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Subject: [BURGENLAND-NEWSLETTER-L] BB News No. 49A dtd 31 Dec 1998 (edited)
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December 31, 1998
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This second section of the 3 section newsletter features the first half of an
Index to the first two years of the Burgenland Bunch Newsletter. Save it as
it will only be updated twice yearly.

(December 31, 1998)

This index contains the major subjects appearing in the 1997 and 1998 issues
of the Burgenland Bunch newsletter. The subjects are in alphabetical order
followed by the volume numbers of the newsletters in which they will be
found. The newsletters can be downloaded from the BB Homepage. Village names
followed by (Leser) indicate extracts from the Pater (Father) Gratian Leser
series of southern Burgenland village histories, first published in the
1930's and partially extracted and translated by Albert Schuch. Village names
followed by (BB) are village descriptions supplied by the editor to new
members. Other village data may have been extracted from Volk & Heimat or
compiled from other sources. The sources for these as well as most of the
other material will be found in the newsletter articles. Family names are
only included if they were the source of a major article. Use the Homepage to
find family names being researched.

While this index was generated mainly for use in responding to queries, it
should be of help to all members. By their omission, it also indicates
Burgenland subjects that haven't been researched or published; however, we
can all take pride in the large number of topics we've addressed in the short
period of our existence. My thanks to all who have contributed with special
thanks to those who sent frequent articles; our editors, contributing
editors, trip reporters and frequent correspondents. My apologies that space
restraints preclude the inclusion of all of your names in this index. G.
Berghold, Editor, BB Newsletter.

