turks substitute the word Hungarian.

Translated Taufen (Baptisms) from RC Church of Maria Heimsuchung, Gu"ssing:
o19 Mar. 1689; baptized Georg, whose father is a Turk, the mother is
Margaretha Rasciana (a Serb). Godparents, Matthias Delichicz and Johannes
Grohicz from St. Nikolaus(Miklos)
o 25 Mar. 1690; baptized Johann, whose father is a Turk, the godfather Johann
Schmid, fortress commander, from Gu"ssing.
o 25 Mar. 1690; baptized Nikolaus, whose father is a Turk, the godfather the
noble Herr Sigismund Anyos. Gu"ssing.
o 30 Jan. 1691; baptized Georg, a boy of 7 years, whose father is a Turk,
godparents Johann Ro"ss and Justina Kald(in), Gu"ssing.
o 8 April 1692; baptized Emerich Budaj whose parents (Eltern) were Turks,
godparents Herr Count General Adam Batthyany and the noble Frau Susanna
Szamkovicz(in), Gu"ssing.
o 8 April 1692; baptized Sigismund Canizay, whose parents were Turks,
godparents Herr Count Sigismund Batthyany and Eva Franczicz(in), Gu"ssing.
o 8 april 1692; baptized Georgius Peczy, whose parents were Turks, godparents
Herr Count Balthasar Batthyany and Eva Franczic(in), Gu"ssing.
o 8 April 1692; baptized Maria Canizay(in), whose parents were Turks,
godparents Herr Nikolaus Samko (Sanko') and Anna Gottfrid(in), Gu"ssing.
o 1 June 1692; baptized Maria, whose parents were Turks, godparents Andreas
Tapler and Maria Unger(in), Gu"ssing.

The names Budaj, Canizay and Peczy imply that the children were found in
Buda(pest), Kanizsa (Nagy) and Pecs'. Another way to acquire a surname! The
"in" endings on female surnames mean they were married (ie, Unger shown as
Ungerin). (data from an article by Paul Hajsza'nyi in "Festschrift
Stadterhebung Gu"ssing 1973 ", Grossdruckerei Graz, 1973).

concerning the Burgenland Bunch, contact .

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