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Subject: [BURGENLAND-NEWSLETTER-L] BB News No. 68A dtd 15 Nov. 1999
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November 15, 1999

This second section of the 3 section newsletter shows how BB members are
helping each other fill gaps in family history. Our staff can't do it all and
these selected examples show that it isn't necessary for us to even try. It
appears that our original hopes of members helping each other (and the rest
of us) are being fulfilled. Many of these are appearing on the Burgenland
Query Web Page. Below you'll find correspondence concerning Family Names From
Vasszentmihly,Hungary (just across the border from Heiligenkreuz, southern
Burgenland), the Village of Ogau, the Gergers from Felso Ronok, John
Lavendoski's Updates on the Status of St. Kathrein & St. Peterfa Records
which he photographed last Summer and some Zahling (Eltendorf) Records. Use
the "Edit-Find" buttons of your tool bar to see if any of your family names
or villages are mentioned.

Fritz Knigshofer supplies some Rbaszentmihly (Hungary) names to Mary Bell.
Many of these names will be found in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania.

Fritz writes: Mary, Here is what I have on the marriages involving Fandls in
the parish of Rbaszentmihly (today's Vasszentmihly).

February 28, 1889
groom: Jzsef Ehrnhofer, 27 [I did not note the parents]
bride: Terzia Fandl, 20, of Als Rnk no. 148; daughter of Antl Fandl
and Julianna Kovts

November 19, 1878
groom: Jzsef Fandl, zsellr legny [young cotter], 22, born and living in
Als Rnk, single; son of Istvn Fandl and Terz Keppel
bride: Mria Heigl, 23, single, of the village of Szintr [?]; daughter of
Jzsef Heigl and Katalin Tth

February 4, 1873
groom: Josephus Steiner, 30, single, living in Nmes Kis Medves
[Ginisdorf]; parents from Szombatfa [I did not note down their names]
bride: Anna Fandl, 25, single, living in Nemes Kis Medves; daughter of
Joannes Fandl and Magdalena Riegl, commoners of Rba Keresztur [today's
Heiligenkreuz im Burgenland]

February 6, 1871
groom: Joannes Gerger, 25, single, of Fels Rnk no. 63; son of Joannes
Gerger and Barbara Schuster
bride: Barbara Fandl, 21, single, of Als Rnk; daughter of Joannes Fandl
and Barbara Stangl
witnesses: Georg Artinger and Stefan Stangl

February 28, 1870
groom: Anton Fandl, 28, single, of Als Rnk no. 31; son of Joannes Fandl
and Barbara Stangl
bride: Julianna Kovts [I did not note any details, nor the witnesses]
[This couple are the parents of the Theresia Fandl who married in 1889, see

January 24, 1865
groom: Stephanus Fandl, 31, single, cotter, of Als Rnk no. 31; son of
Joannes Fandl and Barbara Fux of Als Rnk
bride: Theresia Keppel, no age; daughter of Michael Keppel and Margaretha
Stangl of Als Rnk
[These are the parents of the Joseph Fandl who married in 1878.]

June 21, 1863
groom: Michael Heigl, 22, single, of Als Rnk no. 32 [I did not note the
bride: Julianna Fandl, 19, single; daughter of Joannes Fandl and Babara
Stangl of Als Rnk

As you can see, one Fandl line lived in Als Rnk house no. 31, and
another line must have lived in Heiligenkreuz (which had its own parish). A
few days ago I browsed the much earlier baptismal records of Rba Szent
Mihly of the late 18th century (1790 and earlier), and did not find the
name Fandl in them. This might mean that the line of the Fandl who lived in
house 31 in Unterradling (Als Rnk) might have married into, or otherwise
arrived at, the village sometimes after 1800.

There is a Joannes [John, Johann, Jnos] Fandl who married a local girl in
1808. This is their full marriage entry:

February 13, 1808
Groom: Joannes Fandl (no age), single, from Szent Kuth [most likely today's
Heiligenbrunn near Strem]
Bride: Veronica, single, daughter of Michael Marx, from the promontory of
Nemes Kis Medves [Ginisdorf]
Best men: Georgius Hover (??) and Georgius Unger

The first Fandl I found as born in the parish was a Joannes, born to
the couple of above in Nemes Kis Medves in 1812. This Joannes Fandl junior
married on June 29, 1831. The marriage entry calls him a commoner, 21, born
in Nemes Kis Medves, but now living in Als Rnk, the son of Joannes Fandl
and Veronica nee Marx. His bride was Barbara Fux, 27, a widow, born and
living in Als Rnk, the daughter of Peter Fux and Anna nee Lackner. I
believe it is conceivable that Johann Fandl jr. married into a property in A.
Rnk (Unterradling). This then established a branch of Fandls in Als Rnk.