Abbreviation ING. DOM.-31
Abbreviations-see Terms and 37B
Allentown & Northampton, PA-38A, 40
Alter Sprach (dialect)-44B, also see Hianzisch, dialects
Amtlicher Ausweis-33
Andau Emigrants-30
Antwerp Ship Source-31
Apetlon (BB)-10
Apetlon & Thell Family-38
Archives, downloading-30A
Austrian American Newsletter-29
Austrian Cookbook From Chicago-39B
Austrian Flag-41
Austrian Links-21
Auswanderer Museum, Gssing-47B
Auswandererschicksal, emigrant stories, see family name
Bakony Region in Hungary-35, 38
Bankerlsitzer (news)-30, 46
Baptism & Conversion Records, availability-37
BB Coverage on ORF (Austrian Radio)-31
BB Members, Contacting-44B
BB Picnic-39, 42B
BB Procedures-21, 45B
Berghold, Alexander- "Land und Leute"-41B
Berghold Auswandererschicksal-39A
Berghold Name, Volksfreund -47B
bergen Villages-37B
Bergwerk, village inhabitants of-32A,
Bezirks, see Burgenland Districts
Bildein (Ober & Unter, BB)-10
Blaufrankisch Wine-24
Bocksdorf (Leser)-38
Bocskay Rebellion-20
Books, Burgenland-1, 11, 25A, 30, 39, 42B
Book, German Migration-41
Borderland, (book)-1
Bremen Port of Departure-41B
Burgauberg (Leser)-44
Burgenland Books-1, 25A, 30, 39, 42B
Burgenland Bunch, formation of-43A
Burgenland Castles & Genealogy-13A
Burgenland Data Sources-26A
Burgenland Depopulation-14
Burgenland Districts (Bezirk)-44
Burgenland Dwellings-26, 30
Burgenland Emigration (from Knigshofer, Der Volksfreund)-37A
Burgenland Featured on TV-26, 30
Burgenland Flag-1
Burgenland Folk Customs and Tales-26
Burgenland Food at Turn of the Century-14A, 15, 16, 17, 47A
Burgenlandische Gemeinschaft-6, 48A
Burgenla"ndische Gemeinschaft (link with)-23
Burgenlndische Gemeinschaft Recipes-39B
Burgenland Genealogy URL List-33A, 37B
Burgenland Gypsies-28
Burgenland Jewish Names-40
Burgenland Jewish Population-35
Burgenland Kitchen Food-34, 47A
Burgenland Music-13, 17, 27A, 38B
Burgenland Organization, Another-36
Burgenland Political Subdivisions-29
Burgenland records (location of)-18
Burgenland Settlers Origns-25A
Burgenland Taxes-26A
Burgenland War Year Memories-44B
Burgenland Wine-24, 27A, 28
Burgenland Word Picture (poem)-20
Cabbage Strudel-47A
Canonical Visitations-16
Catasauqua, PA History-40A
CatholicRecords, LDS Copies of -41A
Chicago, enclave-37A, 41A
Chicago Fasching-33
Church Records-39, 41A, 42B
Civil Records-41A
Croatian Dictionaries-21
Croatian History-35
Croatian Movement-42, 42B
Coatian Origins-48A
Deutsch Beiling, (Leser)-29
Deutsch Jahrndorf (BB)-10
Deutsch Kaltenbrunn (Leser)-45
Deutschkreuz and Oberwart Jewish Records-28
Deutsch Schtzen & Eberau-47B
Deutsch Tschantschendorf, (Leser)-31
Deutsch Tschantschendorf Research-40A
Diacritical Marks (the Umlaut)-29
Dialect, Defense of -45, 48A
Dialect Geography-41B
dica tax-29
Dictionaries-1, 21
Diocesan Archives in Eisenstadt-21
Districts-see Bezirks
Dobersdorf (BB)-10
Donations, 1924 Immigrants, Szt. Kathrein-37
Donau Schwabians-17
Donors' Names-32
Eden, SD, enclave-13
Editor's Newsletter Method-22
Edlitz (BB)-10
Eisenhttl (Leser)-48
Elder Hostel Trip to Austria (Unger)-16
Eltendorf (BB)-10
Eltendorf, Visitors From (Mirth)-32, 34A
Eltendorf War Memorial Names-40B
Elizabeth, St.-41
Emigration Papers-41B
Emigration Reasons-32
Emigration, Articles (A. Knigshofer-Volksfreund)-46, 47A, 48, 49
Emperor Franz Joseph-21
Empress Elizabeth-43
Ethnic Mix-43B
Family Immigrant Story-23
Felso Ronok, Hung. (BB)-10
feudal tenancy, data on-27
First Emigrants to US-25A
Food-see Burgenland Food
Gamischdorf (Leser)-38
Genealogy Aids-45A
Gerersdorf (BB)-10
Gerersdorf (Leser)-46
German Newspapers in the US-16
German Newspapers in Western Hungary-28A
German Terms-see Terms
German Translator (software)-15
Getting Started-40
Gilly Cousin-43
Glassing (Leser)-23
Glatz Emigration-Loipersdorf (Auswandererschicksal)-27
Gols (BB)-10
Gourmet Magazine-39B
Grieselstein, village-16
Grossmrbisch (BB)-10
Grossmrbisch (Leser)-22
Gssing (BB)-10
Gssing's Auswanderer Museum-47B
Guttenbach (Leser)-38
Hackerberg (Leser)-43
Hagensdorf (Leser)-27
Halbturn (BB)-11
Hamburg Ship List-41B
Hamilton, OH, Burgenla"nders in -24
Hannersdorf - Burg Castle Ruins-45A, 46
Hannersdorf War Memorial-42B
Hannersdorf War Memorial Donors-40B
Harmisch (BB)-11
Hasendorf (Leser)-22
Health & Southern Burgenland-42A
Hebraic Research (Tighe Brown)-37
Heiligenbrunn (Leser)-28
Heiligenkreuz (BB)-11
Heiligenkreuz, church record availability-16
Heiligenkreuz Question-38B
Heiligenkreuz War Year Memories-44B
Henderson, MN (Austro/Hungarian Roots in)-18
Heugraben (Leser)-39
Hianzisch Dialect-31, 45
Historical Village Series (Leser)-see 21-50 inclusive
"Hold", definition of -32
Home of a Burgenland Schoolteacher-26
House Names-35
Hungarian Death Terms-47B
Hungarian Records, reading-18A, 43
Hungarian Villages, German Names of -47A
Hungary, Taste of-39B
Illmitz, Food & Wine-46
Immigrant Busy Work-45A
Immigrant Itinerary-7, 13
Immigrant Ship Photos-36
Immigration-naturalization records-30
Index, to BB News-49A, 49B
Inzenhof (Leser)-25
Itinerary, strange-36
Jennersdorf (BB)-11
Judaic Links and Names-40
Judaic Research-37
Kappeller Name-37B
Kleinmrbisch (BB)-11
Kleinmrbisch (Leser)-22
Kleinpetersdorf, House Owners of -33
Klemens Name-35A
Klemens Name-Oslip & Passaic-37A
Kogl (BB)-11
Kohfidisch (BB)-11
Knigsdorf (BB)-11
Kornfeind Name-46B
Kszeg, Hungary, Obit from-38B
Kroatisch Tschantschendorf, (Leser)-32
Krottendorf (Leser)-22
Kukmirn (BB)-11
Kukmirn (Leser)-48
Lackenbach (BB)-11
Lackendorf (BB)-11
Langasch, Emil, Poppendorf teacher, death of-45A
Language, Clue to origin-44
Language Disputes-32
Latin Terms-44
LDS records-37B
Lebenbrunn (BB)-11
Lehigh Valley (PA) Clippings-40A
Limbach (Leser)-49
Loipersdorf, Glatz Emigration from-27
Loisdorf (BB)-11
Luising (Leser)-28
Lutheran Migration-19
Mannersdorf (BB)-11
Maps-4, 5, 15, 27A, 30A
Mariasdorf & Grodnau, Inhabitants of-31A
(Continued as Burgenland Bunch News No. 49B)

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