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November 30, 1999

This third section of the 3 section newsletter has information concerning the
Gibiser Gasthaus, Ethnic Excerpts from the 1906 Allentown Call-Chronicle,
Ethnic Music from Al Meixner, LDS Civil Record Microfilm and URL and Member


Just a short note to let you know that the Gasthaus Gibiser has now
officially been taken over by Gerlinde, Edith Gibiser's niece. They made a
big celebration out of it with guests including the governors of both
Burgenland and Styria. (Ed. Note:-we have often mentioned this gasthaus in
southern Burgenland. It is a world class establishment and we hope it
continues to operate in the fine tradition established by Edith Gibiser. Many
members have the "Gibiser" family name in their genealogy.)

A NEW AUSTRIAN CENSUS? (via Lea Simitz Buzby & Rootsweb)

(Ed. Note-Can any of our members comment on this source?)
Forwarded Message:
Subj: [AUSTRIA-L] Austrian Resources
From: (Steve Grandgenett)

Hi everyone. I have been monitoring all the messages and now have two of my
own. I am inquirying if anyone has had an opportunity to use the Cadastra of
Maria Theresa 1766 and how it can be accessed. The Cadastra was a
comprehensive census commissioned c.1766 in all of the Habsburg's holdings.
I've used the resource with my research in Belgium and Luxembourg. Can anyone
share with me their experience with the source?


(Ed. Note: Anna and I both have had some reservations about printing some of
these articles. They are not complimentary and we hope we don't offend any
descendants who may read them. Immigration has always been traumatic-for the
immigrant as well as for those on the receiving end. We hope most of us have
come a long way in how we treat and feel about new immigrants. I would
suggest that to get a feel for how immigrants feel, visit a country where you
don't know the language or street procedures, dress poorly and try to order a
cheap meal, use local transportation, visit a police station, etc!)

Anna writes: Here is the first group of excerpts from the Allentown Morning
Call for 1906. I have capitalized some of the surnames and have added some
comments in brackets. I find this research very disturbing. This is the year
my father emigrated and the bigotry is so overtI'm not sure if I should
continue this effort. Note: My comments are in brackets []

Allentown Morning Call

[-deaths from diptheria almost daily - also occasional suicides - problems
with the building of the Panama Canal]

Tues., Jan. 2, 1906
Mrs. Maria NOVAK died at her home in Fullerton after a short illness, aged
61 years. She is survived by several children and grandchildren. The funeral
will take place today at 8 a.m., from her late home. Services in St. Mary's
Catholic Church, followed by interment in the German Catholic Cemetery,

[I am told that prior to the building of Our Lady of Hungary Church on
Newport Avenue in Northampton all Austro-Hungarian immigrants attended church
at St. Mary's Church in Catasauqua.]

Tues., Jan. 2, 1906
Catasauqua Hun's Vehicle Lands up in a Meadow.
Two horses hitched to a cab containing a Hungarian christening party from
Northampton got beyond control of the driver, Benjamin MILLER of that place,
on Third street, Catasauqua, at noon yesterday. The horses ran down Third
street at a furious pace to Bridge street turning the sharp corner here to
run out Bridge street, the cab was tilted, throwing the driver into the
street. He sustained a broken nasal bone. The cab righted itself and the
horses continued to the end of the street where the vehicle continued on its
course down the hill and ran into the meadow of the Catasauqua creek where
the terrified occupants were rescued. The party received a thorough scaring
and walked the remainder of the distance to St. Mary's Church where the
christening was performed. The horses were caught on Howertown avenue.

Tues., Jan. 2, 1906
Criminal Court Opens . . .
George UNGER pleaded guilty to taking an overcoat, shoes and vest from the
stable of ex-Chief Cohn and was sent to the Huntingdon Reformatory. . .
Common Pleas (Court): . . .
In re-estate of Edwin DREISBACH, a lunatic, the committee was directed to
pay $2 to Clara DREISBACH, the wife, for her support. . .