If you look on a map, Nemes Kis Medves is quite a small distance to
the south of Heiligenbrunn. It appears that the Fandls might really have
been concentrated in the area east of Gssing.


I want to thank you and also Gerhard Lang for the attention you give to those
who join the Burgenland Bunch. It was the best move I have ever made while
researching my mother's family.

I was contacted by a man in Oggau, Austria who saw my query on the Burgenland
Bunch page. We have determined that we descend from the same family and are
now working together to fill in the gaps. Thank you again. Please update my
email address to . Also, my information now is more

Researching Village - Oggau, Andreas HANIFL b. 1815, son of Andreas Hanifl
and Elisabeth GRUBER. Married to Rosalia SCHAUB b. 1819, daughter of Gregor
SCHAUB and Magdalena LEEB.

(Ed. Note: Klaus has since discovered the LDS Family History Center in Vienna
mentioned in the first section.)

From: To:

I recently learned that the Family History Center where I order and read
microfilm will be closing for about a year due to upgrading the building and
its facilities. I'm told this may begin soon. The other FHCs in the area
are also going to be closed. Dreadful, isn't it! Anyway, if there is some
information you would like me to look for, please let me know in the next
couple of weeks or so. I did'nt want to pursue anything further for you until
you advise that I was following the precise people you were interested in.

To: , From: Margaret Kaiser
Subject: Radling (Ronok)

Guten Tag aus Amerika! Gerry B asked since I had the Ronok microfilms on
loan if I could find information on the people you listed. So, here is what
I found.

Question: Johann (or Johannis or Janos) Gerger (from Roenoek)
1. marriage with Maria Taschner from Rosenberg
15.2.1801 in Guessing
2. marriage with Maria Horvath from Rosenberg
15.11.1811 in G?ssing
I have birh date and no age or parent remarks in the marriage records.
Next time I visit the Guessing cloister I plan to search for the death

Answer: I did not find either of these 2 marriages in the Ronok marriage
index. Since the birth records begin in 1789, I don't think your Johann would
be listed. I guess he was born earlier. If you find out who the parents
were, maybe I can find siblings. Sorry, I don't have any other ideas. Let me
know if you have,and I'll look again.

Question: And .. there is another Gerger from Roenoek, perhaps a relative of
the above.
Michael (.. Michaelis, Miklas..) Gerger
1. marriage with Anna Schreiner from Rosenberg
6.5.1798 in Guessing
2. marriage with Anna Mikovics from ?

The Gerger-Schreiner marriage is not listed. Michael Gerger would have been
born before 1789 also.

And ..from Heidi's Line I have another conection to Radling. Her gmother was
a Maria Kiss (born 1908 in Raabfidisch) Maria was the eldest child and her
parents were Franz Kiss and Theresia Jost. Theresia Jost was in America and
returned home 1907 or 1908. The marriage was in Hungary (Radling or
Raabfidisch). No more dates available but the tales that they were from
Radling (perhaps thex mixed it up with Raabfidisch).

Answer: The birth microfilm records stop at Sept. 1895. So I will not find
Maria Kiss' 1908 birth. Are you sure she was the oldest child? Look what I

Born Dec 15, bapt. Dec 15, 1889, son Frank to Frank Kiss and Teres Jost,
living at Felsoronok #17, but died Dec 15, 1889.

Born Aug 16, bapt. Aug. 16, 1893, daughter Fani to Ferencz Kiss from
Sandorhegy and Teres Jozst of Felsoronok #17

Born Dec 2, bapt. Dec 2, 1890, daughter Zsofia to Ferencz Kiss and Teres
Jozst of Felsronok #17

Also born at Felsoronok #17 on March 25, bapt. March 25, 1889 was Josefa to
Jozsef Buris(spelling?) from Kis Medves and Agnes Taschner of Felsoronok #17.

Married May 14, 1889, Ferencz Kiss of Sandorhegy 27, Roman Catholic, age 24,
parents Gyorgy Kiss and Maria Rosner to Teres Jozst, of Felsoronok, Roman
Catholic, age 20, daughter of Mihaly Joszt and Juliana Kreutzer. (It is
possible that the witness Janos Spirk was my ancestor.)

Ferencz Kiss was born Sept. 27, baptized Sept. 27, 1864 to George Kiss and
Maria Rosner, of Jakobhasa and living at Rabafuzes #100.

