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Subject: [BURGENLAND-NEWSLETTER-L] BB News No. 37B dtd 15 Jun 1998 (edited)
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June 15, 1998
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This third section of newsletter 37 contains Notice of LDS Availability,
Kappeller Name, Book Advertisement, Szt. Gotthard Muster Rolls, "bergen"
Villages, Term "Octavalista", New Internet Addresses of Interest, and 8 New

Do we have a currency expert among our membership? I would like to publish an
article concerning the value of currency in circulation in Austria/Hungary
(1825-1926). Specifically currency names (including, but not necessarily
limited to Austrian Kreuzer, Gulden, Heller, Krone, Schilling; Hungarian
Filler, Korona, Pengo); its value in equivalent US dollars in 1825, 1875,
1900, 1925 and the corresponding 1998 value in US dollars. In providing 1998
US equivalent of the 1825 Gulden, for instance, a comparison with US per
capita income 1825-1998 (or some other economic indicator) would probably
suffice. A tall order but of immense value to our understanding of these time
periods. Please contact me if you are able to oblige. I visualize a table
something like this:

Austria 182519981875199819001998
Kreuzer (60/1 Gulden)$value50X(?)$value25X(?)$value20X(?)

Hungary -Filler (100/Korona-Crown)-same as Austrian Krone(?)


In CYNDI'S LIST (Cyndi's Genealogy Site <http://www.Cyndislist.com) go to
LDS & FAMILY HISTORY CENTERS then quite a way down find "Coming in June"
FREE LOOK UP SERVICE Parish & Vital Records= Get Microfilm & Fiche Numbers.
This will save going to center to have their volunteers look up the
numbers. One can find film number of data desired on line and will then just
need to go to the center, fill out an application form and pay fee.

KAPPELLER NAME (from Giles Gerken)

Was interested in info from latest Newsletter re meaning of name Kapeller (
My greatgrandmother = Erzebet Kapeller) Our understanding has been it meant
band= orchestra= musician or similar. Family claimed she was younger sister
of Anton Regls first wife Maria Vaigl or Weigl (must have been half sister
if true) A nearby orchestra contained a Joseph Weigl as Bass Viol player
and a wife Anna Maria as one of the singers. They had son Joseph who
composed Operetta, and a son named Thaddeus (All this in late 1700 early
1800s) I found only 3 Vaigls in 1828 census, no Kapellers ( 2 named Kapelle)
So I was curious about the Weigl musicians & a possible Kapeller
association. So I wrote to EsterhazyArchives where the orchestra was under
J. Haydn as Kapellmeister, but of course their answer is they don't give out
information, referred me to Parish office. Of course they would have
transferred any pertinent documents to Esterhazy. So it would all become
a vicious circle. Probably no connection but couldn't find any other clues.
I see now from MATAV White Pages ((English)
<http://www.matav.hu:8080/tqw/istart_e.html>; - Hungarian Tel Service Provider
(English version) that there are 26 Kapeller names today in Hungary phone

ADVERTISEMENT-THE SEARCH IS OVER (ED. ads are only provided as a service to
BB members)
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I just sent the following film information to Bernadette Sulzer. I had
mentioned that I had looked at them some time ago.

Katonal nyilvantartasi jegyzek (1887-1914), Muster Rolls, Szentgotthard
dist., LDS Film #1629870.

Since males were military service eligible for a longer age period than in
the USA, I found my John Spirk, born 1860 in the 1887 survey. I'm afraid I
don't remember too much about the film, I suspect it was returned before I
could finish it. This film is not limited to Ronok. Probably if you look up
the film no. in the LDS computer, the towns included will be listed. Just
thought if it was of use to you, I would offer it as a suggestion. I also
should have some census microfilm nos. somewhere. Unfortunately, my papers
are somewhat disorganized. I'll let you know what they are, when I can
recover them. Most folks don't know these muster rolls exist.

VILLAGES WITH SUFFIX "Bergen" (Kresh, Berghold & Schuch)
I found 2 villages of birth listed on my Nemet Csencs microfilm that I have
not been able to validate against the BB villages list you supplied. -
Haseldorf - double-checked the film - it is clearly Haseldorf, not Hasendorf
and Tobaibergen - could this be the outskirts of Tobaj? (Kresh)

Anna, unless it's a misspelling there is no Haseldorf in Burgenland that I
can find. It may be one of those small villages that have been absorbed by
another, but I can find no reference. (Berghold)

I also think it's a misspelling. There is a "Haselgraben" that is part of St.
Michael, also a place called "Hasel" that is a part of Bernstein (but far
away in Bezirk Oberwart). So it almost has to be Hasendorf. (Schuch)

In the hills surrounding most villages, there are cross roads communities of
a few houses which are given the name of the parent village plus "-bergen" or
"in the hills".Sometimes they appear on maps, sometimes not. On my map, for
instance "Poppendorferbergen" does show just north of Poppendorf. I was there
and it's just as I described, a small crossroads community. (Berghold)

I agree - these "-bergen" settlements are a typical Southern Burgenland
phenomenon, they are very frequently found in the districts Jennersdorf and
Gssing, less in the district Oberwart. (Schuch)

"OCTAVALISTA" (from Robert Schmidt)
I have a question I hope one of the Bunch can answer. My major source of
information about my Burgenland ancestors is the Frauenkirchen church
historical record, which I found on microfilm at the LDS library. It lists
baptisms, marriages and deaths. In the column showing the status or
profession of the individual involved, it shows "octavalista" next to the
name of my GGF. I have tried several sources, including the Languages Dept.
of the local university, but have not been
able to find a definition of this term. I would appreciate hearing from
anyone with knowledge of the subject
Answer from Joseph J Jarfas: sorry for the delayed reply but I'm in the
process of relocating -as you well know! The word "octavalista" was not
familiar to me either. I placed it as a question on one of the Hungarian news
groups. Received one reply and it makes sense. Basically it says that any
settler who worked 1/8th of a basic area of land (ED.-see previous articles
re "joch" and "hold"), before and around 1848, was called that. The writer
claims the basic area was sort of undetermined at that time.

for information about the Burgenland Bunch.

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