Wed., Jan. 3, 1906
Body of Unknown Foreigner Found with Evidence of Suicide.
Early yesterday the dead body of a foreigner was found hanging in the barn
on the premises recently vacated by William Depue, about one and one-half
miles from Nazareth, on the road to Tatamy. The man was well dressed.

Fri., Jan 5, 1906
Marriage Licenses: Joseph PUSKIZITZ and Rosalia TRAUPTMAN of Northampton;
Stefon YANNY and Joanna KURTZ of Newport [Newport Ave. in Northampton?]; . .
. Joseph FARKAS and Maria PERZARESIK of Cementon; Philip LUKACS and Maria
PALYO of Northampton.

Sat., Jan. 6, 1906
Squire Gruver and Constable Lobach, of Cementon
But Claim to be Innocent of the Charge of Extorting Money From Foreigners --
New Trial to be Asked For. Much Surprise on Verdict.
The jury in the case of Justice of the Peace Orville E. Gruver and
Constable Edward Lobach, of Whitehall township, accused last week of
extorting money from foreigners in the cement region, brought in a verdict of
guilty yesterday morning.
The conviction came as a painful surprise to the accused officials and
their friends, who expected at the worst a verdict of not guilty but pay the
Captain Schaadt and Mr. Groman put up a desperate defense. The presentation
of the Commonwealth's side was ably performed by District Attorney Horace W.
Schrantz unassisted.
The trial was on an indictment for compounding a felony, found against both
Squire Gruver and Constable Lobach. They were also indicted for conspiracy
and extortion, but the trial was only on the first charge. All the charges
arose out of the one transaction. The district attorney told the defense he
intended to have trials in one, two, three order, until he got a conviction,
then dropping what ? (remained) over. Having secured a conviction on the
first charge, he will ask to have the other two quashed.
The charges were brought by Thos. KUDER and Joseph DURA, who alleged they
were forced to pay $74 to get out of jail, having been committed on charge of
stealing a gun belonging to P.S. Wendling. [Later articles indicate the gun
was paid for.] The defense had a pretty good case until Mary BRETZ, the young
women who acted as interpreter in Squire Gruver's court, testified she had
heard the Squire demand the money of the men under threat of being
recommitted to jail and that they they laid $50 on the Squire's table, from
which however, she said Wendling, the prosecutor, picked it up. There were
many sensational incidents to the trial and an immense crowd gathered.
Squire Gruver testified he did not ? (touch) it, and said he would not have
anything to do with it. Wendling testified that he demanded the $50 for
settlement of his time and expenses, that he counted the money, but he "did
not think" that he took it. Squire Gruver's docket shows the entry
"procecutor withdraws the charge and costs paid." The costs in the two cases
were actually paid by DURA and KUDER to Constable Lobach.
Both Attorneys Schaadt and Groman for the defense and District Attorney
Schantz for the prosecution, delivered impassioned addresses to the jury, and
each was interrupted frequently by the other. While in the heat of their
addresses Attorney Groman objected to certain parts of the district
attorney's address and the latter objected strenuously, when Captain Schaadt
attempted to introduce in his address the alleged fact that KUDER an KURA
[sic] had brought the prosecution at the instance of Joseph Sofransky whose
store effects were sold out at Cementon by Constable Lobach. Captain Schaadt
dwelled strongly upon the good work accomplished by Squire Gruver and
Constable Lobach in preserving order among the foreign element in that
section. "For three years," he stated, "crime ran rampant in that section.
Three murders were committed in a year, but by the vigorous and fearless
action of these officers the foreign element now respects the law. They were
the means of bringing crime to a minimum." Judge Trexler's charge was
short, clear and fair.
Jury went out at 5:30 and agreed in 2 1/2 hours. They then sealed the
verdict of guilty, which they delivered yesterday morning.
The defendant's attorneys have asked for a new trial, and the court has
ordered them to file reasons within five days. [which they did]
The maximum penalty for the crime of which the defendants are convicted,
compounding a felony, is $1000 fine and three years' imprisonment.
Squire Gruver is a prominent storekeeper at Cementon and has been
conducting a successful business. His term as Justice of the Peace expires
next May.
Lobach was elected constable last spring for his second term by unanimous
vote of his townshiop. He resigned the office yesterday afternoon in a
communication to the Court. Squire Gruver last evening forwarded his
resignation to Governor Pennypacker.