Teres Jost was born March 27, baptized March 28, 1868 to Michael Jost and
Juliana Kreutzer at Felsoronok #17.

Question: And ..my fathers sister Maria married a Franz Wagner. 3 weeks ago
they celebrated their golden wedding jubilee. Franz Wagner was born in
Radling in the 1920s. His mother was Aloisia Heibl (1900 - 1983). His father
was also from Radling but got divorced and emigrated to Canada were he died.

Answer: These events are after 1895 and are not microfilmed. If you are
interested in post 1895 records, I have a distant relation who has performed
paid parish lookups for me and maybe she could do so for you. She was very
good, and was born in Ronok. If you have the name of Aloisia's father, I can
try to find him (pre 1895).

Question: And ..There was a Johann Gerger born 20.2.1866 in Radling, married
a Maria Rauwald (b 20 7 1872) from Tobaj 10 6 1906 in Guessing. Johann was an
illegitime child of a Maria Gerger from Radling. All of them have no
connection to us.

Answer: Joannes Gerger, born Feb. 20, 1866, illegitimate to Maria Gerger
of Felsoronok #43. Sponsors were Joannes Wagner and Barbara Scharl.

The entry previous to the Joannes Gerger is for the same house. Born on Feb
17, 1866, Michael, legitimate daughter of Josephus Tzummer(?) and Elisabetha
Gerger, Felsoronok #43. Sponsors JoannesBalais and Elisabetha Windisch.
There is a note
which looks like "Meghalt 1943, June 20")

Question: And ..there was the catholic priest from Koenigsdorf, Eduard Gerger
(1913-1985) with the parents Franz Gerger (1875-1974) and Maria (1882-1964)
from Radling.

Answer: Born April 16, baptized April 17, 1875, Franciscus, legitimate, son
of Andreas Gerger and Juliana Heibel, originally of Alsoronok, living in
Felsoronok 93. Sponsors Joannes Harrer and Rosina Feisel.

Andreas Gerger and Juliana Heibel had a son, Janos Gerger living at
Felsoronok #93, who at age 25 married Juliana Pfeiffer, age 20, of Borosgador
#36. They lived at Felsoronok. Margin notes have a comment and the date 25
Sept. 1896. Following are all Maria's born in 1882 except for those who died
as children.

Born Jan. 26, bapt Jan 27, 1882, to Michael Kroboth and Maria Werner of
Borosgodor #101.

Born Mar. 7, bapt. Mar. 8, 1882, illegitimate to Teres Konrad, Felsoronok #32.

Born April 19, bapt. April 21, illegitimate to Maria Baranya, living in
Rabafuzes, original domicile unknown. Child later legitimatized in 1894 with
marriage to Mihaly Sarrozi (spelling?)

Born July 18, bapt. July 19, to Janos Schnalzer and Maria Schmidt, originally
Jakabhasa, now in Felsoronok #26.

Born Aug. 18, bapt. August 18, to Janos Artinger and Julia Harrer, of
Felsoronok #31. Sponsors were Pal Burghard and Maria Hauser.

Born Sept. 20, bapt. Sept 20, to Mihael Szulderics and Maria Szommer of
Borosgador #50.

Born Sept. 25, bapt. Sept. 26, to Janos Schmidt and Barbara Mahr from
Jakabhasa, now Felsoronok #110.

Born Sept. 27, bapt. Sept. 28, to Folt(?) Jara(?) and Katarina Schober from
Lam &(?) KisMedves, now Borosgador #82.

Born Oct. 30, bapt. Oct 31, illegitimate, Magdalena Sarkozi, originally
domiciled in Steingraben, living in Sandorhegy. Legitimatized in 1896 Sept.
12 with marriage to Sarkozy, Karoly.

Born Dec. 8, bapt. Dec 8, illegimate to Teres Gerger, Felsoronok #127.

Born Dec 19, bapt. Dec 20, Josef Mulczet and Teres Kurta of Borosgador #5.
Note says she went to Amerika and I think married Josef Stern in Feb. 1910.

I hope this information is of value to you. If you are interested in some of
those above, I can can look at the microfilm for more detail. Please advise
if I can find anything else for you. Best wishes to you. Servus. Margaret

From: (John D. Lavendoski)
To: (Frank A. Teklits)
CC: (Albert Schuch), (Gerry

Frank, I have not been able to send you a copy of any photos yet due to a
slight problem with my laptop's floppy drive. I will work on it this weekend
and maybe try to email it right from the laptop.

Here is my updated assessment of the photo quality:

1) St. Kathrein - 1804-1828 births, marriages, deaths - Excellent !!
Everything is easily readable. I missed 3 years of marriages some how, but I
will get them during a planned visit in 2 years.

2) Szentpeterfa:1681-1754 births and marriages - Very tough to read not
because of photo quality, but rather because of terrible handwriting !! Less
useful than I had hoped, but still not bad. It will take a lot of work to
decipher some of the entries. The records are very fragmentary before 1730.

3) Szentpeterfa marriages 1730-1796 - Excellent quality for everything after
1763. Good quality before this. Everything is readable. Even 1730-1754 is
pretty good and this was in an older book which was much deteriorating.

4) Szentpeterfa births 1761-1793 - I goofed this stuff up a bit due to
inexperience with the camera. I forgot to use the macro setting and a lot of
it is very blurry. 1765-1793 is totally readable, but is not of a
quality good enough to put on microfilm due to the poor focus. 1761-1765 is
readable, but is really of very poor quality. 1754-1761 is missing entirely
for some reason. I will re-do this whole section from 1754 onwards right up
to 1793 during my next visit which I plan for 2001. This was the only real
downer of the effort.

5) Szentpeterfa marriage indexes 1763-1820 or so - Excellent !!! And VERY

6) Szentpeterfa birth indexes 1763-1820 or so - I only got about 1/3 of the
letters of the alphabet due to lack of time, but what I got is really good. I
wish I had the rest !!! (I did get "T" though...)

As I wrote earlier, I am having problems sending sample copies due to a bad
floppy drive on my laptop. I am going to have the whole section of the hard
drive copied to CDs by next week, and I will be sending a copy to you. I
wanted to do it this week, but the CD burner is out of the store I go to.

We have GOT to make an index of this stuff, but it will be a LOT of work...I
know already we will have a tough time reading some of the older stuff due to
bad handwriting by the priests over the years. -John L.

P.S. There are LOTS of good Teklits entries which I have seen already...you
will have a lot of fun with it I think. I spent 3 nights with this stuff and
I have already been able to go back 1 or 2 more generations in at least 4 or
5 of my lines. Your lines will doubtlessly be similarly fruitful. There is
even a "Frisz" family in Eberau in the 1780s and before !!! This stuff is a
GOLD mine of info.

John later writes: Dear Frank, Just to wet your appetite, here is another
generation of your own Teklits family tree for you:

1) Your furthest back known ancestor was Joannes Teklits, who was married to
Anna Paukovits on 2/12/1797.

2) Only 2 Joannes Teklits' were born in the proper time frame to be "your"
Joannes. One was born in 1768, the other in 1773.

3) The one born on 8/6/1768 later married Eva Haklits on 2/3/1793, and then
Elisabetha Horvath on 1/25/1801 after Eva's death. His parents were
Alexander Teklits and Catharina Hansz. They were married on 3/4/1764. The
witnesses were George Teklits and Nicholas Harangozo (he also shows up
below). This couple would have been born about 1740 or so. This is NOT your
ancestor, but was probably a close cousin to your ancestor (see below).

4) "Your" Joannes Teklits was born 11/16/1773 in Szentpeterfa to Franciscus
Teklits and Catharina Horvath. His godparents were Nicholas Milisits and Eva
Sakovits. Franciscus and Catharina were married 1/25/1769 in Szentpeterfa.
The witnesses were Nicholas Teklits and Nicholas Harangozo. (This particular
Nicholas Harangozo was my ancestor by the way.) This couple would have been
born about 1745.

5) I would guess that Franciscus and Alexander were brothers. Also floating
around Szentpeterfa at this time was a George Teklits and a Nicholas Teklits.
These were all brothers or close cousins I surmise.

Per the article which you sent me earlier, they must all descend from the
lone Teklits left in Szentpeterfa at the end of the 17th century (Nicholas
Teklits, Sr.) or maybe his son, Nicholas, Jr. Per that info, there were 4
Teklits families in Szentpeterfa in 1754, but all must descend from Nicholas
Sr. and/or Jr.

I would say that based on further study of these records, you will absolutely
be able to nail down the whole line for the Teklits family. Pretty
cool...huh-John L.


Member Heinz Koller (Gssing) has been helping me find information concerning
the hamlet of Rosenberg which is now part of Gssing. My Sorger ancestors
operated a pottery at number 225 for at least three or four generations. I
had been told on a visit in 1993 that this house number was no longer in
existence and the house had burned down so I didn't try to find it. Heinz
tells me that it is still very much in existence but in very poor condition.
It is even for sale! If I was a young man I'd buy it! He also confirms that
at one time it had been a gasthaus. I always wondered how so many members of
the Sorger family could have lived there. Now I know. This is the sort of
information we can only find from helpful members on site. I wish we had a BB
member in all of the Burgenland villages!