Tues., Jan. 9, 1906
Foreigner Makes Mistakes Common to Class and Without Giving Signal Leaves
Moving Car -- Injuries May Prove Fatal.
With the foreigner's usual disregard for danger, Mary SHEES, a Hungarian
woman, who has been in this country only two months, stepped from a trolley
car at Northampton on Sunday night, fell heavily to the street, and was
rendered unconscious. Here she lay until early yesterday morning when she was
found by some of her own countrymen who recognized her and took her to the
home of her brother, for which place she had left this city [Allentown] on
Sunday night.
Last evening, after having been temporarily treated by a local physician,
she was brought to this city and then to the Allentown Hospital, where it was
found that she had suffered a contusion of the skull and concussion of the
brain. While her condition is not regarded as serious, the shock and
complications may still make the accident a fatal one.
The woman left this city on Sunday evening, on a car bound for Siegfried,
with the stated intention of visiting her brother and sister, who reside at
Northampton. When near the place she stepped to the rear platform of the car
in order to better see where to leave. The conductor stepped inside of the
car, and when Mary arrived at the place where she wanted to get off the car,
without any sign to the crew, she deliberately stepped from the platform
falling heavily to the street, sustaining injuries which rendered her
How the woman happened to lie unnoticed in the street for so long a time is
hard to understand, but her condition when found would seem to indicate that
she had been exposed for that time.
She is employed as a domestic at No. 143 Linden street [Allentown].

Tues., Jan. 9, 1906
Foreigners at Martin's Creek May be Taken to Easton.
Typhoid fever has broken out among foreigners along Martin's Creek, and Dr.
I. C. Zulick has ordered the patients brought to Easton. Dr. Zulick said:
"I was called to attend these men Friday and finding every symptom of
typhoid, directed that the men having the most pronounced symptoms should be
brought to Easton. There are other cases under supervision, but we are not
sure that they are typhoid.
"Every precaution has been taken and the people who are using the water
from the small streams running through the place have been told to stop it.
The condition among the foreigners in the shacks they live in is horrible and
there is no telling how far the germs have gone in that community, nor how
soon the water in the Delaware may be contaminated."

Wed., Jan. 10, 1906
Paid for His Fun
Joseph SMITH, of South Allentown, who was arrested on Tuesday morning for
raising cain in South Allentown, was given a hearing before Alderman
Schiffert yesterday and settled the case by paying the damages, settling the
costs and promising to get out of this vicinity. [exiled from his own
SMITH is a German and has been in this country but eight months. The
national beverage of the fatherland seems to disagree with him however, and
he has been in the habit of getting drunk and smashing things for the past
two months.

Wed., Jan. 10. 1906
Hand Caught in Saw
Warren ESSER, aged fourteen years, employed in the cigar box factory of
A.E. Balliet, had his right hand caught in a saw at that place yesterday and
lacerated. He was taken to the Allentown Hospital. [child labor?]

Wed., Jan. 10, 1906
Marriage Licenses:
Charles KEISTOIKA and Julia BILLEY of Slatington; Robt. GERHART of Shelly's
and Katie ACKERMAN of Quakertown Route 2; Sylvester GEIGER of Catasauqua and
Catherine KISTLER of 644 Front street [Allentown?]; Peter SZLIVO and Katarina
VALICZIK of Northampton; Laki JOSSEF and Maria BOGNAR of Northampton; Blazey
GALL and Anna NEDOSZPJA of Northampton; Mateos LAUFIK and Maria BOLCZAR of

Wed., Jan. 10, 1906
Chat About Your Friends

Mrs. Charles DREISBACH, of No. 728 Chew street [Allentown], presented her
husband with a bouncing baby girl yesterday afternoon. The new arrival is the
first in the family and weighs twelve pounds.

Thurs., Jan. 11, 1906
Much Malaria in Panama . . .
Attorney for officials files appeal - gun apparently paid for . ..

Fri., Jan. 12, 1906
Marriage Licenses . . . Frantz STRANTZLE of Coplay and Theresia BAMBEK of
344 North 3rd St. [Allentown] . . .

Wed., Jan. 17, 1906
Killed on Railroad Tracks
Maxin SHERPER Sat Down to Rest and was Struck.
Spine Was Dislocated.
Was Returning from Celebration of Countryman's Birthday When He Became Tired
and Sat Down on the Tracks to Rest - Died in Hospital.
Returning from a celebration at the home of one of his countrymen, Maxin
SHERPER sat down in the middle of the railroad tracks leadind from the main
line of the Central Railroad to the Atlas Cement Works at Northanpton on
Monday night and fell into a sleep which proved fatal.
SHERPER had been attending a birthday celebration at the home of some
Austrians near Northampton, and at about one o'clock started for his home.
Evidently tiring, he sat down on the tracks to rest and fell asleep. He never
woke up. A shifing engine drawing several cars backed down the track, the
bumpers of the last car striking SHERPER from behind and doubling him up in
such a manner as to dislocate his spine in a half dozen places. The accident
was noticed at once by the crew, who saw that he received medical attendance
at once, and had him sent to the Allentown Hospital as soon as possible. Here
the unfortunat man lingered until nine o'clock yesterday morning, when he
died. The remains were taken to the morgue of Undertaker Miller at Siegfried
[Northampton], where Coroner Butz will review the remains today. SHERPER was
26 years of age, and is surived by a widow in Austria.
(to be continued, I think)

(Ed. Note-while it is our policy to eschew commercials, we will continue to
bring you notice of commercial items of a Burgenland or genealogical nature
that we feel have exceptional value or add to our purpose. Our endorsement
can not be bought.)

I believe that ethnic music carries links to the past. Like myths, music
carries the sounds and emotions of its origin. Grains of the past penetrate
the melodies, no matter how rearranged. You can't listen to a Gypsy violin
without picturing a campsite on the Puszta. Likewise, the old songs and the
button box accordian bring pictures of Burgenland Heimat and immigrant
festivities and gatherings. One of our artists who carry on this tradition is
member Al Meixner from Pennsylvania. He and his family have been bringing the
sounds of the Heimat to immigrants and their descendants for many years.
Their music has saturated the ethnic clubs of eastern Pensylvania and
elsewhere. If you like music from the lands of the Austro/Hungarian Empire,
you'll enjoy the Meixner recordings. It's music you won't find in your
average CD store. Have you ever heard the "Burgenlander Polka", the "Hundert
Jahre Laendler", the "Why So Fast Galop" or the Slovenian "Na Mostu" (On the

Al writes: Dear Friends and Customers
It's with great excitement that I announce our 1999 #4 catalog. First off,
our new webmaster has used larger type so the catalog is easier to read, and
also the margins are narrowed so it will print better.

Another milestone--you can now use your credit card to pay for your purchase
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Recipient can then choose their own music selections.

In addition to our regular Euro-Class releases, we have quite a few "new
items" which include resounding German oompah, stylish Polish polkas, world
class yodelling, the symphonic sound of Andre Rieu and fantastic button box
albums. You're sure to find something to your liking in the new 1999 #4 Al
Meixner Mail Order Music Catalog. Please check it out along with the rest of
our website at www.almeixner.com

Please tell your friends about our website and fee free to forward this email
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like to personally wish all of you a Happy, Musical and Safe Holiday Season
and Happy New Year! Al Meixner


Through my attempts in assisting new enquirers at the various GenWeb boards,
I have become aware that entirely new civil records are currently becoming
available as microfilms from LDS. These are films with numbers over
2,000,000, therefore very recent acquisitions.

In particular, I have seen that the civil records of Zala county covering
1895 till 1906 have not only been microfilmed but are now in the index for
Zala, while in the case of Baranya county, the existence of the films
(covering 1895 till 1907) has been entered, though yet without film numbers.