Fritz Konigshofer writes: Vicky, Your copies arrived, and you'll find my
interpretation below. However, let me start with a few general remarks. As
you know, all copies you made are birth records of the civil office at
Eltendorf. I'll interpret them for you from top to bottom of the entry, but
I'll do it fully only for the first record which is also the one most likely
relevant for you.

Record no. 1. The top portion says that it was Jnos Janger, a
smallholder ("kisbirtokos") living in Zahling ("Kis-Krtvlyes"), house no.
127, who reported the birth to the village notary. The bottom portion of the
record ( under "Megjegyzs") confirms that this Jnos Janger was also the
father of the child.

The next sections describe the father ("atya") and mother ("anya") of
the child, then the place and date of birth ("A szlets"), then the child
itself ("A gyermek"). Let me now reverse the sequence.

The child was a boy, received the name Rezs [Richard], and his
religion was declared as Lutheran ("agostai ..." etc.). The birth happened
on February 2, 1899, before 4 o'clock [possibly meaning 4 AM], at Zahling no.

The father of the child is stated to be Jnos [Johann] Janger, a
smallholder living ("lakhelye") at Zahling no. 127, of Lutheran religion,
born in Zahling, 42 years of age. The mother is stated to be Czeczilia nee
Poandl, wife of Jnos Janger, a homemaker ("hztartsbeli"), of Lutheran
religion, living also at house no. 127 in Zahling, born in Zahling, and 34
years of age.

At the bottom, the record states that the reporting of the birth was
done in the German language. The record is signed by the notary public,
Rezs Ebenspanger, and the person making the report, i.e., the father, who
signed as Johann Janger (meaning he used his German first name). I'll
restrict myself to the essential data in interpreting the remaining records.

Record no. 2. This is the birth on Feb. 5, 1899 at Knigsdorf no.
192, of a stillborn girl (no name), of rom.-cath. religion, to parents
Ferencz (Franz) Pumm, master cobbler, 27 years, rom.-cath., born and living
at Knigsdorf 192, and his wife Carolina nee Schmidt, homemaker, 24,
rom.-cath., address as her husband, but born in Horvtfalu [Koboteck].

Record no. 3. Birth on May 18, 1898 at Zahling no. 80, of a boy
named Adolf, of Lutheran religion. The birth was out of wedlock, to mother
Julia Pummer, a peasant farmer's daughter, 28, Lutheran, living and born at
Zahling no. 80. The birth was reported by Elizabeth Pummer nee Gilli,
peasant farmer's wife of Zahling no. 80, the grandmother of the child.

Record no. 4. Birth on May 30, 1898 at Poppendorf no. 87, of a boy
named Joseph, of rom.-cath. religion, to parents Johann Wundeler, peasant
farmer, 28 years, rom.-cath., born in Poppendorf, living Poppendorf no. 87,
and his wife Julia nee Jaindl, 27, rom.-cath., living Poppendorf 87, born at
house no. 88. I believe the entry on the top left of the page states that
the baby-boy died on the very same day.

Record no. 5. Birth on February 14, 1899 at Zahling no. 41, of a
girl Theresia, of rom.-cath. religion, to parents Joseph Gmoser, master
bricklayer, 38 years, rom.-cath., born and living at Zahling no. 41, and his
wife Czeczilia nee Poandl, 36, rom.-cath., homemaker, living in Zahling no.
41, born in Zahling house no. 55 [or 58, can't read]. [As you can see, this
was a Ccilia nee Poandl of nearly, but not quite, the same age as your
ancestor Ccilia nee Poandl. However, this Ccilia was roman-catholic.]

Record no. 6. Birth on February 14, 1899 at Poppendorf no. 18, of a
boy Joseph, of rom.-cath. religion, to parents Joseph Zwikl, peasant farmer,
34 years, rom.-cath., born and living at Poppendorf 18, and his wife Maria
nee Koller, 21, rom.-cath., living Poppendorf 18, born in

This completes the records you sent me. By the way, the last record
has some interest for me too, as it indicates that one Koller branch living
in Poppendorf might have come from Inzenhof, which raises the question how
they had gotten there. I have Kollers in my line, and, while the name is
relatively frequent, I am always happy to hear of branches in locations yet
unknown to me.

Newsletter continues as no. 68B

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