Burgenland researchers obviously have been blessed all along, since due to
the loss of the country to Austria, the Hungarian authorities had allowed the
filming of the civil records duplicates even up to 1920. However, in my
opinion the new development is extremely significant for all bb members who
search parishes which remained in Hungary after WW I, as September 1895 has
been the limit of the LDS data for these so far.

I have checked Vas and Sopron county, but there are still no civil records
for these listed in the LDS index. I recommend that from now on we watch
closely as the recent developments with the other counties I mentioned are
really exciting. If anyone of you knows more about what's in the coming from
LDS, please let us know.

(from Internet/URL Editor Anna Tanczos Kresh)

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It's with sadness that I report the death of my distant cousin and charter
member Joe Gilly of Calabasas, CA. He was born January 10, 1929 in Bethlehem,
PA and died Nov. 19, 1999 after a long battle with cancer. Joe was one of my
first internet genealogical contacts and it was he who first suggested that
our numerous email leters could be formed into a newsletter. I never met Joe
in person but we shared many ancestors, exchanged much email and at one time
Joe calculated we were cousins by marriage three ways. His research efforts
began to lag as his illness took more and more of his time, but he was always
interested in new Burgenland developments. To my knowledge he never found the
elusive Burgenland-Irish genealogical link he always sought, but he never
stopped looking. I'll miss him. Gerry Berghold

Ken Adler; (); Chesterfield MO. Researching BOGOVICH in
KITTSEE (KOPSCENY). Settled in St. Louis MO.

Joan Goldfarb, (); Jacksonville, TX. KARNER, SULZER,
Deutschminihof, settled in Chicago, IL

Jack and Margaret (Simon) Helms (); Sun City West, AZ.
SIMON, PORTSCHY, NEUBAUER, Unterschtzen. FELDBACKER,Austria Settled,
Chicago, IL Lawrence, MI.

Sandra Hoard, (), Lapeer, MI. TALLIAN or TALLION, Drnbach
(Hungarian Inced), Spitzzicken. Name also appears in Hungarian villages near
the border. Settled in Monessen, PA

Ronald A. Madle, (); Mifflinburg, PA. MEDL, Poppendorf.
Settled in Allentown (Limeport), PA.

Joseph E. Medl Allentown, PA MEDL, Poppendorf. Settled in

Tom Pfeiler, (),Crystal Lake, IL,PFEILER, PUTZ, Mkt Allhau,
Wolfau. Settled in Chicago, IL

Willard Struck, ; Humboldt, SK Canada, PITZEL,
Apetlon. KAINTZ, LEHNER. Settled in Stearns County, MN.

Joseph Tanzosh; (); Northampton PA. TANCZOS, SAGMEISTER,
TOSHNOVIAN and POANDL, Sulz, Rehgraben, Eberau and Deutsch Ehrensdorf.
Settled in Northampton PA

Roxanne Thiessen; (); Vernon, BC Canada.
GROIS/KROISS, UNGER - Wallern, Austria-Hungary. To South Dakota in 1885 then
to Saskatchewan, Canada abt 1903.

Richard Urbauer, ; Kingston, WA. URBAUER, Buchschachen. ZAPFEL,
Loipersdorf. Settled in Sutton, NE.(district of Oberwart)

Margot Zappe, Vienna, Austria; () 5 brothers of my
g-grandmother Anna WEBER (b. 1890) emigrated from Grodnau (Southern
Burgenland, Oberwart district) to Chigaco ca. 1905. Looking for their
descendants in the US.

Address Change

Robert Geshel; (); Phoenix, AZ; GESCHL, MAGDITS, Gssing
(Urbersdorf). Settled in the Northampton County area of PA early 1900s.

John Rauen, ()Poway, Ca. WEBER, FLEISCHACKER, Salmannsdorf.
To USA in 1867 through Baltimore, settled in St Paul, Winsted, and White Bear
Lake, MN. new address is .

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